"Are you sure this is gonna work?" America whispered anxiously, his voice was raspy and void of life. Each day, it seemed like his voice was becoming softer and softer until. This made a few of the others wonder how long it would take before he would completely break, similar to how all of them had.

"Da," Ivan said softly. A smile crept on his lips as he said it, content that he would not be harmed for speaking in his native tongue.

"Okay," the American nation said as his dull blue eyes watched Ivan. The parallel nation's hands were sturdy as he moved the glass pieces with a small glow of purple light emitting from his palms. The mirror was almost fixed, with only a few minor pieces missing from the edges. It would only be another few minutes or so until it would be completely fixed and he would return to his world.

However, below that very room, the British Empire glanced at the clock hanging sideways on the wall. "Seven?" he said aloud with a raise eyebrow. His hands stopped mixing creamy colored batter and placed the wooden spoon on the cherry-pink counter. He figured the effects of the poison would have worn off of his newest toy and decided to surprise him with another gift.

The British personification stealthily walked upstairs and opened the door to America's chamber without any falter.

The British Empire stood dumbfounded in the square shaped archway to America's bedroom. His tray of earl grey tea along with the pastel frosted cupcakes tumbled to the floor in front of his black suede dress shoes.

Alfred turned around trembling, his mind already imagining the possible tortures the alternate England would impose on his new colony.

The strawberry blonde's smile quickly faded as he shook his head in a scowling manner and wagged his finger back and forth. "Oh my, someone has been naughty."

Before American could blink, the British Empire wrapped his sugar coated fingers around his wrist, his nails clawing into his sun kissed skin leaving small red marks up and down his once muscular arm. "Now you know what happens when colonies misbehave."

America nodded slowly without speaking. He wished he could have said 'I'm sorry' and explain himself like he used to do with Iggy. He could explain how he never thought he would be up and looking for him at this hour. Or explain how he forced Ivan to help him, despite that being a lie. Or tell how he wanted to go home, away from this nightmare. Then England would scold him before bringing him in for a hug.

However this was his home, and he was not England.

The American nation's eyes squeezed shut as if to shield himself from the pain. He just wished he was back home. Back with England. His England.

The British Empire bent down and picked up one of the white porcelain shards from the broken teacup. His eyes swirled from a tart blue to a poisonous pink. A smile graced his plump lips as he ripped the American's flimsy, button down shirt off his back in one sharp tug and littered it on the carpet. Red whip marks littered the back as the empire dug the sharp shard into his back.

The nation did not shriek of pain as the empire supposed, and burrowed the shard deeper into his once unspoiled skin. Each cut was precise, as if it was some sort of malicious art to him.

The British Empire frowned at his colony's behavior, hoping for at least a whimper if not a scream. "I am unimpressed with you. However…" he said, while his bluish pink orbs lingered on the fixed mirror. "I have important matters to attend to."

The last image America saw was the brightly dressed nation disappearing through the mirror before his sapphire eyes rolled backwards from loss of blood.

"I-I brought you tea," Canada stuttered creaking the door to America's diffusely lit study and propped his blond head through. In the waning crescent's trifling quantity of light, his lilac eyes scanned the room in search of the British nation. The room was just as he had remembered: an American themed bed, all of the variations of the American flags taped to his wall and a mahogany desk where he usually "did" his paper work.

"No thank you," the English nation muttered from his spot in the red desk chair, his voice muffled by his head locked in his arms. Stacks of papers littered the desk at where he sat, quite disheveled, something that was very unlike the English nation. This made the younger question is current mental stability. Not to mention that he denied his favorite beverage.

Canada went over and comforted his former caretaker. He hadn't seen him this sad since…well the Revolution. "We mustn't be late for the last of the world conference," he reminded him. He always remembered how England would take hours just to get ready for one of these conferences, although he never looked much different than he did right after he woke up, besides the attire.

He slammed his fists down on the desk, tempting to slice the desk in two precarious pieces. "I am sick of this!" he said, his voice slightly slurred.

"Have you been drinking?" the younger nation asked picking up the shattered glass with his free hand from the floor and cupped it into his hands.

"No," he lied with a hiccup.

"England," he said releasing the glass back on the floor and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Get off!" he shouted. A tear streamed down his face as the former caretaker slapped the younger's hand away.

Canada's eyes widened with fear, and nodded. His hands gripped tightly on the tray, the tea cup threatening to break as it clattered in its saucer.

"Get out of my sight!"

Canada scowled. He was sick of all the nations forgetting about him, especially England, despite all the caring things he had done for him. He bawled his hands into fists, turning his knuckles a shade of ashen white, and shouted "you're not the only one dealing with this!"

"Oh yes, because he just loves you," he said sourly and turned around to face the Canadian nation.

"This doesn't give you an excuse to act like an ass to us!"

England's green eyes widened, as if those words turned his sober. Within an instant, he slapped the Canadian's cheek. "Get out!"

Frightened, the violet eyed nation nodded and left the room without any other words.

England looked to his hands, and locked his arms around his knees. What have I done!?

He buried his face in his hands sobbing silent tears, the only sound were his faint whimpers which eventually turned into light snores.

When he eventually awoke from his slumber, his head was throbbing slightly. He hauled his ponderous legs off of the chair and heaved his lethargic body down the stairs.

From the top of the staircase, he noticed a figure through the morning's sunrise sitting alone of the couch. "Look, I'm really sorry," he began sincerely and descended down the steps.

The figure smiled acerbically and licked his fingers greedily. "I'm sorry but Canada couldn't be here right now."

To Be Continued...

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