Title: Rubber Eraser

Characters/Pairing(s): Luffy&Nami

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Post Time Skip

Nami was on a roll. Four maps finished and it wasn't even dinner yet. Oddly enough, nothing serious has happened today. No chaos with the weather. Luffy has been asleep on her bed while she worked. The crew has been busy with their own business, or at least she thought. She hasn't left her room the whole day. Sanji would come in often and hand her a drink or some snacks. Most of the time, Luffy would stretch over and take her cookies while still asleep.

Not once has she messed up yet. Usually, her mistakes would be small, and she could easily hide it. But she was surprised by the amount of mistakes she has made all day, which was none. Luffy has been quiet all day. He would often mumble in his sleep, then laugh to himself. Nami thought of it as a small entertainment while she worked.

"Nami, are you done yet?" Luffy murmured.

"Still going. Why don't you find Usopp or Chopper and do something stupid?"

"Are you saying the things we do are stupid?"


"Ah! I'm offended."

"Or you can just go back to sleep."

"But I've been sleeping all day! I feel restless."

"Well, I'm not stopping you. You can do what ever you-no!"

Luffy jumped out of bed and quickly headed for her side. "What happened?"

"I spilled some ink on the side of my map."

"Oh, well.." As a way of helping his girlfriend, Luffy did the first thing that came to his mind. He rubbed his arm against Nami's arm rapidly. Nami was in a lost for words. She jolted from her chair.

"What are you doing?! Move!" Nami pushed his arm away, revealing the huge mess Luffy created. There were ink stains everywhere, including his arm.

"Well, that didn't work out as I imagined."

"What were you thinking?!"

"Well, since I'm made of rubber.. I thought I could erase the ink."


"Erasers are made of rubber, so I thought-" Nami smacked him upside the head.


In Japanese, eraser is keshigomu. So... here come Luffy! The rubber eraser to the rescue!