Title: A Name of My Own

Characters/Pairing(s): OC's

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Many Years Later

Taichi sighed heavily. When they reached the top of the hill, he fell back on his rear and leaned back on his arms. It was another typical chaotic day in their little neighborhood. He needed to get away just to get some peace and quiet.

"Our families are chaotic," said Taichi. Kuina sat down next to him and eyed him oddly.

"You're one to talk. Just yesterday, you and your dad were stealing food from Sanji's house."

Taichi laughed and laid down on his back. "That was my dad's idea. So, if he says its okay, then its fine by me."

"I thought you were afraid of your mom when she finds out, which she always does."

"I can handle my mom... as long as I have Anna with me. My dad's on his own."

Kuina chuckled. "You're terrible, as expected of the Pirate King's son."

Taichi laced his fingers together and placed them behind his head. He stared up at the sky. "Pirate King's son, huh?"

The little swordsman tilted her head as she eyed her friend. "What's wrong?"

"I feel like that's all I'll ever be."

"So? You're dad's the son of the Revolutionary Dragon, grandson of Garp the Hero, brother of Fire Fist Ace, and do you think any of that matters to him? Ignoring all of that, he created a name for himself and became Pirate King. My mom was named the Devil's Child where the whole world feared and hated her, yet my dad still married her. If you hate your title, just make your own."

Taichi sat back up. He turned to Kuina with an annoyed look on his face. The raven-haired swordsman scoffed when she saw his expression.


"I really hate it when you're right." Kuina smirked and looked away triumphantly.

"You should really listen to me more. Without me, you'd be lost."

"With that, you're still a pain in the ass." Kuina gasped in shock. "But I'll keep that promise."

"What promise?"

"I will make a name of my own."

Kuina sighed heavily, but smiled. "You can do it. You're the Monkey D. Taichi."

"I'll have you by my side, right?"

Kuina blushed when she met with his demanding eyes. She quickly looked away and sat up straight.

"O-Of course! Who else is going to watch over you when you get into trouble!"

The name Taichi actually means "ultimate fist" (or something like it), and it kinda reminds me of how much Luffy fights to protect his loved ones, and he does everything barehanded, no swords or weapons. And I know I keep changing the names of their kids, but I'm definitely keeping this one ;P