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Chapter Six

It was late afternoon when my phone rang effectively interrupting our study/review session. To be honest I was quite thrilled my phone had rang I had had enough of studying but Tanya seemed as though she could go on for hours. After looking at my Caller ID I said, "It's my dad."

"Alright love, I'll give you two some privacy." Tanya responded and left the room, she was great at giving me my space. Which turned into a lot of space given her excellent hearing. Also she never watched me sleep; she would just putter around doing her own things, which I really appreciated. Alas time to face my dad. We hadn't talked hardly at all since I'd come up here for school. I was actually curious why he would be calling me.

I answered the phone, "Hello dad, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Hey Bella. I don't really know how to say this, so I'll just say it, your mom had a heart attack a few hours ago and well she, she didn't make it."

I swear my heart stopped. My world stopped. Sure my mom and I weren't that close but she was my mom. I opened my mouth to respond to Charlie but what happened instead is I started crying. After gathering a moment of courage I managed to make some sort of reply to my dad and he mentioned a funeral in Phoenix that he would meet see me at. I think he included some other details but my mind kept going over his earlier words, heart attack, didn't make it, mom.

Only when Tanya entered the room did I notice that Charlie had disconnected the call and I was holding a phone with a dial tone to my ear. She was immediately at my side asking me what was wrong but I couldn't seem to find my voice. Curse the privacy she always gave me, it would have been so much easier had she heard the conversation and all those details Charlie had included that I had missed.

Tanya gently removed my phone from my hand and switched it off. Then she asked me again what was wrong. I finally found my voice and uttered out the words: mom, heart attack, dead. Then the tears started coming more intensely. Tanya quickly pulled me into a comforting hug and she didn't really say anything. Which was awesome and probably a safe move on her part because I totally would have jumped down her throat for saying some nonsense like she was sorry or everything would be okay.

We stood curled up into each other for a while until my tears finally stopped. And when they did it was like my professionalism came back. I detached myself from Tanya and took a few deep breaths and started thinking about what needed to happen. "Okay I need to be on the first plane out of Alaska that can take me to Phoenix. Tanya would you mind driving me to the airport?"

"Of course Bella, whatever you need. Do you have enough money for a plane ticket?"

"Yeah I can put it on my credit card. Okay I'm going to call the airport, while I'm doing that would you mind driving me back to my dorm so I can grab some stuff?"

"Sure thing, let's go."

While Tanya drove I called the airport and by the time we were at my dorm I had a ticket booked that left in a few hours time. We quickly ran up to my dorm room and through some stuff together then we were back in her car speeding off to the airport. I got checked in, said goodbye to Tanya and went through security.

The flight was surprisingly direct from Alaska to Phoenix. Which was much appreciated. While flying I tried to keep my thoughts in check, I couldn't break down, not here on the plane. I ended up falling asleep at some point which isn't very surprising given how emotionally worn out I was. And I woke up when we landed in Phoenix. I quickly grabbed a taxi and after a while I was home. Though did it really count as home with Renee not there anymore? Now it was simply Phil's place.

I got to the door and hesitated, it was Phil's place did I have a right to just go in? I settled for ringing the doorbell just to be safe. Phil came and welcomed me inside. I smiled sheepishly as he told me to just use my key next time. He and I chatted for a bit, offered our condolences to each other that sort of thing. He told me the funeral would be the day after next to give people a chance to fly in. Which was a detail Charlie may have told me that I simply missed but oh well I was here now. After we talked for a bit we both went our separate ways, he went to do something and I went up to my old room.


The next few days passed in a crazy blur. Charlie arrived the day before the funeral and it was great to see him alive. I just moped around the house mostly that day. I really felt awful and drained and death just is depressing. The day of the funeral came and went pretty quickly. I'd been to a few and everything seemed pretty routine to me. Phil shared and I shared a little bit about mom, her quirky ways. But for some reason I couldn't bring myself to smile while remembering her I just can't explain what was going on in my head because I don't even understand it.

The day after the funeral we flew out of Phoenix. Dad and I had the same flight to Seattle then he got off and I continued on to Alaska. We sat beside each other on the plane and it was great. Most everyone would have assumed we sat in awkward silence but the silence wasn't awkward. There was beauty in the relationship I had with my dad.

When we got on the plane I was still mopey and depressed. But as we got further away from Phoenix and closer to Alaska my mood continually increased. So much so that even my dad noticed and commented on the fact, "I've never seen you so excited to get back to school Bella."

As he said the word school my face instantly fell, but he must not have seen it as he didn't comment. School, I had bad marks before that insanely important test that I had spent all weekend studying for only to miss because of the funeral. Aww man. But my dad did have a point I was excited to get back to Alaska… Tanya. She was the missing factor. I had been sad and depressed in Phoenix because I missed Tanya. And now that I was heading back and was going to see her in several hours I was excited. I loved her. It finally went off in my brain. I loved Tanya, she was my mate. I still hate that word, but that didn't change the fact we were meant to be. She was my future. My parents, Renee, Charlie, they were family but I'd outlive them by years and years with Tanya forever.

Somehow knowing this made it easier to let my mom go. I mean I still miss her but I would have only had a few more years with her before Tanya changed me and I probably wouldn't have been around her much because she lives in the sun and Tanya and the sun don't mix. And this trip has proven to me that I am in love with Tanya and that it hurts to be away from her. I wonder if it hurts her to be away from me? I only wish my mom had the chance to meet Tanya, I won't make the same mistake twice; I'll have to make sure my dad meets her soon. Perhaps I could convince Tanya to come home for Christmas with me.

After the revelation of my love for Tanya the rest of the flight seemed to take forever. Eventually we landed in Seattle and I said goodbye to my dad. And then after a few more hours we were finally in Alaska. And Tanya my love was picking me up at the airport.

When I saw her in the airport I immediately ran to her and pounced at her. My lips immediately found hers and I kissed her passionately. She was more than willing to go along and we had a pretty heavy make out session right there in the airport. Eventually we parted so I could breathe and then we got my luggage and found her car.

She was driving quite fast, but her house was quite a far ways away from the airport and it was taking too long. I wanted to declare my love for Tanya right there but I wanted her full attention, which she could argue she could give me while driving, but I didn't quite trust that. So I asked her to pull over somewhere, anywhere, didn't matter, I just wanted to talk for a minute. She looked concerned at me but complied and pulled off to the shoulder of the road.

"So what is so urgent that it can't wait until we get home?" Tanya asked.

"I love you!" I exclaimed. I had meant to say something more than simply that, but I was just too excited, and I wanted her to know. Tanya's face broke into a giant smile and she closed the distance between us and placed a brief kiss on my lips before pulling back and saying,

"I love you too darling." This made me smile even more than I was already smiling.

"I realized it while away. It hurt to be gone from you Tanya, and I missed you dearly and I spent my time away depressed not because my mom had died, that caused some sadness. But because you weren't around. I never want to be away from you again."

"And you won't be."

With that said Tanya pulled back onto the road, our hands clasped together and resting on the center console.

And they drove off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.

Author's Note: So that is the end. Not how I originally planned on ending it, but for personal reasons I cannot continue writing this story. I think it ended well though, they are in love and driving off into the sunset, it was either that ending or my friend's suggestion that they die of laughter. Please review.