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Chapter 6: Dream Board

Myrnin had worked all day on his dream board. He was going to call it 'dream board.'
Oliver had worked all day at Common Grounds. Now he was waiting for Myrnin to tell him if he would help him with his murder. "What does this converted Ouija board have anything to do with your decision?" he asked.

Myrnin grinned, his fangs sliding out of his mouth. "Ish dream board will help me shee if Shane really loes Claire." He gingerly placed his fangs back into his mouth. "Darn these false teeth."

"What do you do with it?" asked Oliver, noting the elderly vampire's weakness.

"Watch and see. By now, Shane should be asleep and –"

"Don't you watch my son while he's asleep!" shouted Frank.

Myrnin continued as if he had not been interrupted. "While Shane is asleep, we can communicate with his subconscious mind." He put his fingers on the heart-shaped planchette. "Shane, are you asleep?"


"Do you love Claire?"


"For reals?"

"D-I-D-N-T I T-E-L-L Y-O-U S-O *-*-*-* M-A-N"

Myrnin looked satisfied. "I told you it would work. Red crystals for everyone!"

"He cusses like my son, he is my son," said Frank.

"What does this have to do with anything?" asked Oliver.

"I'm so terribly, terribly sorry Oliver, but I cannot help you kill Shane. I cannot harm him without harming Claire."

"Are you sure that Claire loves Shane?" wheedled Oliver.

"Fine! I'll try her now. Claire, are you asleep?"

(no response)

"She's probably up studying," said Myrnin.

(Five boring hours later)

"I've got a pulse - I mean response!" shouted Myrnin, waking up Oliver. "Claire, do you love Shane?"


"You won't give me a chance?"


"Must kill this Bob character," Myrnin muttered.

"No! Bob the spider is my only friend here!" shouted Frank.

"Oliver, I must protect Shane from you. Now go away while I cry and eat ice cream."

"Is it French Vanilla?" asked Oliver. He promptly found himself on the street bemoaning his wretched luck. French Vanilla! I can ask Amellie for help! She never liked that lazy layabout either, he thought.

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