Author's Note - I'm close to finishing one of my LOTR stories and this quirky character popped into my head. It's different, she's not like my other character, she's human, no powers, just a regular girl. I've got a chapter and a half so far, and I like where this is headed. I hope that you all will find her likable too. Please note I do not own any of the Boondock Saints characters, just my OC. I haven't made up my mind yet if this will have a romance or not. Please read and review, thank you!

She sat at the cold metal table, her right leg tapping nervously. The room was artificially bright and it shined right in her eyes. The room was plain and unfeeling; the detective who entered was tall and thin. His thick brown hair was cropped short and neat. His eyes were kind as he looked at this beaten girl, her face bruised, nose broken and the fresh blood which was dark red, slowly made a river down her perfect bow lips and dripped onto her dingy white tank. Her green eyes were dim and one could see she was broken; the fresh bruise on her eye was yellow and purple in some places. Her lip was split and dry, she had refused any water. Her short red hair hadn't been washed in a few days. Her left leg was pulled up to her chest and she was visibly shaking. This poor girl had been through hell and back, the detective was surprised she was still conscious.

The kind faced detective pulled out the metal chair and it scraped the floor loudly. The girl jumped out of her chair and screamed at the sound. Duffy reacted to her scream but calmed himself, "Hey, hey Quinn," he said his hands where she could see them, "You're fine, you're safe. You're in the police station. I promise nothing is going to happen to you here," his voice was loud but composed and steady. Tears ran down Quinn's face making tracks, she nodded absently and slowly sat back down. "Are you sure you don't want some water, coffee, soda?" the young detective asked. He was met with a blank stare and a shake of her head. This was a far cry from the strong willed woman he had met just a few weeks ago. She was destroyed, seemingly lost everything, thrashed within an inch of her life. "I need to ask you some questions," he started slowly, "Just answer as best as you can. I'll start with some easy ones ok?" She nodded again, Duffy flipped open his notepad and pressed record on tape player, "What's your name?"

Quinn cleared her throat; it was as dry as the Arizona desert and swallowed hard, "Quinn Victoria Cavanaugh," her voice was quiet and she choked out her name.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-two," she responded a bit stronger this time.

"What year is it?"

"1998, are you testing for a concussion? They already did that in the hospital," she tried to smile but her dry lips split further. She licked the split and tasted the blood from her nose, it was dried and metallic. She looked at Duffy, "I'll take that water now."

He nodded, "Greenly," he called and the goofy but sweet detective popped his head in the interview room with a bottle of water and tossed it to Duffy and then he passed it to Quinn. She fumbled with the top and Duffy opened it for her, "Here ya go," he said quietly.

"Need anything else," Greenly asked it was hard for him to look at her in this state.

Duffy shook his head and the tall detective left, "No, I'm not testing for a concussion. Just trying to get the easy questions out of the way," he gave a kind smile but it still had some awkwardness to it.

Quinn nodded, "Let's just skip to the end please," she said taking a swig of water.

"Ok, tell me how you met the MacManus brothers," he asked his voice still steady but noticed she became more present when he mentioned the Irish twins.

Connor and Murphy, there were two unlikely heroes. Quinn smiled, as a flash of their faces popped in her mind. Connor's smile, Murphy's laugh; her smiled dimmed a bit and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. She inhaled deeply and then let it out sharply, raised her eyes to Duffy and began, "I met them, where you meet any Irish guy, in a bar," she laughed ruefully and Duffy smiled, "McGinty's, just a few blocks from my apartment. I wandered in one day about a year ago to use the phone to call work. Got fired on that phone for the first time and Connor bought me a drink to cheer me up. Ended up staying until closing, talking with these really nice guys and their friend…" she paused as she saw Rocco's face, bloody and bruised then how the light in his eyes went out as he died in front of her. Quinn lowered her head and said another prayer for him.

"Take your time, hon. We're in no rush," Duffy reassured.

She cast her green eyes up at the detective again and continued, "Rocco. It wasn't until I started working at the bar that things got crazy. It was last June and as usual I was running late. Running joke in my family," she rolled her eyes, "Q would be late for her own funeral, didn't really get the punctual gene from the parents. Even being an army brat." That got a laugh out of Duffy. She continued, "Missed the bus and went to the bar to call my employer, got fired again, when Doc offered me a job. It was during those months that I really got to know the boys and they got to know me."

Duffy was furiously jotting down his short hand notes while the tape recorded everything. "How well did you know them," he asked still writing.

"It's hard to explain how well. In some cases not well enough, in others too well. But there was a family bond formed and we loved each other fiercely," Quinn continued talking but her mind drifted off to the first real conversation she had with the brothers.