A/N: There is an OC in this chapter, and he will be in a few chapters. Before you all jump down my throat for adding an OC, if there had been a transgender canon character in Naruto who could have helped Kakashi, I would have used that character. But Raion will only be in a few chapters, and only to help with the Kakashi plot. Then he will be gone.

Kakashi took a steadying breath before opening the door. Going out in public made him anxious now, he didn't want anyone to see him as he was now. He almost turned back before he got completely out of the door, but steeled himself. He was Kakashi the master of a thousand jutsu, and even if he couldn't perform any jutsu at the moment, he wasn't a coward. He didn't run from things. He made his feet march him out of the building and down the street, blissfully unaware that the reason that few people were in the streets was less due to luck, and more due to the fact that Gai, or Konoha's Youthful Orange Beast, as he had taken to calling himself, was making a scene halfway across the village, and people were flocking there to watch. A few minutes later Kakashi was skirting the hospital building, heading around to the greenhouse at the back, where he was supposed to meet Raion, who was apparently a civilian gardener who grew the medicinal plants for the medics of Konoha. Why Sakura though a civilian gardener could help him, Kakashi had no idea. At least, Kakashi thought with a wry smile, the civilian wouldn't be scared of him, like civilians normally would be. The copy ninja didn't look very intimidating at the moment.

As Kakashi opened the door of the greenhouse, a man turned, grinning widely. "Ah, you must be Kakashi. Nice to meet you, I'm Raion."

Kakashi carefully examined the man in front of him. The man was on the short side, no more than 5'4", and had a slightly stocky build. He was well muscled for a civilian, but didn't have the posture of a fighter. His posture was relaxed, his open face smiling. Kakashi couldn't detect the presence of any weapons, and he relaxed slightly.

"So Sakura-san told me about you, I guess you could use a hand. I've never met anyone who was born in the right body, then got stuck in the body of the opposite sex, but I can help you look more like a guy again."

Kakashi looked skeptical. "And how do you know how change my looks?" The copy nin tried to cross his arms over his chest, but flinched when his arms came in contact with the breasts that weren't supposed to be attached to his chest.

Raion gave a startled short laugh. "Sakura-san didn't tell you?"

Kakashi raised an eyebrow. "Obviously she didn't, or I would know what you were talking about."

"Fair point. I was a patient of Sakura-san's a few years ago. In fact, I was her first transgender patient."

"So you're a girl who was born a guy?"

Raion laughed again. "No, I'm a guy, but when I was born, the medic said 'It's a girl.'"

Kakashi studied the man in front of him. Raion's shirt hung straight down from collarbone to waist without getting caught on any curves on his chest. There was even a bit of stubble on the shorter man's chin. "You don't look like a girl."

"I'm not a girl, but people used to think I was, and they had me pretty convinced I was one for a while."

"I don't believe that you can teach me to grow stubble and make my breasts magically disappear."

"No, I can't. That would take longer than a month, and the intervention of medics. But I can help you appear less feminine in other ways. But I can't make you accept my help. Do you want me to teach you?"

Kakashi thought for a moment, then shrugged. "Maa, I guess a lesson wouldn't hurt."

"First things first, how would you feel about a haircut?"

An hour later the two men were back at Kakashi's apartment so that the copy nin could get his hair spray and an eye patch. When he stepped back out of the bathroom, he looked a little more like his normal self. His body was still voluptuous, and his clothes fit badly, but his hair was back to being short and spiked straight up, and he was wearing a mask and an eyepatch.

"Feel a bit more like yourself, Kakashi-san?" Raion asked rhetorically.

Kakashi nodded anyways.

"How would you feel about flattening your chest?"

"I'd like that."

"Do you have a tape measure around here somewhere?"

"No, why?"

"I can't make you a binder if I don't know how big to make it."

"What does organizing papers have to do with flattening my chest?"

"Not a three-ring-binder. A chest binder. It's a special article of clothing that will flatten your chest. Why don't we go to my place, I have a tape measure, and all of my other sewing stuff is there anyways."

Kakashi shrugged. He was warming up to the other man a little. It was still disconcerting how cheerful the gardener was, but Kakashi could put up with it if the other man really had a way to flatten his chest.

"If you don't want me to measure you, take the tape measure into the bathroom and write down you measurements." Raion handed the silver-haired man a tape measure and a pad of paper. "I'll need the circumference of your body at nipple height, circumference just below the breast, and the distance from the nipple to the top of your shoulder on the same side."

Kakashi took the pad of paper, heading into the bathroom wordlessly. When he came out, Raion had spread out two types of cloth, strips of Velcro, a pincushion, a box of chalk, and scissors on the table.

Kakashi handed the other man the measurements, and sat across the table, watching Raion start as he explained. "There are two types of cloth here. This one is thick and stiff, this will form the front of the binder. The other cloth is stretchy, and forms the back and the straps of the binder. The binder will look like a tank top that stops just before the belly button. One side, from the bottom of the binder to the armpit will be slit, and Velcro will go on either side. That's so that you can get in and out of the binder, and gives you a little range in terms of how tight the binder will be." Raion measured the cloth with the tape measure, making marks with the chalk. "The tighter you wear the binder, the more it will flatten your chest. But the tighter it is, the more strain the binder puts on your ribs. If you wear the binder too long or too tight, you can break your ribs."

Kakashi nodded. "How long can I wear it?"

"The maximum recommended is 8-10 hours a day, but you'll have to work your way up to wearing it for that long, to let your body adjust to it. If your ribs get to aching too much, take it off." Kakashi nodded absently, watching the scissors cross the fabric, then the needle flashing through the fabric, up and down with every stitch. It was almost hypnotic in a way.

Kakashi dozed off watching Raion make the binder. Normally he wouldn't be able to fall asleep so easily in the presence of someone he had just met, but Kakashi didn't have much way to defend himself now, without chakra, and in a body that he couldn't get the hang of balancing in. And it had been a stressful not quite a week yet.

Raion smiled a bit to himself as the silver haired man slumped slowly over the table. the silver haired man looked like he could use a good nap.

A/N: The binder Raion is described as making is similar to my current binder (the t-kingdom model 690).

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