Finding Yourself

Summary- One day Sam finds out that she has another family that she never knew about. Join her as she tried to juggle both her families, as well as finding love along the way.



Greyson Lutrell 34- Robert Downey Jr.

Isabelle Lutrell 27 - Andie Macdowell

Twenty One Years Ago

The sound of pounding rain echoed the room as a man stood and stared out of the bay window of the study. All these months of searching had finally lead to this, in a few short hours, all the man hours and money spent, had finally paid off. Never in a million years would Greyson have thought, that one fling could end with such a precious gift.

It had been a complete surprise to him that one night we received an unmarked envelope that contained a birth certificate, a photo and adoption papers. At first he thought that it was some kind of hoax, until he saw the name on the birth certificate, it had been the women he had had an affair with all those months ago. It was a one time thing with an intern at his office and didn't think anything of it when the girl suddenly left a few weeks later, that was until now.

At first he thought that the child would be better off, but that thought lasted only a second, once he saw the photo of his daughter. His worries then went to what would happen to his already fragile marriage. His wife and he were already separated at the time of his one niter and now were slowly working their way back together. All his worried would put to rest as soon as his wife saw the picture, she asked him what he was waiting for and to bring their little girl home. All that work finally lead to right now. He was finally going to meet his little girl who would be a year old in a few weeks.

"Greyson?" A voice called from the doorway.

"You should be in bed." The man in his early thirties called as he kept his eyes on the window.

"The boys were up, they seem very excited about getting a sister." Isabelle smiled as she pulled her robe tighter around her. She slowly walked into the room and sat in an overstuffed chair across from the fireplace.

"What about you?" Greyson asked as he set his empty glass down and then made his way over to where his wife sat.

"If this is you trying to give me an out, I already promised I am not going anywhere." Belle answered, "This may not be the way, I wanted to have another child but it doesn't mean I will love her any less then if she had come from me." She reassured as she brushed her long braid behind her back.

"I want to make sure that you do not see this child as an obligation or as a constant reminder of that night."

"We were both in a dark spot." Belle dismissed as she looked Greyson in the eye, "The one thing I will feel towards that child is love, she did not ask to be brought into this mess and we will give her the family she needs." Belle remarked wholeheartedly.

"How did I ever get so lucky to have you?"

"You got lucky, I lowered my expectations." Belle smiled as she stood up to give the man a peck on the cheek.

"Yes something you mother never fails to let me know."

"Mr. Lutrell." The butler called from the door, the couple looked up to see him standing there along with their PI with a little pink bundle in her arms.

Isabelle wasted no time in gathering the little girl in her arms and walking back to her husband, "This is our little Angel." Belle cooed as she turned so Greyson could get a better look at her, "Now all this little one needs is a name." The brunette mused as she swayed back and forth.

"Samantha Gabriela Lutrell." Greyson smiled as he looked down at the little girl.