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The title is taken from the inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes.

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Monroe finds himself going into the coffee shop up the side street in town a lot more than he used too, partly it's because of Nick. Nick's brought him out of his shell there's no denying that. Monroe never used to exclusively lock himself away, but he was never overly fond of being out either. Monroe often worried he'd lose control at some point, Nick and his continuous invasions have just reminded Monroe that he is in control. He likes this coffee shop because it's quiet and every week they have a new flavour, something different he hasn't tried before.

There's another reason Monroe keeps coming back to the coffee shop though. The same reason he's been coming back in for the last 3 months, a reason that has gone unnoticed by Nick, until that morning.

Nick is trying to hold Monroe's attention. He needs his help, again. There's a Blutbad killing young girls. Dragging them out to the woods, raping them and then, eating them. Nick's trying to tell him, trying to ask his opinion on how best to deal with it and if Monroe will help him track the bastard down but something's distracting Monroe. His eyes keep flickering up to the counter every once in a while.

Nick turns in his seat and sees her. She's tall, not taller than Monroe but tall enough. Brown hair that falls around her shoulders easily. Like she hasn't bothered to try and really do anything with it. She has a pinafore tied around her waist but she's leant back against the counter reading, intently. Nick's seen her before but he's never paid attention to the waitresses, not when he has Juliette at home, she wouldn't be his type anyway. Corky's has never been a busy café and there are only a few waitresses so Nick being a detective should have realised sooner the reason Monroe keeps coming back, but he hasn't. The coffee shop never being very busy which means the girl can relax against the counter and read all she wants. Now Nick knows why Monroe keeps coming in here, he smiles to himself.

'Five minutes of your time then you can go back to staring at the bookworm over there.' Nick says jokingly watching Monroe start to protest and then scowl at him.

'I'm not staring.' Monroe says low so she can't hear them, it's still pretty quiet even with the radio on.

'Monroe, you've been watching her for the last twenty minutes or so.' Nick replies smirking at his friend. 'I bet you haven't heard a word I've said.' He mocks a nagging tone.

'I have and I was just trying to see what she was reading.' Monroe says.

'Took you an awful long time, what is that she's reading then?' Nick asks him playfully and turns in his seat. Monroe resists the urge to kick him under the table and instead scratches the back of his head nervously when she looks over at them. She gives them a small smile asks if they need anything and goes back to reading.

'Don't.' Monroe says warningly at Nick. He's never been in this kind of situation with Nick before but he's had friends like Nick before and he knows full well he's going to do something to embarrass him. Monroe isn't a timid guy or one who lacks confidence, in fact he's very comfortable with himself but the awkwardness created by these sorts of situations makes him really uncomfortable.

'So this Blutbad? Will you help me track him then?' Nick asks and Monroe nods. Of course he will. He's not going to refuse a hand in helping catch the sick son of a bitch.

'Do you want me to move these for you?' A soft voice ask them, suddenly appearing at the table. 'Would you like anything else?' She adds smiling at them.

Yes, yes I would like something else, I'd like a date. Monroe thinks to himself, he's not going to ask her though. Especially not in front of Nick, that and he barely knows her, things always seem to get in the way when he tries to talk to her.

'No thanks,' It's Nick who replies and Monroe starts to feel awkward because he has a horrible feeling that Nick is going to say something out of turn and he's going to feel awkward and embarrassed. 'Hey what were you reading? Seemed pretty engrossing?' He asks giving Monroe a smile that makes Monroe want to punch him.

The girl blushes, she shouldn't really be reading when there are customers in but Martin the manager doesn't mind and it's not like they needed attending too.

'The Body in The Library, it's an Agatha Christie novel. A Miss Marple one, my favourite in fact. You know all quaint villages in England with murder and scandal and all those sorts of things. A really, really brilliant mystery you can get your teeth int-' she stops suddenly realising she's babbling and blushes again but Monroe nods in agreement and he likes the way she gets so enthusiastic about it how her eyes light up.

