"When someone dies in the grip or a powerful rage….

A curse is born.

The curse gathers in that place of death.

Those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury.

Those who survive will carry the curse with them…

Until it is reborn."

Long ago, a mother with two daughters preformed a ritual to cure a lady from a curse. One of the daughters, Kayako, was curious, and came out to watch her mother. The mother, needing to hold the curse into anothers body, chose to put it into her curious daughter. This was indeed a mistake however.

When Kayako was older, she had a son named Toshio, and a husband named Takeo, and they all lived in a house in Tokyo, Japan.

Kayako had gotten a crush on her sons teacher, and wrote about this in a journal.

One evening, Takeo had found this journal and began reading it. In a jealous rage, he beat and killed his wife, Kayako. Toshio, from witnessing this, was drownded by his own father. And their cat was also drownded and killed. Their bodies, hidden in the house, from all the rage, fury, and anger, a curse was born.

Soon after, Takeo, killed himself from the guilt he later recieved from his actions