Me: So this is my new story I'm writing along with Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb!

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: Hey guys this new story is called House of Anubis Gets Facebook!

Nina: *Walks in* so then when we got up to leave Patricia sprayed Orange Juice all over the guy

Patricia: Hey I had to do that! He was annoying me and you all know I don't like being annoyed!

Eddie: Unless it's me

Fabian: The guy's outfit is probably sticky now…

Amber: I'm glad Patricia did that his outfit was gross! News flash grey and green do not go together!

Alfie: I still think that's funny!

Jerome: It's not funny!

Mara: Because it was you…

Fabian: Patricia sprayed Orange Juice on Jerome? That makes it ten times hilarious!

Nina: *Turns to Face me* Hey Stella we're back! Who's that?

Me: This is Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb! And she is helping me with my new story House of Anubis Gets Facebook!

Mick: I don't get it did Patricia spray Orange Juice on Jerome or Spray Orange Juice on the guy?

Eddie: The guy is Jerome… I CALL THE WHIPPED CREAM!

Patricia: No you are not getting this! *takes can*

Eddie: NOOOOO!

Fabian: So who is Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb's character?

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: I'm going to play Alanna Mick's younger sister who comes to Anubis House

Mara: Okay and what about you Stella?

Me: I'm going to play Stella, Eddie's younger sister who is already staying at Anubis House!

Eddie: My younger sister? You can't convince anyone of that!

Me: You want me to pretend to be your Younger Sister for the day, because I so will!

Eddie: Okay you have to pretend to be my younger sister starting now!

Me: Gladly…

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: Okay… Alfie you want to do the disclaimer?

Alfie: Sure… House of Anubis does not belong to PeddieFabinaForever4 and Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb!

Me: Thank you!

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: Okay now it all began…

Stella's Point of View

So I heard that we have a new student coming here which means Mara gets to share with Patricia and Joy again, while I share a room with the newbie in the attic. All I know is that her name is Alanna and that she's coming here today... Right now we're moving all my stuff to the attic! Who knows how long that's going to take?

"God what do you have in here!" Eddie complained.

"Quit whining!" I said.

"Patricia a little help here?" Eddie asked. My brother Eddie and my sister Nina are helping me move my stuff upstairs along with Patricia and Fabian.

"In case you didn't notice Nina and I are moving the bed!" Patricia said. I sat down on the newbie's bed waiting for them to get my bed up here.

"Oh, and me and the newbie should be like best friends!" I said to Ash. "And then we should turn this room into a party room!" I said. Ash was helping Eddie move the things around.

After a few minutes they finally finished moving the things. I lay down on my bed. Eddie, Patricia, Fabian, and Nina we're sitting on the couch. Ash was sitting on the newbie's bed.

"Hey get off the newbie's bed!" I said to Ash. He didn't move so I grabbed one of my pillows and threw it at him. He fell on the floor.

"Haha! A pillow's stronger then you" Eddie said. Ash glared at me, and threw the pillow back. My eyes were closed, but I caught it with one hand.

"How?" He shouted. I shrugged and put the pillow back. Trudy came up to my room.

"Hey sweeties the new girl is here" She said. We all groaned and got up. I still laid on my bed.

"Someone carry me downstairs please!" I said. Eddie walked over and picked me up. He put me over his shoulder and carried me downstairs. "HEY LET GO THIS IS KIDNAPPING!" I screamed. When we got downstairs everyone said "Hi" to the new girl. Eddie still had me over his shoulder so I couldn't see. "TURN AROUND" I said to him. He turned around and I saw the new girl.

"Hi I'm Alanna" She said.

"Hi I'm Stella, and I'm being carried by my idiot brother!" I replied.

"I am not an Idiot" He replied.

"Said the dude who got kicked out of his last school" I replied. Alanna laughed. "If you became my best friend you would be laughing really hard right now" I said.

"Dude put her down" Ash said. Eddie put me down on the floor. I got up, and whacked his arm.

