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The two rivals stood there, still pointing an accusing finger at the other, giving the other best dirty look they could muster. The parents looked back and forth, it seemed they knew each other, but not in a good way. Shizuka was about to cut in, but Kazuha started talking. Well, she started demanding answers.

"Why is this Ahou here?" She screamed, making everyone cover their ears from the sudden loudness. Her father, Toyama, answered her question.

"This is my friend's son, Heiji Hattori, but it looks like you already know one another so there shouldn't be any need for introductions." He said, taking the left seat next to her rivals father, Heiji flashed another sneer before taking a seat next to his mother, who was also sitting in the right seat, next to her husband. The only seat left was the one between her father and Heiji, Kami must really hate her, and she didn't make any indication of sitting down. Glaring, not a Heiji, but her chair, she wished it would vanish so she wouldn't have to sit next to that spiked haired ahou. Kazuha's father was growing impatient.

"Kazuha Toyama," He exclaimed, making his daughter jump."Have a seat this instant; I will not have you embarrass me in front of my friend."
Mumbling something, the girl complied; slowly she sat down cautiously, scowling at Heiji, who was smiling like the most innocent being in the world, yeah right. His fake innocent smile, made her scowl deepen, while his smile grew bigger, happy to know that he was the source of Kazuha's distress. She was seething by now, scaring the poor waitress that came by to take their order, Kazuha literally growled out her order, making the waitress jump, the boy was snickering the whole time, especially when her father started scolding her. On the bright side, the waitress made sure that they got their food faster than they expected. Heiji mutter something about Kazuha, which earned him a quick hit to the gut.

Heiji was now glaring at her, while Kazuha flashed a mischievous smile, before putting a spoonful of food in her mouth. The boy wanted to flip her off, but his mother, Shizuka, was staring at him as he lifted his hand, warning him not to do anything stupid, well, not while she's watching.
The spiked haired boy played with his food, moving it aimlessly around his plate. When he wasn't irritating Kazuha, he was bored, it was fun for him, to see her face grow red from anger, it was hard to describe the feeling, but he knew it was a good a one, that's why he'll have annoy the girl for the rest of this vacation, starting with this lunch. Grinning to himself, Heiji put a meat cube in his spoon and slowly bended the spoon back, aiming at the girl next to him.

Kazuha was just eating her food innocently, for once, when some type of food hit the side of her face, she flinched in her chair, startled. Then she heard someone's snickers, Heiji's snickers, the girl went from startled to angry, the boy ignored her, not ceasing his laughter. Kazuha got her spoon while he was laughing and picked a carrot from her dish, aiming it at the laughing boy. When he finally notice what she was doing it was too late, her carrot in mid air, hitting Heiji square in the face. He almost fell out of his chair, causing Kazuha to laugh this time, the girl was laughing so hard she grabbed her sides like it was her life line. Heiji was not amused as he stared at her, a scowl placed on his features; it made the girl laugh harder.

Their parents weren't paying attention to them, to engross in their conversation on politics. Heiji shot another meat cube at Kazuha, but she ducked and it hit her father. The table was silent as the meat slowly slides down his face, until it made a 'Clunk' noise as it hit the table. Oh fudge was the only thing that crossed the teenager's mind as Kazuha's father looked at them. They both avoided the eyes of the adults at the table. Her father got a napkin and wiped the meat juice off his face and began talking.

"We only have one thing to say to you," Toyama and the other adults looked at each other and back at the teenagers."Food Fight!" He bellowed as all the adults, including himself, jumped up and started throwing their food at their children, Kazuha shrieked, Heiji yelped, both tried to cover themselves, it was futile. Kazuha figured this out and started grabbing her vegetables, her rival caught on also and grabbed a handful of meat cubes and looked at Kazuha she nodded, and it was a silent truce between them, for now. They started throwing their food pieces one by one at their parents.

That's how their lunch went, throwing food at one another, everyone was smiling, and even the rivals were on okay terms, occasionally arguing. The food fight had to stop eventually; they were running out of food. That and the waitress came by, gawking at the mess they made. The food was all over the floor and the people who threw it.
Kazuha's father cleared his throat and looked at the waitress.

