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Heiji and Kazuha are rivals in school, being equally in everything. They really hate each other's guts. Now summer break is finally here and Kazuha and her family are going to their summer beach house as usually. But someone up there must really hate Kazuha. Since Heiji and his family are to spend their summer there to, as Kazuha's next door neighbor...Getting it even worse is that Kazuha and Heiji's fathers are new Best Friends. Now can they send their summer together? Crimes come and go, parties at the beach, ice-creams and bathing suits every day... Will love blossom? After all there is a very fine line between love and hatred.


Kazuha Toyama was excited; the final exam results came back, she was eager to see her results, why you say? Her long time rival, Heiji Hattori, they always tied whenever they tried to outdo each other, but this would be the tie-breaker, Kazuha would score higher on the text then him, she couldn't wait to see his look of defeat. The teacher came in, telling the students their results came back, everyone groaned, aside from the pony-tailed girl of course. The girl literally shook in her seat waiting for the test paper to hit her desk, the teacher must've decided he had all the time in the world because he was going slowly as a fricking turtle, Kazuha wasn't taking that too well. When the girl's teacher finally gave her the paper, Kazuha snatched it and glared at her teacher, how dare he make her wait? It doesn't matter she got the test, eagerly she scanned the paper, Kazuha got a one hundred and ten percent, beat that Heiji.

The students glared behind Kazuha's back, knowing full well that she probably passed the test and that her rival was going to show up soon, having the same grade as her, it happens every day. Just like everyone predicted, except the girl herself, Heiji Hattori, strolled in with his test paper. Kazuha glared at him, if looks could kill, he'd be long dead be now, Heiji sneered and cockily waved his paper in front of her face, the girl's anger rising steadily. Swiftly with attitude she snatched the paper from his hand, reading his results, the boy somehow getting her results, did the same thing. Both of their eyes widened, they got the same grade! How could this happen? The teacher and students signed the two acts as if this never happened before. Heiji spoke first out of the two.

"How could I get the same grade as you? I know I did better than this if this is what you got." He insulted, Kazuha face was flushed with anger.

"What, ahou? That should be my line! Every time we get the same results, I think you're cheating or something!" Kazuha yelled at him.

"Me? Cheating? You must have me mixed up with someone else...*Cough* Toyama.*Cough*" He shot back her, all the students gasped and looked at Kazuha to see how she'd reacted.

The girl felt something snap, raising her fist she intended to punch the boy right in the face, but since he was a master at kendo, he was able to block her attack. Heiji sneered at her, this fueled her anger, she continued throwing punches at him, not showing any signs of stopping, he blocked all of them though, not looking like he'd get tired anytime soon. The teacher didn't stop the fight, it had become a regular schedule for almost anyone who had class with Kazuha and Heiji, and they'd tire themselves out...eventually. Then the bell went off, all the students rushed out the room, even the teacher, only leaving the rivals in the class. Both just stood there and glared, not thinking about moving, just wanting for their rival to look away, Momoe a friend of the girl's slid the door open, making Kazuha turn to look at her. Heiji smiled, Kazuha gasped realizing her mistake, and her friend was oblivious to all this only focusing on the task at hand.

"Kazuha," she said, stopping the two from starting an argument again."Remember? You have to go to the beach house with your father; you have no time to argue with Hattori." The girl's eyes widened remembering the trip her father and her go on every summer. Throwing one last glare at Heiji, Kazuha thanked Momoe and rushed out the school building. Heiji sneered until he was sure she was gone, beach house huh? His family and him were going to one, though, there's was no way they'd end up seeing each other, right? He dismissed his thoughts and walked out the classroom.


The beach, the beach house, how could she forget the beach house? It was like a tradition, they did it every summer, only Hattori could make her forget something so important. Kazuha stopped running, too tired to continue running, this gave her time to mentally bash Hattori. She hated his spiked hair, his cocky sneer, his walk, how most of the girls swoon over him, how they're equally at everything they compete against, well, besides detective work. The girl was surprised at how fast she got home, she should bash on Hattori more often.