"Okay well allow me to do the introductions!" I said. Alanna nodded. I pointed to each person and said their name. "This is Ash, my friend, This is Nina, Fabian's boyfriend and my sister, This is Eddie, Patricia's boyfriend, Nina's twin, and my brother, This is Alfie, Amber's boyfriend, This is Patricia, Eddie's girlfriend, This is Joy, Patricia's friend, This is Jerome, Mara's boyfriend, This is Ma-" I said.

"Mara I know, I'm Mick's younger sister so I already know Fabian, Mara, and Amber" She replied. I nodded.

"Okay well let me show you where your room is" I said. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her upstairs to our room. I opened the door, and showed her around.

"Wow so this is my room" She replied.

"Correction this is our room... I'm your roommate!" I said. She nodded and sat down on the couch. "This is my bed, and that's your bed!" I replied.

"Okay thanks! It looks really cool" She replied.

"Eh, but we can make it better! Anyways I'm going to go on facebook!" I replied. I took out my laptop and turned it on. I went on facebook.

Alanna's Point of View

Yay! I'm so excited! I finally got the acceptance letter that I've been waiting for like forever! I'm going to a boarding school in Liverpool. I'm staying at Anubis House the same house that my brother stays at. This is going to be fun!

I walked down the path dragging my suitcase. I smiled as I walked up the steps of Anubis House. Flicking my blonde hair over my shoulder, I knocked on the huge, wooden door. A moment later a bubbly blonde opened the door and squealed!

"Alanna!" Amber said running over to me and almost knocking me over with her hug.

"Amber!" I replied hugging her back! I really like Amber and I was upset when her and Mick broke up. I like Mara but not as much as Amber.

"Come in meet everyone!" She squealed ushering me inside. I reached for my bags, but she swatted my hand away. "Nonsense! Mick get out here and take your sister's bags!" Amber said.

Mick poked his head out of his room, and scowled at me. He walked over and stood next to Amber. "She has two arms! She can take them herself" He said. Amber hit the back of his head.

"Carry them" She ordered pointing to the bags. I smirked, crossing my arms and tapping my foot expectantly.

"Yeah Mick! Carry our sister's luggage!" I said. He groaned and picked up my turquoise bags. We followed him inside. A lady with black, curly hair, and tanned skin came up to me.

"Oh dear you must be the newbie! Let me gather everyone!" She said excitedly. She went upstairs, and I looked around. A few minutes later everyone gather around me. A guy with spiky blonde hair was carrying a girl over his shoulder. The all said "Hi" to me.

"Hi!" I replied.

"TURN AROUND" The girl said. The guy with the spiky blonde hair turned around and I saw the girl's face. She had brown hair that went below her shoulder it was a bit curly at the end. She had brown eyes, and slightly tanned skin.

"Hi I'm Alanna!" I said.

"Hi I'm Stella and I'm being carried by my idiot brother!" She replied.

"I am not an Idiot" The guy said.

"Said the dude who got kicked out of his last school" She replied. I laughed she's a bit funny. "If you became my best friend you would be laughing really hard right now" She said looking at me.

"Dude put her down" A guy with blonde hair said. The guy put her down on the floor. She got up, and whacked his arm.

"Okay well allow me to do the introductions!" She replied. I nodded. She pointed to each person and said their name. "This is Ash, my friend, This is Nina, Fabian's girlfriend and my sister, This is Eddie, Patricia's boyfriend, Nina's twin, and my brother, This is Alfie, Amber's boyfriend, This is Patricia, Eddie's girlfriend, This is Joy, Patricia's friend, This is Jerome, Mara's boyfriend, This is Ma-" She said before I interrupted her.

"Mara I know, I'm Mick's younger sister so I already know Fabian, Mara, and Amber" I said to her. She nodded and shrugged.

