Full Summary: With a father who's a singer, a mother who's a movie star, and an older brother Alfred who's the lead vocalist for the super-popular band 'Hetalia', Matthew Bonnefoy- an otaku college student- is the only dull one born into this super famous and talented family. He loves "Magical Boy Kumajiro" and is working hard to become a mangaka, but one day he winds up appearing in a TV commercial he just can't turn down. There, he's reunited with Gilbert Beilschmidt, the super-popular young actor he costarred with on a project ten years prior.

Pairings: PruCan, France x Jeanne, UsUk and any others I decide to add.

Italics is Mattie as the Narrator; words or phrases between [these] are from the TV, a Text, or a phone call; underlined is thoughts… and I have nothing for bold so far… Oh! And for sake of the story and to not confuse any new fans to either Love Stage or Hetalia, Matthew's family (France, Jeanne, and America) all have the same last name.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or Love Stage. I wish I did though Spain's hot and Izumi is adorable! …. Ahem… on to the story…

It all started 10 years ago….

"What? The flight was cancelled and the little girl we cast can't make the shoot?" cried the director as he received the last minute notification from his assistant.

When I was taken to where my parents were filming a commercial.

"Do we have any girls in the audience? What do we do? Everyone's standing by!" He cried as the make-up artist finished the last minute changes to my mother's make-up.

"There's no way we can find an extra in time!" screamed the director's assistant.

"A little girl huh…" mumbled my mother as she looked at me. "Ah! Director, how about my son? Though he's a boy…"

"OH!" The next thing I knew, my suit was ripped off and I was in a light pink flower girl's dress with my hair in twin-tails… I was so embarrassed I was tearing up.

"How adorable!" squealed the woman that had done my make up.

"Nice! This just might work!" the director smiled happily.

It was my first time on set, so I was super nervous… And on top of it I had to dress up like a girl…

"Okay! Let's go over the program! After you catch the bouquet when the bride throws it, smile at the little boy next to you, 'kay?"

I was having an UTTER MELTDOWN.

"Let's have the boy come in now!"

"Good morning! You're the girl who's my partner today, huh? Let's have a good time!" The young albino was kind…

"Guhh…" I couldn't form any sentences; I was trembling and about to cry.

"Okay! Let's get the shoot done!"

And Then I…

"And scene in 3… 2… 1… And – START!"

Then I…

Church bells rung and my parents, as the bride and groom, walked out of the church hand in hand to a rain of flower petals… and then my mother threw the bouquet … I tried to catch it, like the nice lady told me to, but the beautiful bouquet landed at my feet as my arms were stretched out to catch it.

"Cut! Cut!" yelled the director. I failed. I was overwhelmed.

The little albino boy, who was forced in a black wig and brown contacts, noticed that I had started shaking and was about to ask if I was okay when he noticed the small puddle at my feet…

"Uwaah! Is the outfit all right?" Asked the director's assistant as he came towards us.

"UWAAH! UWAAHH!" I cried my little eyes out.

"Get a towel!"

I was completely traumatized by that…

An annoyed Matthew woke up to the sun shining on his face.

"Ugh. Why did I have that dream now of all times?" he asked himself as he sat up and put on his glasses.

It's been 10 years since then. I vowed to never again step into that world… became more and more introverted...

"Good morning Kumajiro! Cute as ever today!" he smiled at the poster of a small boy with polar bear ears and tail in a black and white sailor outfit on his wall. He had a bookshelf full of figurines of the anime show.

And blossomed into a full-fledged OTAKU! My name is Matthew Bonnefoy and I just entered university this year.

Matthew quickly dressed in light blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a red long sleeved platted shirt. "Good morning." He mumbled to his mother and father as he sat down for breakfast.

"Ah! There he is! It's him!" squealed his mother. Matthew turned towards the TV to see the man in the car commercial.

["I breeze down the road and through life… together with this guy,"] the young actor walked up to a black new car.

"The popular young actor Gilbert Beilschmidt!" said Mrs. Bonnefoy.

["The Toma Grazie."] The TV continued.

"He's really on fire these days! And super sexy! Hey dear," she said as she turned to smile at her husband. "I really want to perform with him."

This is my mother, Jeanne Bonnefoy. She's a model -turned- actress.

"I'm sure Arthur will be able to pull something off!" he smiled at her.

