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God of Lies


The night was silent. The stars glowed brightly in the night sky. The two moons of Asgard glowed dimly behind the few feather thin clouds. All slept, except for two youthful souls. They did not sleep. They rode. They rode till the moons reached their zenith. They road until they could hold sleep back no more.

Finally collapsing on the feather mattress, the younger of the two drew deep breathes desperately trying to regain the lost air his lungs were deprived of. The elder caught himself, resting on his forearms, hovering mere inches from his lover's sweat-soaked face. He watched as forest green eyes framed by damp midnight licks fluttered closed. Beautiful, as always. For one so seemingly cold, his lover was so very, very warm.

The elder shook his head in amazement. It never ceased to please and shock him how long they had managed to stay together. Not to mention not get caught. Even the great, all-seeing Heimdall was still in the dark about their relationship. Though how Loki managed to hide such a, to him blatantly obvious affair, was beyond him. Keeping their love affair secret had become almost a game. How many times could they share a moment together, sneak a touch, steal a kiss, make love to one another, before someone found out.

It sometimes helped with keeping secrets when your lover was a master liesmith. His brother was so…so…what was the word? Beautiful, yes, but there was another word; a word that described him in every way, shape, and form. His lover moaned and he dismissed the thought. It would come to him sooner or later. It may even be right in front of him. It wouldn't be the first time.

"Loki," he whispered, his breathe tickling his lover's pale skin, teasing him. "Are you well?"

Loki's eyes opened, his eyelids hanging heavy over their treasured orbs. He breathed a small sigh in what could be taken as an affirmative, before his eyes closed once more. Chuckling fondly, Thor leaned down and brushed his lips delicately against his lover's, then gave way to gravity landing on the soft material just beside his lover. Loki mumbled something incoherently as he curled up against Thor's tanned body, nuzzling close. Thor smiled fondly wrapping his arm around his brother turned lover, holding him close.

It was moments like these that he lived for. The silence, the peace, the secrecy, the warmth, Loki by his side. The world was perfect. He remained awake until he heard Loki's breathing soften and even out in sleep. When he finally joined his brother, his last coherent thought was of the exciting and hopeful events of tomorrow. What could go wrong?

Famous last words.

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