Hi guys. This isn't a chapter, but it is to let you know that I'm NOT going to be continuing this fic. I feel like I'm cheating myself and the author of the manga. I apologize to anyone who actually wanted me to continue, and I hope you can understand why I have decided to do this. It was fun getting to know some of you through your comments, and I hope you guys will read the original manga. The manga is currently on Act 19. It would have been interesting to see how Mattie would have turned out as a star, but Matthew and Izumi aren't that different. So go read the manga.

I will still write fanfictions. I watched Free! Iwatobi Swim Club over the summer, and I have some ideas for some fics for Rintori and MakoHaru… so…. Keep an eye out if you like those ships.

Until Next Time, Loves~