Pokemon Nazuroku

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"Dramor, are you read to go yet?"

"Almost, Mom!" Dramor finished packing a few more things for the trip to New Bark Town where he would be staying for the summer. His father was too busy to come along, but that was fine because he'd take care of all the Pokemon. He'd given Dramor almost every non-Legendary Pokemon at its base-form, including multiples for its different forms and future breeding.

Dramor picked up his Abra, looking at the many other Pokemon in the large field that had just about every terrain. "Sorry, guys. When I start my journey in three years we can start travelling." They all had been raised from Eggs, which his father seemed to have an endless supply of and often gave them away to those who were about to start their journey, usually because the Starting of that Pokemon region had been given away already. Any extras went to someone that Dramor didn't know the name of, and whenever he asked one of his parents they changed the subject.

Dramor carried his bags and Pokemon over to his mother. "I'm ready now. Alak, Teleport."

They disappeared and reappeared in a flash of light, almost instantly being transported from Viridian City to the middle of the much smaller New Bark Town. Dramor stared in fascination at the few changes the town had since he last been there. He didn't have a lot of time, though. A small Pokemon ran up to him, followed by a young girl. "Azurill!" she picked up the Pokemon. "Hi, Dramor."

"Azurill is still running away, Lyra?" Dramor joked lightly. Azurill had been the first Pokemon he bred, and Lyra being his at the time only friend, he'd given it to her when it was an Egg.

"It's getting better. Prof. Elm said he wanted to see you about something. It had to do with the Starter Pokemon. I said you talked about Pokemon strength and potential a lot, and he's curious about that."

Dramore looked up at his mother and she nodded, taking his things and Alak before walking towards the house they used every year.

Dramor played with the three Starter Pokemon, talking quietly to them. "Chikorita is a 75, Totodile is a 107- nice- and Cyndaquil…" his face fell, "is only a 36…."

Prof. Elm stared questioningly. "Is that good or bad?"

"Depends. If its future friends are a lot stronger, like 126s or so, that should help."

"And those numbers mean…?"

"How strong they are. Dad gave me really strong ones -137s- and he even has a 186!"

That… didn't help. "Okay Dramor… you can recall them now. Maybe you can show me some of the strong Pokemon later when I study them in the wild."

"Okay!" Dramor recalled Chikorita and Totodile, putting them in the machine that held the Pokeballs for new Trainers to choose them. "You'll get stronger soon, Cyndaquil…" he was just about to recall it when a window shattered and a boy wearing mostly black darted in, taking the two Pokemon and ran off. "I'll get them back! Let's go, Cyndaquil!" Dramor ran off.

The boy looked around, finding where he was safe. Whatever that kid had been talking about before, giving numbers to Pokemon, seemed important. He'd taken the strongest ones….

"Give them back!" Dramor ran up.

"And if I don't?"

"It's wrong to steal!"

"Kamen listens to no one," he sent out the Chikorita. "Razor Leaf."

"Ember!" Having battled and getting weakened on the way, the attack was powered up. It took the Pokemon out right away and Dramor was relieved to see it was fine even though it fainted.

Frustrated, Kamen recalled Chikorita and sent out Totodile. "Water Gun."

"Smoke Screen!" the flames on Cyndaquil's back flared, creating a black fog. "Ember!"

"Water Gun."

Cyndaquil flew back from the force into Dramor's arms, soaked but still able to battle, much to Dramor's relief. It ate the berry it held. "Ember again!"

"Water Gun!"

The water attack missed completely and Totodile collapsed. Once again Dramor was relieved the Pokemon was okay. Kamen recalled it, glowering. He threw Chikorita's Pokeball back. "According to you Totodile is a lot stronger…."

"You just let them get worn out?"

"You did the same."

"Not as much!"

Kamen began walking away. "Don't care," he stopped and began walking backwards.

A man wearing a pitch-black cloak came up. "Come with me, boy. Your abilities will be very useful to me." He sent out a Raticate. "Running away will only make things worse for you."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"It's a known fact those from Viridian tend to have special abilities."

"How did you-"

"Raticate, he's resisting."

Dramor ran in front of Kamen. "I don't care if Raticate is a 93, 56. Attacking people just to get what you want is wrong!" his eyes began to glow an icy-blue.

"So you're the one…."

Three years later…

Dramor woke up from his Cyndaquil, Cynders, repeatedly poking him. "What?"

"Quil!" Cynders jumped off the bed and pointed to a calendar on the wall. A big, red circle marked that day. Dramor was finally old enough to begin his journey…. Cynders jumped up and down, clapping. It then ran over by the window, jumping onto a chair and a table to let a Butterfree in. The butterfly was the first Pokemon Dramor had caught, as his father didn't give him a Caterpie Egg. Being a "170, 46", it was one of his most-used Pokemon.

Several hours later, Dramor was ready to leave to start his journey in Johto, promising he'd call his mother often. He had Blade, his male Ralts, Teleport him to New Bark Town. Prof. Elm greeted him.

"How is Cynders doing?" He allowed the Pokemon to stay with Dramor as a thank-you for getting the Chikorita back.

"Great! He's a 72, 12 now!"

"Um, wonderful. You remember Mr. Pokemon, don't you? He said ye found an amazing discovery for me. Could you go and get it for me? A few new Trainers are supposed to stop by today for their Starting Pokemon."

Dramor looked at the Pokemon. "They're all 93s. That reminds me," he sent out a Sneasle, "Dad said it can help guard against thieves. It's a 183, 57, so it's really strong." The Pokemon walked over to and leaned against the wall where it could see every possible entry inside of the Lab.

A beeping sound from a computer got Prof. Elm's attention and he went to check, letting Dramor know he could leave. Worry crossed his paling face just after Dramor left as he read the message. "Not again…."

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