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Summary: Bella tires of people breaking their promises and moves back home to Arizona back to her Pack. 5 years later Bella returns with some of her pack mates to watch Bella's father get married to Nihau Meraz one fo the La Push wolves mother secrets are revealed, friendships tested and lost and much more.

Bella's POV

Having Jake break his promise hurt me damn near ended me he was my best friend he promised to always have my back but just like that he broke it what a great friend he is right? I spent a good portion of that day wondering what his problem was but then I finally settled on saying fuck him so I called Billy asked him to make sure Jake wasn't there when I went to get my bike told him I was dropping the truck off that I didn't want it and that he could just pay Charlie back his money for the damn thing. I wanted nothing to remind me of Jake it was time I moved on from both Cullen and Jake I tried to be normal for my dad he could never fully accept that I was born Intersex the one thing I loved about Renee was that she loved me fully not just when I was pretending to be a female now my mother isn't creepy or perverted but she loved my cock not in that way perv but in the since that I was different that I was moreā€¦I guess special she would always tell me how extraordinary I was. Coming to Forks was a mistake leaving the Pack was a mistake but we all are given a year to leave after a year and a half if you haven't come back they basically accept that you've decided to be normal and live a human life over time your wolf begins to fade I hear it's a very painful thing to have happen to you. Charlie has let his wolf begin to die its one of the reasons me and him never got on he wanted me to allow my wolf to fade and I told him no I loved my wolf we got on but even for a wolf I was still pretty different.

Our pack works differently then any other pack ever we have packs within one giant pack we are originally from Ireland but we moved to Arizona in the summer of 1914 I would have been a few centuries at the time. We have different levels of rankings its more like a community more than anything most of us are born into our own pack which is usually our family and as we grow we chose a job that fits our skills or if your lucky like me and a handful more you are immediately put in a pack once you've gotten out of your pup stages.

The pack that I belong to is called 'Mionlach Nua Gealach' which simply means 'Elite New Moon' in Irish even though my pup years have been over for some time me and my pack just recently decided to take our year off to see if there is anything out there that could compete with home so far all of us have returned home or told the Elders of our coming home the only one yet to decided whether she wants to return or not is Santana it is rumored that she had finally found her mate in a girl from Lima named Brittany who is also a wolf.

The difference between us and the Quileutes is that we are actual wolves our wolves aren't spirits they cannot be ripped from us they are us I guess we are closer to the Children of the Moon then the Shape Shifters our ancestors lived in a town in Ireland our holy land one night a fight happened between 2 wolves near the lake we got our water from the bigger one was killed by the smaller one and left to bleed out in the water we didn't know until it was too late the oldest phased when they grew angry but us younger ones became ill some even died trying to fight off the virus our entire village had been infected with the virus but we didn't see it as a curse it was a blessing we were able to hunt faster we stopped dying from starvation we were able to protect our people better. Over time some of the wolves began to want to power over peace and they were banned from our home it was as if their wolves became crazed we lost many in that war.

My return home was celebrated soon my pack will be whole and I will be reunited with my beloved Annalynne.

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