Title: Typical Day

Characters/Pairing(s): Straw Hats

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Post Time Skip

Sanji opened the door to his locker and found it completely empty of most of his clothes. He knew it had only been a few days since he did his laundry, so he knew it shouldn't be this empty. After putting on what he had left, the cook left the mens' quarters. As soon as he stepped outside, he saw everyone in the crew dressed in suits, his suits, even the girls. And yet, they were all doing their usual things.

"Uh, what's going on?" asked Sanji. Robin looked up from her book.

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you all wearing my suits? Not that it doesn't look good on you and Nami-san."

"Suits? What suits? Are we wearing suits?" asked Luffy.

"Riiight," Sanji quickly walked to the kitchen to distanced himself away from the crew. He paced back and forth as he thought about the illness he could possibly have. Did the crew really not know that they're all wearing his suits. Was this a prank? No, Robin wouldn't lie to him. Was he just hallucinating?

Sanji shook it off and stepped outside. There, everyone in the crew was wearing their usual attire again. The blonde cook blinked twice to make sure he was seeing this right. The odd thing was that everyone was still doing what they were doing just three minutes ago.

"W-What happened to your suits?" asked Sanji.

"Hm? What suits?" asked Nami.

"Looks like you've finally lost it, cook," said a sleepy Zoro.

"I could've sworn-"

"Sanji! Food!" yelled Luffy. Sanji shook his head to forget the entire thing.

"Whatever, I'm cooking lunch." The cook stepped back into the kitchen. Little did he knew about the pile of clothes hanging on top of the galley just above the doorway.

My brother and I finally got One Piece: Kaizoku Musou! Our first One Piece game! Well, I wanted to wait for Christmas, but he demanded it. Tsk tsk, typical One Piece fan. We need to have separate files in order for us to play fair. Its really fun, even though I just press random buttons when it comes to boss battles xD