And this is my father, Francis Bonnefoy. He's a musical- actor- turned- singer, and full French. He's also the president of our family agency, "Bonnefoy Productions".

"Please show some restraint sir. Gilbert Beilschmidt has absolutely no free time right now!"

This person (with the large eye-brows) is Arthur Kirkland, in charge of management at BonnPro. He's like part of the family. And then…

"Ah! Look! Look! It's Alfie!" cheered Jeanne as she pointed to the TV.

Standing there on the television as if he belongs there, is Alfred Freedom Bonnefoy… my 7- years- older brother. He's the lead vocalist for the rock band 'Hetalia'. That's right… we're a show-biz family. (Apparently Grandpa starred in Hollywood musicals and Grandma was a dancer…) Well all but me.

"By the way, Matthew! Are you going to that voice trainer I introduced you to?" Asked Jeanne as she returned her attention to her son currently eating at the table.


"Oh! And Im Yong Soo said you're welcome to come get dance lessons whenever!" Said Francis from the other side of the table.


"You're 18 now! You can't keep going on about anime all the time anymore!" exclaimed Jeanne.

"Oops! Would you look at the time?" Matthew said as he stood abruptly. "I'm off!"

"Ah! Don't run off!" She cried after her son as he dashed away. "I hope that boy will be ok in the future. He's a bit otaku-ish…"

"Not a bit, he IS one." Stated Arthur from behind Jeanne as his text messaging was cut off to a phone call coming in.

"Yes this is Arthur from BonnPro. Ah. Thank you for your business… eh? '10- year anniversary'? Ah. Oh, well yes… but… EH? Gilbert Beilschmidt? … It seams that performance with Gilbert Beilschmidt may actually happen." He said looking at Jeanne who had joined her husband to leave for work for the day.

"Eh? Seriously?" She smiled as she turned her head slightly to look at him.
"Well speak of the devil!" laughed Francis at the news.

"But before that can happen there's one huge hurdle to over come." Noted Arthur.

"And so with this formula, we see…" Matthew really should have paid attention to the lesson instead of drawing in his notebook… this was going to be on the midterm….

Geez. Everyone's so worked up over singing and dancing. I'm just not suited for that kind of stuff!

I've realized something recently. Imagine there's a door leading to the entertainment world… but it's hard to find, and no matter how hard you try, it just won't open… unless you have family who are already in the business. Then it opens all too often.

I actually was in a commercial 10 years ago… and since then, I've nearly been dragged into the entertainment world countless times. But… I'm sorry! I don't want to be in show business! And anyways, it's impossible for a loner otaku like me to join the entertainment world!

Besides, I have other things I want to do with my life! That's right! My dream is… to become a mangaka who draws awesome series like 'Kumajiro'!

… Hmmm somethings off… what is it? Matthew asked himself as he studied the chicken-scratch drawing on his paper. Okay! I'm definitely gonna get the draft to submit for my manga finished today! Thought Matthew as he walked into the Manga Research Club.

"Oh Mattie. The new issue of Yong-K is out." Informed Matthew's Italian friend, Lovino Vargas.

"Seriously?" exclaimed an excited Matthew as he sat next to Lovino and a young man from Hong Kong, Xiang Li. In less than 2 hours Lovino, Xiang, and Matthew read more than 4 manga magazines each.

"Okay. See ya tomorrow!" Waved Katyusha Braginski, Matthew's busty friend from the Ukraine, who arrived late to the Manga Research Club. She had arrived late due to her having to retrieve her younger sister, Natalia, from stalking their older bother Ivan at band practice.

Crap. All I wound up doing was reading manga today… but I don't really know how to go about putting together a storyboard… Thought Matthew as he walked down the streets to his house. I'll just work harder later.

"I'm home" he mumbled as he she gently shut the door behind him to take off his shoes at the entrance.

"Welcome back!" called Arthur as he walked up to meet him. "We've been waiting for you, Matthew."

"Indeed!" smiled Jeanne and Francis from behind Arthur. Matthew automatically tensed up.

"An offer to be in a commercial?" Shouted a shocked Matthew. "Who? ME? What the hell are you talking about? Are you all crazy?"

"Indeed we are not. There's a reason behind this offer… please watch this." Arthur said as he pressed the on button on the TV remote.

