Title: Happy Birthday, Zoro!

Characters/Pairing(s): Zoro&Robin, Straw Hats

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Post Time Skip

Zoro yawned loudly as he headed for the galley. For some odd reason, everyone on the ship is missing, and they weren't even docked on an island. The night was quiet. There was no music coming from the musician's guitar. There was no laughing from the three idiots, no hammering sounds from the shipwright, no sizzling sounds coming from the cook. The bath was empty of the navigator, and there were no sounds of pages turning by his girlfriend. Nothing but complete silence.

That wasn't the only thing he found odd. As soon as he went to go to bed, he found a note on top of his pillow. He could hardly read it, so he knew it was from Luffy.

Go to the kitchen.

..was all it said. He hated being ordered, but it was different in Luffy's case. So, he had no choice. Everyone might've been there. They could've been having dinner already without him. Now, this was pissing him off.

Zoro bursted through the door and was stopped in his tracks. Nobody was here that's for sure. The place was completely empty, except for hundreds of booze laid out everywhere. He slowly walked towards a note attached to the closest bottle.

Knock yourself out, Shitty Marimo.

He looked around to see if this was some kind of prank. He smirk devilishly and dived in. There were different various types of beer all in this one room. Old, ancient, recent, classic, you name it. It was practically heaven in a kitchen.

An hour passed when the raven haired archeologist peeked into the galley to check on her boyfriend. She fully opened the door and saw him passed out in the middle of empty used bottles. She shook her head.

She crouched down and went on her knees so she could reached down to his face. She lightly rubbed his cheek, then kissed it gently.

"Happy birthday, Zoro." Robin smiled when she heard footsteps coming from the doorway. She turned around and signaled them to come in. The rest of the crew came running in, ignoring the fact that they were practically stomping on the ground. Either way, Zoro didn't wake up.

"Be quiet!" Nami whispered loudly.

"Look who's talking!" replied the sharpshooter.


"Just get everything done and we'll go!" said Sanji.

The next morning, Zoro was awaken by a large wave hitting the ship. Zoro shot up in surprise. To add to that surprise, he saw a whole bunch of pocky fall when he got up. To top it off, there was a whole bunch of them on top of and all around him. He looked to his right and noticed a small thistle in a pot. To his left, there was a half eaten piece of meat just lying on the ground. He reached for his head when he felt an extra set of weight on top of it. He took it off and realized it to be Brook's crown.

On the crown, he could see his reflection. He leaned in closer and saw the words "Happy Birthday, Zoro" written all over his head. He growled, then chuckled. He raised a pocky to his mouth and took a bite.


I never did a Zoro birthday oneshot before, so this is exciting. (:

It sucked too because last year it was 11/11/11.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite characters in One Piece. Also, happy Pocky day!