Ghost Whisperer

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This is after the Series Finale

After getting an estimate on the cost, and time, to fix the damages. Jim and Emily went over to Melinda's shop where Melinda was with Aiden. It was earlier than normal, but it wasn't much of a surprise to find her there.

"She was driving me nuts." Melinda stated to Jim. "She couldn't stand the ghosts and we had ghosts." Melinda shook her head.

"Any of them have information about our current ghost?" Jim asked. "Actually, did you see our ghost?"

"No. I haven't seen our ghost since the other night." Melinda told him. "No, we had ghosts my mother brought home and ignored."

"Did you cross them over?" Emily asked.

"Working on it." Melinda stated. "I have a list of stuff I need to do." Melinda told Emily. "Most of them have to deal with ghosts, but it's nothing I can't handle." Melinda looked at Emily. "Any luck with information on our ghosts?"

"Actually, yes." Emily said, digging in her bag. "Thanks to Andy I have a lot of info on Mary May." Emily said, finding the envelope and handing it to Melinda.

"Andy? Is this the same Andy who told you about the arsonist?" Jim asked. Emily nodded. "The same Andy you ditched school with?" Emily nodded again. Jim looked at Melinda. "I don't know if we should trust this Andy guy."

"Mary May has a sister and has had only one boyfriend in her dating life." Emily told Melinda, ignoring Jim's comment. "I don't have any connections with the arson victims. None of them were constant, so this means they were random, which doesn't make much sense." Melinda and Jim gave Emily a confused look. "I like watching cop shows."

"Alright." Melinda looked through the information in the folder. "I'll talk to the parents to see if I can find out anything."

"I'll talk to the sister, she's in my grade." Emily pointed out. "I'll try the boyfriend, work and some other students that may have known her."

"Are you sure?" Melinda asked. "That's a lot of people."

"I'll ask Andy to help." Emily told her. "He's willing to help and he knows my secret."

"What?" Melinda and Jim said in unison, both shocked.

"Yeah…I told him last night when I gave him the message from his grandfather."

"I want to meet this Andy person." Jim stated quickly.

"Uncle Jim, he's not going to tell my secret." Emily told him. "He told me that my secret is safe with him." Emily grabbed her phone. "And I trust him." Emily sent a text to Andy. "I need some help after school. I want to talk to Mary May's sister, co-workers, boyfriend and some other schoolmates. You know them, wanna help?" Emily sent the text.

"I still want to meet him." Jim stated.

"You already have. He came by the house yesterday after the fire." Emily pointed out.

"Emily, I want to get to know him." Emily sighed and looked at Jim.

"Fine." Emily said as her phone buzzed. She looked at the message Andy sent in reply.

"Yeah. I'm totally up for helping you. In fact, Luke is in my Math class. I'll talk to him in class…or try to at least." Emily texted him back.

"Thanks. Sounds good. After school, meet me at Same As It Never Was Antiques. My Aunt and Uncle want to meet you."

"Is that Andy?" Melinda asked. Emily nodded, sending the text.

"Yeah. He agreed to help and told him to meet me here after school. He's going to try to talk to Luke in Math, but we'll see."

"Alright." Melinda said. "If you're sure you want to handle it."

"Melinda. The ghost found me. I'll take responsibility." Emily stated. "Besides, if I help with crossing ghosts over, then you have time to spend with Aiden and Uncle Jim."

"Is that really why you're helping?" Melinda asked.

"It also gets me out of the house." Emily smiled.

"Ok, Aiden." Jim said, turning his attention to Aiden. "You want to come with me to meet up with the electrician?"

"So we are getting the kitchen fixed?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, but you'll probably have to stay at Delia's again." Jim stated. I nodded. "So, Aiden, are you coming with me?"

"Yes!" Aiden said.

"Can you drop me off at Delia's? I want to grab a few things." Jim nodded. Emily turned to Melinda. "I'll be back."

"Bye." Jim kissed Melinda.

"Bye mom!" Aiden said, following Emily outside. Jim followed behind them.

After picking up her computer, Emily walked back to Melinda's shop. Emily set up her computer at Melinda's desk in the back and decided to check the news to see if more information came out about the arsons. The news articles haven't really changed. However, some of the news articles mention something new. A phone call came the day before the arson. Each family agreed about getting the phone call. There was nothing about the phone call and according to the police, the phone call and the arson were connected, meaning the arson wasn't a random act. Emily was focused on her reading because she didn't hear Melinda talking to her.

"Emily?" Emily's head snapped up.

"Did you say something?"

"Are you ready to get some lunch?" Melinda asked. Emily looked at the time. Noon.

"Whoa…it's already noon?"

"What are you looking at?" Melinda asked. Emily closed her laptop.

"I'll explain over lunch." Emily said, grabbing her shoulder bag.

"Let's go." Melinda said. Emily followed Melinda out of the shop. Melinda flipped her sign to show "out to lunch, be back at 1pm." Melinda and Emily meet up with Eli, Rick Payne and Delia. Melinda and Emily were the last to show.

"Hey." Delia said with a smile. Melinda and Emily sat down. Emily looked at Eli.

"You totally fell asleep on me when I called you this morning." Emily said to him.

"I'm not a morning person." Eli stated simply. Melinda and Emily ordered food when the waiter came over to the table. Eli, Rick Payne, and Delia had already ordered, so now, everyone was just waiting for their food.

"So, what did you want to discuss?" Melinda asked Emily.

"Oh, right." Emily stated, surprised she forgot. "There's a connection between the arson victims. They all got a phone call before the arson happened. So, technically the victims were chosen before the fires started." Emily explained. "I'm hoping I can get Mary May's sister to talk to me."

"How are you going to talk to her?" Delia asked.

"I have an idea." Emily said. "It's a long shot, but I hope it gets me something." Emily took a drink from her water glass. "Luckily Andy is coming with."

"Eli, you should try talking to Mary May's parents." Melinda suggested.

"Why me?" Eli asked. "Why can't you go?"

"Because I have my mother's ghosts to deal with." Melinda explained.

"That bad?" Rick asked as their food arrived. Melinda waited to reply.

"Your food is on its way." The waiter said to Melinda and Emily before leaving.

"It's really bad." Melinda said. "She brought ghosts from her vacation home with her and she completely pretended they weren't there. So, I'm going to help them all."

"Don't make me go alone." Eli said quickly.

"I'll go with you." Rick said, digging into his food.

"Right." Melinda smiled. "You and Eli will talk to Mary May's parents. Emily's got everyone else on the list." Melinda said as Melinda's and Emily's food was brought to them. Everyone ate and chatted.

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