Title: One Day With the Straw Hats

Characters/Pairing(s): Straw Hats, Law

(Pre/Post) Time Skip: Post Time Skip

Law had very low expectations when it comes to traveling with the Straw Hats. After hearing all the rumors of their rowdy nature, he expected them to be chaotic and colorful, which was proven right after an hour after they departed from Punk Hazard. After about an hour or two, he got used to their whole concept.

When dinner came around, it grew more hectic, in an unpleasant way. He was definitely not used to the crazy atmosphere revolving around the captain and his food as well as the crew's reactions. While trying to eat in peace, all Law could hear were the sounds of bickering, food munching, and more arguing.

Suddenly, a small food fight was started where all of Luffy's left over bones were thrown at Usopp, as a way to defend himself from the sharpshooter from taking his food. It was going well fine, until Law was hit in the face with a plate of spaghetti. That lighted a fuse in the pit of his stomach.

Law unsheathed his sword and stabbed the air multiple times. Each of the Straw Hats inhaled sharply when they felt the wind being knocked out of them. Then, Law sheathed his sword and took his plate out of the kitchen.

Sanji felt like he just got punched. That didn't make sense because he was just having an argument with Zoro. Thinking that the green haired swordsman punched him, he turned to his right to punch him back, when suddenly, it was Nami sitting where Zoro should've been.

"Eh? Nami-san?" Sanji gasped. He looked down at himself and realized he wasn't in his suit anymore, more like, he was in Usopp's clothes. "EHH?!"

"Dammit, why does my chest feel heavy," said Zoro. When he leaned forward, he felt an orange strand of hair fall over his shoulder. He grabbed the strand of hair, then looked down at himself...he couldn't see his bottom half because something was blocking his way. When he touched the thing that was blocking his view, he face suddenly felt warm.

"Zoro, is that you?" Zoro looked up to see Luffy, but his voice didn't fit his body. His voice sounded feminine. "Robin?"

"Shishishi! This is so cool! Guys I'm a raccoon! Chopper, how do you transform!" said Luffy.

"God, why do I feel sweat all over me. This is so gross!" said Nami, who was in Zoro's body. "Jeez, Zoro! Don't you ever take a shower?!"

"Mina-san, look at me! I have skin! Sanji-san, you're body is very muscular, if I might add, yohohoho!" said Brook. Usopp couldn't believe what he was seeing. One glance at his bony hands, literally, and he fainted to the ground from shock.

"Everyone, why are you all so small?" said Chopper. He looked down at himself, and immediately, his eyes were filled with sparkles. "I'm a robot!"

Franky examined himself. Other than his very exposed cleavage, his new body was too skinny for his taste. "Oi, Robin! Why don't you eat?! You're too skinny!"

"What the hell is going on?!" said Nami.

"That bastard, Law, switched us up again!" exclaimed Sanji.

"Get him to switch us back! Now!" Zoro demanded.

"No! No! I like this new body! Let's stay like this for a week!" said Luffy.


Where everyone is :

In Luffy's body: Robin

In Zoro's body: Nami

In Nami's body: Zoro

In Usopp's body: Sanji

In Sanji's body: Brook

In Chopper's body: Luffy

In Robin's body: Franky

In Franky's body: Chopper

In Brook's body: Usopp

...Hope I'm right lol