A drabble I wrote on my RP blog earlier.

He spread the blanket on the ground in his garden. Sitting himself down, he began unpacking his dinner from a wickerwork basket. The sun had painted the sky orange, the red and pink clouds reflection rippling in the ocean waves below. There was a gentle breeze cooling the perpetually warm Altamiran air.

He talked as he ate, telling stories of his adventures to save the worlds and some problems at work that had surfaced. He talked about his friends, reminisced about his childhood, wondered about the future. He poured out his thoughts and feelings, anything and everything that came to mind.

The high altitude wind had cleared the sky of clouds by the time the sun completely vanished beyond the horizon. The moon was no where to be seen, leaving the sky nothing but stars to break the solid black. So he lay on his back, pointing out constellations and naming as many stars as he could.

That was where he stayed, until he was fighting to stay awake. At that point, he sat up and packed his belongings back into the basket he had brought. He finished and stood, staying still and silent for a few more moments.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Alicia," Regal whispered, gently touching the cold headstone with one hand, "I love you."