Gods Eater Burst : Fenrir's Shinigami

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Character Profile

Name:Kira Kuroshi





Hair:Red Spiky (hair:5,color:3)

Skin:light skin (skin:1)

Eyes:Purple(Face:8 with purple eyes instead)

Weapons:long-blade type

Assault Type Gun

Shield type Defence

Uniform:Formal Top: Red

Casual Bottom: Red

Control Unit:Knight

Language:Japanese ,English ,Russian (voice:2)

Family:Father:Shinn Kuroshi-33(age of death)-Deceased- Former member of Fenrir's Engineer Department

Mother:Alice Kuroshi-32(age of death)-Deceased

Sisters:Luna Kuroshi-twin-6

Hair:Silver Bob-cut (hair:16 Color 6)

Eyes:Red (Face:9)

Skin:light (1)

Yuugure Kuroshi-8

Hair: Navy-Blue long Curls(Hair:5 Color:5)

Eyes:Blue (Face:8)

Skin:light (1)

Brothers:Sol Kuroshi-twin-6

Hair:Black Spiky(Hair:9 Color:10)


Skin:Light Tan (skin:2)

Jin kuroshi-9

Hair:Blond Neat-Spiky (Hair:17 Color:4)



Background:Kira has a calm and caring personality, and is also a kind and loving big brother. However, he hides it under a cold mask that he formed in order to protect himself from getting close to anyone other than his siblings.

Kira's main job was to look after his younger siblings after seeing his parents being killed by the Aragami Dyaus Pita(which Fenrir did not know it existed yet) which for some reason let him live as if he wasn't worthy of being killed and left. But not before leaving a permanent reminder on his body, a scar from his hip to his was a constant reminder of how weak he was. Fenrir called on him since he was a possible match to become a New-Type Gods Eater. The only reason he joined was because the Far East Branch gave him and his siblings protection from the Aragami. And so to protect his family, Kira decided to devour the Gods. It is noticed that when in combat that he becomes much colder than normal and prefers speed and agility more than strength. It has been noted that he has the potential to become a powerful Gods Eater.

Kira was born in Japan, but was raised in Russia when his father was transferred there to work on an important was forced to move back to Japan where his father was transferred back after an accident caused the project to be closed down. Kira's hobbies include drawing, singing, and reading in his free time when he is alone and he is rarely seen in the presence of others.