[Church bells rung as a beautiful bride and groom walked out of the church to a rain of flower petals. The camera angle changed to show a sky view of the bride as she threw her bouquet. The camera shot changed again to a young shocked flower girl in a light pink dress and twin tails as she caught the bouquet in her hands. She turned to the right to smile and laugh with a young ring boy. "No matter the age, hold your wonderful ceremony at the new 'Happy Wedding'!" advertised a woman's voice at the end of the commercial as a phone number showed on screen.]

"This is from 10 years ago?" asked a flustered Matthew as it ended.
"Exactly! The sponsor of this commercial, 'Happy Wedding', is celebrating its 10th year of business by filming another commemorative TV spot. And the concept is '10 years later'." Stated a strict looking Arthur.

"Wait a minute! But, that doesn't mean I actually have to be in it right? If you just find a girl that sorta looks like me..."

"I thought the same actually," Sighed Arthur as he rewound the tape a bit. "The problem is this…"

"Hm? The boy that played my partner?" Asked Matthew as he saw the paused smiling face of the ring boy.

"We've confirmed that this young boy is the heart-throb, Gilbert Beilschmidt. The sponsors are thrilled."


"And the condition of the famous Gilbert Beilschmidt accepting this commercial offer, is that they don't change the casting from 10 years ago."

"B-but it's not like he's got any way to check that it's really me… someone else could…"

"However, Mr. Beilschmidt remembers that the child who played the girl's part had strangely colored eyes apparently." Matthew, having deep blue almost purple eyes, was screwed. "Further more, Jeanne is overjoyed that to decline now, well… please accept the offer."

"Yahoo! Yaay! Acting with Gilbert!" Cheered a blushing excited Jeanne from behind Arthur.

"Isn't that great Jeanne?" Smiled Francis.

"Wait just a minute! Aren't you forgetting? I'm a BOY!" Matthew cried as he pointed to himself. "10 years ago I was a Kid and could fool them, but now…"

"No problem! With your short stature and skinny figure, you'll definitely pass!" Arthur said giving him the thumbs up after placing a hand on Matthew's head while the other patted his chest area.

"SHUT-UP!" Cried an embarrassedly angry Matthew. "Ah geez! I'm going to sleep!"

"Please wait! This commercial could be your big break into show business and…"

"I already told you! I want nothing to do with showbiz! There's no way I can go in front of people and perform anything!"

"Then what exactly do you plan on doing in the future? You go to a third-rate college, and you're a gloomy otaku who can't talk to anyone! At this rate you won't even be able to be a simple office worker!" Arthur was nearing the end of his rope.

"I'm… I'm going to become a manga artist…!"

"A manga artist!" Snapped Arthur. "There's no way you'll become an artist with that crappy art that looks like you drew it with your left hand, let alone… your life will be ruined!"

"… Crappy art…?" trembled Matthew as fresh tears welled up to his eyes.


"Stupid, stupid, stupid Arthur! I'll never ever do your commercial!" Matthew literally cried as he ran out of the room. "Just go die, Arthur!"

"Oh man, I said everything I was thinking." Arthur mumbled as he shook his head unbelieving.

"Awww, but what's going to happen with Gilbert?" whined Jeanne. "No, no, nooo! I want to perform with HIM!"

"There, there Jeanne. I'm sure Artie will think of something!" Smiled Francis as he tried to calm his wife down. Arthur's jaw dropped. How did they expect him to fix this? "Right? Artie?"

"I guess there's no other option… I don't like owing people, but… I'll just ask that guy…" he told himself as he tapped the keys of his phone to send someone a quick text message.

Meanie! Meanie! Meanie! Arthur's just too MEAN! I might not be very good at drawing right now, but as long as I keep at it, I'll improve! Someone said that once, I think. Matthew's pencil scratched and scratched as he continued to scribble in his notebook during his class. See! I did it! A masterpiece!

"… Wait, there might be something wrong with it." Matthew's so bad at drawing; he can't even tell what's incorrect.

I joined the manga club since I thought it might teach me more about becoming a manga artist… but I haven't gotten any better at all, or drawn even one comic idea to submit. Kumajiro… the door to your world is still so far away…

Matthew was forced out of his thoughts as someone screamed.

"What going on? Is that next door?" the professor thought out loud.

"It's getting closer!" Noticed a student behind Matthew. At that moment the door to the classroom slammed open to reveal a tall blonde young adult in fashionable clothes, a black bag hanging off his left shoulder, and black sunglasses.