Kazuha opened the front door and was greeted with her father looking slightly annoyed with her for being late. She looked at him, her eyes giving an apology, before rushing upstairs to get ready for the trip. The girl took her time picking out clothes to wear during vacation, wanting to be able to be satisfied with her clothes, much to her father's displeasure. Plus she had to change out of her uniform, which meant a quick shower, when she was finally ready to leave her father was ready to pull his hair off his head. Kazuha smiled brightly as they driven off to their beach house, nothing would or could screw up her trip, especially that Hattori, she shook her head, no, she wouldn't think of him, it'd mess her relaxation up.

She gazed out the car window from the passenger side, though, it wouldn't hurt to wonder what he was doing right now.


Heiji Hattori really didn't want to go to his parents beach house, he wanted to stay home and solve cases the whole summer, but both of them objected the request, saying they rarely have family vacations together. So here Heiji was, sulking in the back-seat of the car, wishing he was anywhere but here, learning that he might see Toyama worsened his mood, the parents ignored their son's behavior, and he does this often when he doesn't get what he wants. They'd have to snap him out of that eventually.

The spiked haired boy didn't want to admit it, but he wondered where and what his rival was doing right now, as their car pulled up in front of the house.


Kazuha was happy when they finally made it to the beach house, throughout the whole car ride was complete silence, and it was unnerving. She stretched her muscles, and then looked around her house as she brought her bags in; it's been awhile since she's been here, huh? The girl missed this place, it had one of the few memories she remembered having with her late mother, that's why she loved this place and yes, that's how long this tradition was. When the girl entered her room, immediately she began unpacking, knowing where she wanted everything, it didn't take long for her to finish. Then came her special box, it had all kinds of ribbons Kazuha wore, one of them were green, the green ribbon was worn out, but looked like it was taken care of by the owner, she brought the ribbon to her chest and clinched it.

After what seemed forever, Kazuha put the ribbon back in the box and picked herself up from her bed, deciding she'd go for a walk along the beach, hopefully it wasn't too hot today. The girl left the house after telling her father where she'd be and whistled a soft tune while walking to the beach, she used to sing the song when she was just a child, and Kazuha didn't know why she suddenly remembered it now. Unfortunately, her song came to a complete stop when she saw a familiar spiked haired boy at the beach, in disbelief she quickly turned another direction and took off before the boy could see her.


Heiji heard a gasp from behind, he waited a few seconds before turning around to see the owner of the voice, but he only saw a pony-tail swishing back and forth before the person was gone. There was only one person, no, one girl who had a pony-tail, was that Toyama? No, there was no way that was her, there were billions of beach houses out there, and why would she be here? Sighing he took one more look at the beach's ocean before walking back to his vacation home. Wondering how he'll survive this vacation with his sanity still intact.


No way, what is that ahou doing here? He didn't mention anything about his vacation, like he usually would, he'd brag on and on about it until Kazuha told him to shut-up, making an argument began. She dismissed the idea of him being here, she probably was seeing things because the girl was used to Hattori being around her, not in that way of course, like in an annoying bully, he was there to make her miserable, yeah, that's right. Kazuha would wait for her father to come back from where ever he was before she decided to do anything, plus she didn't want take any chances of seeing that stupid Hattori if he was here.


When he returned home, he was surprised and disappointed; there was lunch on the table. Shizuka walked in and replied to Heiji's unasked question. Simply saying that his father had made a friend and promised each other that they would have lunch together, both bringing their families of course. Heiji had to stop a groan that was about to escape his lips, he just walked around a beach, now he has to meet his father's friend plus his family, this summer really wasn't working in his favor, huh? The boy thought it couldn't it worse as he walk with his mother to meet up with his father at the meeting place, he was horribly wrong, he'd soon learn.


Kazuha was waiting with her father and his friend, for the man's family to show up before they'd order. She silently hoped the family would show up soon, the waitress seem to be getting irritated with them. The man jumped up, implying his family finally showed up, Kazuha sighed relieved. It didn't last long, though, when she saw their son, Hattori Heiji, she gawked at him, then he did the same when he saw her, both parents were confused, did they already know each other?

Then out of nowhere both pointed at each other, yelling at the same time.

"What are you doing here?" they exclaimed at the same time.

The vacation just got worse.


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