Nick resists the urge to roll his eyes. He's seen that look before. On Monroe's face when he's talking about Wesen or offering him knowledge he doesn't have, she's got to be so nerdy about books, he can tell by the way her eyes light up. He refrains from rolling his eyes again because he can tell why Monroe likes her, from Monroe's point of view anyway. From his own, she's not much to look at. She's too plain and barely any curves, no red hair, she seems reserved too.

'Sorry.' She blushes again. 'Do you need anything else?' She asks changing the subject.

'No that's it thanks.' Nick smiles and Monroe watches her scuttle off over to the counter.

'So that's why we keep coming back here and there was me thinking it was the millions of different coffees and the fact we can half have a conversation in here.' Nick mused when they were outside.

'So this Blutbad, when do you want me to meet you to start hunting?' Monroe asks changing the subject and Nick doesn't push the subject because it's clearly making him feel uncomfortable and it's odd seeing Monroe so uneasy with himself because normally he's so comfortable with himself and he's not phased by much if anything.

Monroe goes in the next day even though he's feeling rough. He's tired and a little grouchy because they stayed out all night hunting and still didn't catch that evil Blutbad. The sight of the coffee shop girl smiling and chatting animatedly to one of her friends with a book in her hands just makes him smile. He knows he needs to find out her name, actually talk to her but he doesn't know what to say. He doesn't want to sound stupid and she's human which complicates things all over the shop and he knows deep down he shouldn't even be trying to talk to her.

'Do you not diet at all?' The other woman asks, she's thin as a rake with long legs but Monroe knows she's probably already had the 'I need to diet. I'm too fat, no you're not.' Exchange, he hates that, he finds it annoying and whiney.

His coffee shop girl, the coffee shop girl - he corrects himself internally - gestures to her book and the other woman looks intrigued by it.

'Why what diet book is that?' She asks her.

'No, I'd never diet. I couldn't stand not being able to have pancakes and waffles dipped in chocolate sauce and hot chocolate.' She lets out a slow hmmm, noise and Monroe finds he likes it.

'No I meant reading. If I didn't read so much I'd be as big as a house. The thing is when I find a really good book I just seem to forget how to function properly, food, drink, sleep go out of the window.' She says and Monroe can see her face light up again and he likes that too. The friend rolls her eyes, thanks her for the coffee and leaves. Her he doesn't like, too much make-up and high heels she can't walk in properly.

'Hi, what can I get you?' She smiles brightly at him, customer smile on her face. Monroe knows the difference by now, he's seen the two, the one when she's talking enthusiastically and the one when she's just being nice.

'How's the coffee?' He asks and he can't hide the disappointment in his voice that she's not giving him the real smile. Nick made a joke last night about him being a creepy stalker sitting in there and not talking to her but he's not, he's really not. He just hasn't found the right moment or he can't think of something to say to hold her interest. Now he's thinking about that, what if she does think he's stalking her or something weird like that. Now Monroe does feel awkward.

'Well the espresso's running around like a lunatic, the Irish coffee's more than a little tipsy. Decafs gone all melancholic and Mocha's moaning about how the chocolate will go straight to her hips.' She gives him a smile and then looks at him again. 'Sorry.' She mutters because it was a bad joke.

'Don't be that was quite clever.' Monroe smiled back at her. 'Just give me whatever.' he pauses waiting for a name and waiting for her to take the bait.

'Maria.' She smiles back at him. 'Well we've got this great new one called a Dirty Chai and you look like you could do with the boost Mr?' she pauses waiting for his name and then seems to realise something. 'Not that you look horrible, I didn't mean that, you look nice, I mean.' Maria babbles and blushes. She brings her hand to her forehead and Monroe chuckles at her.

'I just meant that, you don't look bad, but you look like you could use a boost.' Maria says.

'That sounds good, and yes I could do with the boost thank you. It's Monroe by the way.' He smiles at her. 'Just Monroe.' He adds and gives her a small nod.

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