"Okay well let me show you where your room is" She said. Before I knew it She grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs to my room. She opened the door, and showed me around. It was almost beautiful. My room was in the attic. I saw two beds! A purple princess type one with Zebra striped pillows and blanket, and another bed that just plain old white it was a princess type bed though. In the middle it had a red couch. The side with the purple bed was painted in Zebra stripes. The side with the plain white bed wasn't painted. The room had a pole in the middle the couch was in front of the pole.

There was a TV hanged up on the wall. It was adjusted well enough so you could see it from either side of the room. There was a closet behind each red curtain. I sat down on the couch.

"Wow so this is my room" I said.

"Correction this is our room... I'm your roommate!" She replied. "This is my bed, and that's your bed!"She said.

"Okay thanks! It looks really cool" I replied.

"Eh, but we can make it better! Anyways I'm going to go on facebook!" She said. She took out her Zebra striped laptop, and turned it on. I assume she went on facebook.

I went downstairs and got my bags. I took them upstairs and sat them down on my bed. I took out my phone, and got on facebook.

"Hey add me on facebook" Stella said. I nodded.

"What's your facebook name?" I asked her.

"Stella Miller" she replied. I searched her name and added her. I looked through her friend's list and added everyone that was in Anubis house.

Eddie HoagieLuver Miller and 10 others have accepted your friend request.

Alfie AlienCrazy Lewis: I can't find my fluffy taco!

I commented on his status update

Alanna TheSportyGirl Campbell: Have you ever seen a Rainbow Unicorn?

Stella Miller: OMG Yes! I have one!

Amber LUVSPINK Millington: OMG I'm in the common room with Patricia, Eddie, Fabian, and Nina. Which means Fabina and Peddie Moments!

Joy LuvsUnicorns Mercer: OMG take pics we need to make their 7th scrapbook!

Patricia Williamson: Gosh I'm leaving the room now! Away from Amber :D

Eddie HoagieLuver Miller: Sometimes I wonder what Victor does in his office

Stella Miller: Probably sings I'm Victor and I know it :O

Nina LuvsFabian Martin: How do you sing that song? Give the words to Victor and record him singing that :D

Stella Miller: I'll give you a sneak peek at the words:

When I walk in the room yeah this is what I see

Corbiere drops dead and is staring at me

I don't have muscles, and I am really weak

And I'm afraid to show it, show it, show it

I'm Victor and I know it!

Check it out

Roden, Roden, Roden, Roden, Roden, Marr

Roden, Roden, Marr, Marr, Marr!

It's a Victor version of I'm sexy and I know it

Jerome TheprankKing Clarke: You what would scar us for life?

Fabian GuitarCrazy Rutter: What?

Mara HitTheBooks Jaffrey: If we saw Victor singing I'm Sexy and I know it... and if he was dancing to that!

Patricia Williamson: I'm scarred for life now... *sits in corner, with knees up to chest whispering "scarred for life"*

Eddie HoagieLuver Miller: Great now you guys scarred my girlfriend for life!

I shrugged and looked on my friends list. None of my friends except for the Anubis House friends are online. I sighed and updated my status

Alanna Campbell: What does everyone at Anubis House do on facebook?

Nina LuvsFabian Martin: BE RANDOM!

Fabian GuitarCrazy Rutter: ASH STOP BITING MY GUITARS!

Stella Miller: ASH STOP BITING HIS GUITARS! *throws Ice Cream*

Ash Worth: *gets hit by Ice Cream*

Patricia Williamson: I'm gonna make some Fudge Brownie Cakes! Yay!

Stella's Point of View

I got off of facebook and started to text Ash.

Hey What u up 2?


I hit send and put my phone on my bed. I looked around for my headphones. After a long time I found them on my dresser. I grabbed them and plugged them into my phone. I put one of my earbuds in my ear and listened to music.

Let's see I'm bored so texting u


I smirked and replied back.

Seriously though Me calling you a mini verison of Burkely Duffield is a compliment because he's cute so in a I'm calling you cute


I hit send and looked at the screen. I stared at it with and my mouth fell open. I just said he was cute? Ewe!

So u think I'm cute?