"Now let's see…" mumbled the stranger as he looked around the shocked faces as he removed his sunglasses.

"It's Alfred from 'Hetalia'!" cried a girl from the back of the class.

"No way! Alfred!" The girls and boys that sat near him started growing excited.

"Wai—why?" exclaimed a confused Matthew as he stood up.

"Ah! Found you, Mattie!" Alfred cheered as he tackle- hugged his younger brother.

"What? What? Who's that?" asked his classmates. Remembering that his brother was famous, Matthew grabbed his brother's wrist and dragged him out of the room.

"Over here!" he hissed as they made their way out.



"What just happened?" asked a classmate.

"Candid camera?" suggested another.

"Aww, I wanted his autograph!" whined a fan from the front of the group.



"Alfred! Why are you at my college? What did you come for anyway?" interrogated Matthew as he glared down at his older brother who was currently sitting in the shade.

"Come on, I came to see you bro!" He responded lovingly.

"You could have just waited at home!"

"Well, I kinda skipped work so I'm strapped for time… then I had to check a bunch of class rooms…"
"Why do things that make you stand out so much? You're not even wearing a disguise!"

"I did so! Sunglasses! But they still found me out… Guess it can't be helped. It's … what do they call it? My AURA! I can't help emitting it!" Alfred said as he stood and brushed some of his hair out of his eyes angering Matthew.

"So! By the way, Mattie…"

"No way." Was Matthew's immediate response.

"… But I haven't even said anything yet."

"I already know what you want! Arthur asked you to come, didn't he?" Matthew asked turning around angrily.

"Oh my… found out, huh? Then let's get to the point: You should do the commercial! You're freaking adorable! You should totally be on TV more, in my opinion!"

"You… you're just biased! Geez!" Matthew was still pissed as he refused to look at his brother.

"Of course, I wouldn't ask you to do it for free. If you do this gig, I'll give you this super-rare alarm clock!" Alfred said excitedly as he took out an old-fashioned alarm clock from the bag he was carrying.

"Huh?" Matthew was unimpressed. "Alfred, are you making fun of me? You think I'll sell out for an alarm clock in this day and age?"

"Mwahahahaha!" Alfred laughed evilly. "Listen and be amazed! Press this button and…"

["Mattie! Good morning! Feed me! Feed me! Pancakes Pancakes!"] Came a small child's voice as Alfred pressed the small red start button.

"K-Kumajiroooo!" cheered Matthew as his brother lifted the alarm clock out of his reach.

"Haha! I asked someone with an in with Kumajiro to get you a recording for your own personal alarm clock. There are lots of different messages in here," started Alfred as he looked down at his brother. "So if you want it..."

"I'll do it! I'll do the commercial!" Matthew said very excited. "And if you think about it, a wedding dress is basically like cosplay! I've always wanted to cosplay!"

"I see, I see. There's a good boy. Here you go!"

"Yay! Thank you Alfie!"

It's fine. Just this once… It's for Kumajiro after all…

"You sure do like Kumajiro, Mattie. Who do like better? Him or me?" Asked Alfred.


That's right… At that time, I didn't know anything. To think that this commercial would do a complete 180 on my life…

Elevator doors opened to a young man with dark black hair and his manager, a woman with long brown hair with a pink flower in it, as fans screamed out his name almost like a chant.

"Ah! There he is!" Cried a fan.

"Look over here!" another cried.

"Please don't shove!" Screamed a police officer trying to keep fans from tackling the young star.

"Don't push!" screamed his partner.

"GILBERT!" At his name, Gilbert tuned to smile and wave to his fans before climbing into the car.

"He smiled at me!"

"No, at me!"



"Man, I'm beat…" Sighed Gilbert as he took off the black wig he was forced to wear at all times. His manager had told him that his fans would decrease if he ever revealed his snow-white hair and red eyes. "I'm going to take a nap, so don't wake me up."

"Alright." Said his the young manager as she drove. "Oh! That's right!"

"What?" he asked angrily from being woken from his nap.

"We got the okay on that commercial."

"Really?" he asked leaning towards the front of the car.


"I see… so at long last…" he flipped open his phone to reveal a photo of the young flower girl from the commercial 10 years ago. "We'll get to meet again…"

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