Title: Open Your Heart

Characters/Pairing(s): Luffy&Nami

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Post Time Skip

When Nami went to go pick out some ripen mikan from her little grove, she noticed something odd about their appearance. She picked out one and examined it. On the outside was a badly drawn heart. The more she picked out, the more badly drawn hearts increased. It was upsetting her, because now, her grove looked ridiculous, but she couldn't help but wonder who did this.

While taking a nap on her beach chair under an umbrella, she felt heat warming up her arm. She would've thought someone had removed her source of shade, but most of her body still felt cool. She opened her eyes and noticed the sudden holes on her umbrella. There were holes of hearts all over.

"What the... Robin, did you see what happened?" Nami asked her neighbor who saw beside her, reading a book.

"Nothing out of the ordinary."

Nami cocked an eyebrow. "Okaaay. I'll be at the library."

"Don't get a paper cut."

Nami glanced back at Robin. Although her back was to her, she could tell she was hiding something. Before Nami stepped into the library, she was expecting another surprise, and she was right. There were paper hearts all over the floor. So, this was what Robin meant. Nami sighed heavily. There was only one person on the ship that would go this far.

Upon entering her room, the lights were turned off. The only thing keeping the room lit was a couple candles planted here and there. Luffy stood in the middle of it with a big red paper heart over his chest. One thing she found odd was a big line cutting the heart down in half.

"Luffy, what's going on?"

"I couldn't find any valentine's day gifts, so I asked Sanji, and he said 'Just open your heart.' So..."

Luffy pulled apart the heart revealing his shirt. On it was painted "I love you!" with red letters albeit pretty badly. Nami couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you like it?" Luffy asked eagerly.

"It's definitely something."

Been focusing on school work and didn't even realize Valentine's Day was just around the corner. So, single or in a relationship, I hope your day goes by great tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day or Happy Single Awareness Day (S.A.D)!