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Gai strode through Konoha, pride in his step. Today was the day that he was going to beat Kakashi, his eternal rival. He could feel it! Now, if only he knew what to challenge Kakashi to this time. If I can't think of a challenge by noon, I will hop on one foot up to the top of Hokage monument and back down five times! Gai thought long and hard. The first idea that came to his mind was to challenge Kakashi to a battle, but he had already done that. Repeatedly. And the result was always the same. Gai could never beat Kakashi's sharingan, no matter how youthful he was feeling.

He wandered the streets, trying to dredge up an idea from his brain. But his thoughts were interrupted by youthful calls he recognized as Naruto's. The boy had a youthful voice and attitude. Now if only he would wear a youthful green jumpsuit. Gai couldn't understand why others made faces and strange comments about it. He was sure that if Kakashi wore one people would think it was "cool." Hmm, maybe he could make up a challenge involving his beloved bodysuit. His thoughts were interrupted once more by "youthful cries."

"Hey, Choji! I bet I can eat more bowls of ramen than you!"

"Ha ha! I can eat way more than you!"

"Yeah? Whoever has the most empty bowls at the end wins!"

Gai's eyes lit up. He could challenge Kakashi to a ramen-eating contest!

Kakashi was enjoying his time off. There was a light breeze, and Icha Icha was as good as ever. He sighed contentedly as he turned the page, only to have the tranquility of his day shattered. "My eternal rival! Let us prove our youthfulness with another challenge!" Gai cried, smiling from ear to ear and holding out a thumbs up.

Kakashi sighed again, dejectedly. Was it really too much to ask for, one day of peace with no shouts about youth or crazy challenges?

Gai continued, oblivious to his rival's lack of enthusiasm. "I challenge you to a ramen eating contest! The person with the most empty bowls wins!"

Kakashi smirked. This was going to be easy. "You're paying." He informed the exuberant ninja.

"Of course! Now, let us prove our youthfulness!"

They arrived at Ichiraku's, and explained to the owner to keep the bowls coming. Gai raised his chopsticks in salute to Kakashi before plunging them into the noodles and practically inhaling them. Kakashi dug in at a more leisurely pace, sure that he would win. After all, Gai had said that the person with the most empty bowls was the winner right? He had never said anything about the person who ate the most bowls of ramen being the winner. Instead of stuffing himself, Kakashi ate his fill, then proceeded to transform chopsticks into empty bowls.

In the end, Kakashi was pleasantly full, and had one more empty bowl in his teetering stack than his rival, who was looking a little green in the face. "You win again." Gai said, rather unenthusiastically. Kakashi patted him on the back. "Why don't you pay, then we can go to the hospital. I'm sure they'll have something for your stomach."

Kakashi inwardly shook his head as he half carried his rival to the hospital. Would Gai never learn to stop challenging him to these ridiculous competitions? Unfortunately, he knew the answer. Probably never. Kakashi had a brief vision of Gai as an old man, his hair white with age, leaning on a cane, still proclaiming the wonders of youth and challenging him win the competition this time. Sigh.

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