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Tony Stark x Kagome Higurashi x Bruce Wayne

Rated: M


What was the license number of the truck who had hit her?

'What happened?' Kagome groaned lightly, not bothering to open her eyes as her head throbbed in pain – a pain that wasn't all too familiar with her and a pain she didn't want to get familiar with.

The last time she felt this pain was the morning she woke up hungover after a night of drinking sake on Miroku's insistence.

(Not that she could remember the night at all, but apparently, she and Sango had passionately made out, according to a gleeful Miroku).

It was something that she never wanted to experience again.

Kagome rolled over with a small yawn, bringing the thin sheet with her as she shivered in the cool morning air and it took a few moments for her throbbing head to actually realise–


She sat up abruptly in bed, ignoring the lightheaded feeling that came with the sudden motion as she glanced down, widening her blue eyes when she noticed that she was staring at her bare chest – bare meaning she was wearing no clothes! Nothing at all!

The miko immediately yanked the sheet up in order to cover herself, but found it difficult to do so because something heavy was lying on the said sheet.

It was a masculine groan that had her stiffening and slowly turning her head down to see what had exactly caused that noise to begin with.





It was a man.

And not just any man... a NAKED man at that.

'Oh, Amaterasu-sama, what did I do last night?' Kagome thought with horror, staring with wide blue eyes at the nude man who was lying beside her, unable to see his feature other than his dark hair because he was lying on his stomach.

'I am going to KILL Sesshoumaru!' Kagome angrily thought, clenching the sheet within her fisted hand and not even noticing the flashes of reiki that sparked from her skin.

She hated attending Sesshoumaru's 'rich-people' parties to begin with and yet he forced her to attend another one just the previous night.

'What the hell caused me to drink last night?' Kagome fell forward, letting her head rest on her knees and felt like ripping out her hair at that moment.

And why the hell didn't Sesshoumaru stop her from leaving to have a one-night-stand with some unknown man?

Did she mention that she was going to KILL him?

'I have to get out of here.' She thought in a panic, not even wanting to look at the man as she shifted quietly to get out of the bed without waking up the man and completely ignoring the pain she felt in her lower areas.

It was a large hand that grabbed her arm from her left side that had her heart skip a beat or two.

"Leaving so soon, Kitten?"

The man was sleeping on her right, so just how did his voice come from her left side?

Kagome quickly glanced over, her eyes widening to the maximum capacity as she looked at the man and actually recognised his features as one of Sesshoumaru's American business partners.

The man on her left was Tony Fucking Stark...




(So who was the man on her right?)