Title: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Characters/Pairing(s): Zoro&Robin, OCs

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Many Years in the Future

Robin was awoken by the first hint of sunrise. She peeked an eye open, then shielded her eyes with her hand when it became to bright. When she was about to get up, she felt a hand over her oversized belly. She turned slightly and saw the face of her husband only inches from hers. He was snoring with his mouth wide open as usual, but that was just something about him she found cute.

She gently lifted his hand off of her. Slowly and gently, she sat straight up, trying carefully not to wake the little one inside her belly. Only a few more months and soon, they will have another child. Their third child, specifically.

Speaking of children, it was always a duty to her to wake up every morning and check on their two kids before they got up. They looked so peaceful and innocent while asleep, compared to when they're awake. Upon slipping on her slippers and quietly leaving her room, she peeked inside their youngest child's room.

With her treasured katana right beside her, she slept soundly. Her raven black hair draped over her shoulders, yet some strands covered her glowing face. For a twelve year old, she had the most beautiful skin. Zoro said she took a lot after her mother, but Robin thought otherwise.

Next, Robin moved on to the room next door and peeked inside. The room was a mess as usual, as expected from her thirteen year old son. Clothes were lying around everywhere as well as his training gear. One thing that did remain clean, was the area around his two treasure swords.

She had a feeling their children would take after their father's footsteps and become swordsmen themselves. Even she thought being a swordsman would be cool. Robin chuckled to herself. She lightly closed the door then headed for the stairs. From the window to her left, she could see the Monkey house just down the road. It was always a crazy day due to Luffy's two sons and one daughter always playing on the street with their kids. She envied Nami for even handling all of that.

Before she entered the kitchen, she saw something bright and shiny being reflected on the wall. If it was an intruder, Zoro would've detected it using his haki. Being pregnant, she couldn't much, let alone fight. Using her power would only drained her energy. She crossed her arms anyway.

Robin quickly entered the kitchen and met with an even greater surprise. Rather than it being an intruder, she was surprised by balloons and flowers planted all over the kitchen. The room was covered in pink and purple. On one of the balloons near the entrance was a note attached to the string. She pulled on the string and unfolded the note.

"Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!

xoxo Zero, Miki, and Dad"

After all the fear of running, fear of being caught, fear of being killed, she was glad she went through it all to receive an amazing family.

A small preview of a future story? *winkwink*

This was based on what my brother and I did for our mom's birthday today. Seeing her smile and happy only brought a smile on my face.