"Check please." He said with a poker face, causing everyone at the table to giggle. The waitress started complaining, but Hattori came in and slipped a fifty in her hand, which ceased her nagging. She walked away happy to clean up the mess they made, Kazuha sighed, she thought they were about to get kicked out, unconsciously, her eyes found their way to Heiji, who was looking disgusted about the food all over him.

"Ugh, it's slimly," He cringed his nose in distaste."I need a shower." Kazuha stared at him in disbelief before cracking up. Her amusement got a hold of the boy's attention.

"What's so funny?" Heiji demanded.

"A girl," She gasped between laughs."You're acting like a girl!" she exclaimed, laughing again. He raised an eyebrow.

"What? I do not!" He exclaimed as she rolled her eyes.

"Sure thing, girly." Kazuha snorted, Heiji burrowed his eyebrows, showing his irritation with the girl.

"I'm not girly," He sneered."I just like to be clean unlike some filthy tomboy I know- Ouch!" Heiji doubled over, clutching his stomach, courtesy of Kazuha.

"Why you ahou-" Shizuka cut her son off, grabbing him by the ear.

"Quit your bickering, we are going home to clean up," She then looked at Kazuha."After that we are going to the beach with the Toyama's."
Their eyes widened at that, Heiji tried to protest, but Shizuka silenced him and dragged him away by his ear. Leaving Kazuha to wonder how she wasn't going to show up at the beach like everyone planned, it's not like they wanted her there right. So it shouldn't matter if she went or not, Kazuha definitely wasn't planning on going if Heiji was going to be there, she didn't want another repeat of this, she looked at their table, yep, everything was...Filthy. That was the only word she thought that could describe the mess they made while she and her father exited the restaurant and into their car, Kazuha looked over at the Hattori's, the girl had to suppress a laugh as she climbed into their car, Shizuka was still holding Heiji by the ear while scolding the boy, her son whining for her to let go.

Throughout the whole car ride, Toyama was telling his daughter she was going to the beach with him and the Hattori's, despite Kazuha's protests. Her father told her she should feel lucky, he was allowing her to wear a bathing suit; she thought about all the cute boy's that could be at the beach waiting for her, Kazuha changed her mind, saying she'll go. Toyama thought he notice his daughter have a lecherous glint in her eyes, but dismissed it as him seeing things, his innocent Kazuha wasn't capable of having such a look...Right? The girl sat in the car, just because she had to go doesn't mean she was supposed to keep them company. Kazuha was going to enjoy herself, flirt with boys and maybe get a slight tan. That was her plan so far.

When they arrived home, well, to their beach house, Kazuha ran up stairs to get her various bathing suits and decide what to wear, hearing her father groan as she went up the stairs. The first one was hot pink two piece, it clung to her curves, too clingy, also really tight and it was kind of revealing to her chest, it made her uncomfortable, she wanted to look good, maybe even sexy, but this made her seem too easy, Kazuha didn't want that, she threw the swimming suit on her bed and went through her closet for another swimming suit. The second one was an orange like color, it was a one piece which revealed her back, it was better than the last one, but, how could she say it? It was kind of too innocent; she didn't want to seem bashful either, just between. She sighed, throwing yet another swimming suit on her bed; this was taking longer than she anticipated.

Then she pulled another one out, Kazuha thought for sure this was the one, it was a two piece bathing suit, the pattern was a zebra one, she liked it, wasn't too shy, nor too bold for her type of character, whatever her character was. Congratulating herself silently she slipped a very baggy sweat shirt on, it stopped at her knees, good, her father wouldn't see it until they were at the beach. She practically skipped down the stairs; Toyama surprised by how cheerful she was acting, quirked an eye brow at her, but left it alone. They didn't take the car, since the beach was just down the street from their house, the walk involved Kazuha daydreaming about the supposedly hunky men at the beach, causing her to occasionally to run into a lamp post or stumble. Frankly her father was embarrassed to be seen with the ditz of a daughter. Toyama hoped Kazuha didn't get her clumsiness from his genes, but her mother was a graceful thing and he did kind of found himself falling and dropping things.