I stared at the screen for a few seconds but I replied back.

No I said Burkely Duffield's cute!


I smirked and hit send. I went back to listening to music. I looked over at Alanna who was busy doing something. Probably emailing her friends or being on facebook. I saw that he texted me back.

Shut Up


I smirked and laughed. Alanna looked up from her laptop screen and looked at me. I shrugged and replied.

I hate you so much!


I went to my music library on my IPhone and changed the song to Bam by Miranda Cosgrove. My phone buzzed and it tickled. I looked at the text

U know u love me


I got angry and texted him back.

No I don't love you! I hate you!


I smiled and hit send. I went back to listening to Bam. I started to sing along. This is how I feel sometimes. I just don't know why!

You surprised me, hypnotized me
Found my weakness, then you creeped in
Took my heart then, oh you started
To make my whole world just explode

Bam, my life was changed
Bam, can't concentrate
Bam, I was okay
Until we met that day then
Bam, I am obsessed
Bam, can't get no rest

My phone buzzed and I read the text.

U soo love me!


I laughed and texted him back

You wish! Wateves g2g(got to go) byee


I smirked and texted him back. Just as I hit send Victor did his Pin drop speech. I groaned and walked over to the closet. It was big so you can change in it. Anyways I grabbed my hello kitty Pj's and tiptoed down to the girl's bathroom. I went inside and locked the door. I changed into my Pj's and brushed my teeth. I unlocked the door and tiptoed up to my room. I saw Alanna sitting on her bed doing something on her laptop. I shrugged and lay down on my bed. I saw that everyone was still on Facebook.

Patricia Williamson: Does anyone ever wonder what Victor is means by doing his pin drop speech.

I commented on it.

Stella Miller: Probably something like shut up and go to bed you brats so I can make out with Corbiere!

Joy LuvsUnicorns Mercer: OMG I heard that Victor proposed to Corbiere!

Amber LUVSPINK Millington: OMG Girls go to Stella and Alanna's room right now we need to plan the wedding! *Takes pencils, and binders*

Ash Worth: Which basically means Girl sleepover in Stella and Alanna's room…

I rolled my eyes and got off facebook. I heard a knock on the door. I groaned and walked down the stairs. I opened the door and saw all the girls standing there. I motioned for them to come in. They ran up the stairs. I closed the door went back upstairs. They were all sitting on the floor in a circle. The floor had purple carpet. Alanna and I sat down in the circle. We all started planing and soon enough we all fell asleep one by one by one...

Me: So not much of a funny ending...


Alfie: NOOOOO!

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: What was that all about?

Me: Who knows what goes on in Alfie's brain...

Amber: One place where no one dares to go!

Mara: Yeah but what about the book Titanic do you read that?

Joy: YES! I love that book!

Patricia: So then you just add the green sugar and try it!

Eddie: *shrugs, and eats a spoonful of ice cream* HOLY PANCAKES THIS IS GOOD!

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: Hey guys what's going on?

Patricia: Eddie's eating the Awesome Ice-cream Sundae I made!

Me: How do you make it?

Patricia: You need Strawberry, Vanilla, and chocolate flavored ice cream. Put it in a bowl, add chocolate syrup, little decorative stars, and green sugar!

Me: That sounds delicious!

Patricia: It is! *makes another bowl of Ice cream sundae* Try it!


Everyone: *Eats a spoonful* PATRICIA THIS IS AMAZING!

Patricia: Well I do kind of cook sometimes...



Me: Mee too!

Eddie: Quick let's say bye!




Jerome: NOO We have to say bye!

Amber: FINE!


Me: Don't forget to...

Joy: Wait what was it?

Me: I don't know I forgot!

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: Was it something like remember to eat Ice cream!

Me: That and something else!

Mara: OH I got it!

Girls ( except Mara ) : What is it?

Mara: I Forgot!

Me: Whatever Bye guys!

Purple-Tacos-R-Da-Bomb: Don't forgot to Eat Ice Cream!