Twisted Oliver

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Chapter 1: In Myrnin's lab

"Myrnin, is there a way to destroy a vampire remotely?" Oliver asked the alchemist.

"Use a gun with silver bullets," Claire answered.

"Claire, stop being smart and get me some O from the bank." Myrnin pushed Claire out of the lab and turned to Oliver. "Who do you want to kill?"

"An old enemy of mine who I want to be rid of forever."

Myrnin frowned. "It it Amellie?" he asked.

"No! I'm the Founder's wannabe boyfriend, remember?"

"Oh, I remember all right. However, I'm the Founder's BFFIA, and I don't approve of you at all."

"What are you, her father? And what idiocy is this acronym?"

"Best Friends Forever In Afterlife." Myrnin smiled happily.

Oliver glowered. "First of all, there would be no 'I' in the acronym, and second, just because she's your only friend doesn't mean that she can't have any other friends."

"All right, point made. Tell me exactly who you want to kill," Myrnin said, changing the subject.

"Shane." There was no need to say anything else.

Kill Shane? Mynin thought to himself. Myrnin hated Shane because he was Claire's boyfriend. But he was Claire's boyfriend…

"I'll have to think about it," Myrnin said. "This will take many an inner deliberation."

"Well visit Common Grounds when you have made up your mind." Oliver shrugged and left, snagging the blood that Claire had just brought back.

Claire frowned angrily, and went back to work. When Myrnin went to buy doughnuts for his serious addition, she snuck one of her mini recorders from the underside of a workbench into her famous bookbag.