The Hattori's were waiting for the Toyama's to show up. During this time Heiji sat around guessing people's (Females) bathing suits, so far he got every single guess right, it was beginning to bore him. He wonder when the Toyama's would finally show up, they were probably late because of Kazuha, knowing her she was having a fashion montage in her room, deciding what she'll wear to the beach. The boy looked up, speak of the devil, the family finally showed up, but it seemed they were in their own worlds, his rival seemed to be in her own world daydreaming about some boy's no doubt, you could tell by her glazed eyes and the blissful smile she had. It irritated him for some reason, he doesn't know why it just does, Heiji didn't like how Kazuha made him feel these things he couldn't identify, maybe if he caught her attention the feeling would go away, it always go away after he successfully annoys the crap out of Kazuha.

"Ahou." He sneered at the girl, breaking her out of her daydreaming state.

"Girly." She sneered back at him, only Heiji could ruin her daydreaming.


"Ellery Queen fanatic."


"I'm disappointed; I thought you'd have a witty comeback for that." Kazuha mocked, grinning at him.

"You pervert." Heiji said, catching Kazuha off guard, making the boy smirk.

"W-what are you talking about?" She stuttered, her cheeks turning pink.

"I saw the look on your face," Heiji taunted."You were daydreaming about guys weren't you?" He couldn't stop a sly smile from spreading across his face; it was too rich to see the girl like this. She was fumbling with her words, not knowing what to say or how to reply to what he said, she was silently fuming. Kazuha finally gave a frustrated sigh and marched off.

"You win this round, Ahou!" Kazuha yelled over shoulder before stomping away, screw that Hattori, always being a...Hattori. She sighed, maybe a swim could calm her down, or she could talk to some cute boy's like she planned, Kazuha then notice her surroundings, there barely anyone here, now that she thought about it, they were here pretty late, the sun should be setting soon, that means no hot boy's. This was becoming a disaster for her, guess she should go for a swim, the girl started peeling off her sweat shirt, not noticing her rival was watching.


Heiji just laid on his towel, watching the girl storm off, he was curious of what she was doing when she stopped walking wildly. He started blushing when he saw her
about to take off her sweat shirt, he wonder what swim suit she was wearing. Probably a two piece zebra patterned one, the boy's face was crimson when he found out his guess was right about her clothing, and he didn't think she'd wear something like that. He looked away when the girl entered in the water, not wanting to acknowledge that Kazuha might be...Attractive.


Kazuha felt so relaxed swimming, the feeling of the water was enough to calm her nerves, and she wasn't that far out, just far enough for her to be able to swim down a little. The girl swam in circles, doing loops, or just relaxing in the water for awhile before swimming back up for oxygen and diving back in. Kazuha felt a sharp pain in her side, but ignored the feeling, it didn't hurt that bad. Somehow her thoughts drifted back to Heiji, she thought about how cocky the idiot was, how they've fought for so many years only to come out in ties every single time. When she thought about it, it was kind of amusing to her, she smiled, and they fought about the stupidest things sometimes.

Her smile didn't last for long, she felt a sudden pain shoot through her body, Kazuha opened her mouth as if to scream, but since she was under water, bubbles were the only thing that escaped her mouth. She started choking, bringing one of her hands to her neck as if it'd help her situation, the girl's other hand reaching out, trying to stretch out of the water.
All of Kazuha's struggling was pointless, no one knew she swam out this far, the girl felt herself crying, she didn't want everything to end like this, Heiji, she still hasn't beat him yet, she won't die until then.

Using her sudden strength, she shot up from the water and waved he arms back and forth. She couldn't scream because she was trying to get air before she fell back in. As the water swallowed her, Kazuha thought she saw a spiked haired boy jumping in the water, but there was no way that was Hattori. The girl's vision started blurring. As she sank deeper and deeper before she finally fainted due to lack of oxygen.


Heiji felt something was wrong when he didn't see Kazuha emerge from the water; he tried to reassure himself that she was okay and everything was fine, it didn't work. He stood up, but refrained himself from jumping into the ocean, he paced back and forth waiting to arise from the water, Heiji wasn't disappointed. When he saw her body sprang up, the boy was about to let out a relieved breath, until he notice her arms waving crazily in the air before sinking back in. After witnessing this, Heiji didn't hesitate to jump in the water after the girl, using every ounce of his energy to get to her before the unacceptable happens.



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