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It's the day of her wedding and yet Maria can't stop crying, this isn't how it's supposed to be. Maria is supposed to be excited and in love and yet every time she's alone, every time she looks in the mirror all she can do is cry. Her heart is sinking, it's down at her feet and it hurts, almost physically hurts. She's silent in the car and on the way to church. A dress that she didn't pick, and photographers she didn't want, paparazzi littering the church. She's in the back room, apparently this is final prep but she's asked to be left alone for a minute and it's her mum who's knocking on the door.

Maria wipes her eyes and puts a smile on her face. This is for the best, forget about him. She repeats it like a mantra to herself over and over again. She can't even say his name in her head because it hurts too much. Her mum comes over and puts hands on her shoulders. She's watching her daughter in the mirror.

''The heart wants what it wants Maria.'' Her mother whispers. She knows that Maria loves Monroe and she just wants her to be happy, all this is ridiculous. Trudy, Nicholas and Harvey all know it, they know she isn't happy but she keeps insisting.

Monroe has smashed three clocks trying to distract himself, he's watched the minutes tick by as though the hands of the clock were weighted down by the heaviest of stone, time almost coming to a standstill. He's trying not to think about it, trying to decide what to do. Before he can stop himself though he's out of the door and into the car, he's speeding but he doesn't care about the ticket and it isn't until the car splutters to a stop he realises what he was doing.

''Come on. Please, come on.'' Monroe says hitting the steering wheel. ''Come on, please, please.'' Monroe tries the gas once twice three times and finally the car splutters to life. ''YES!'' Monroe whoops himself in triumph and sets back off as fast as he can. When he gets to the church he can tell that there's nothing here Maria has decided on. The flowers are far from her favourites and the place is crawling in security and paparazzi. When he tries to get through they won't let him. The whole thing is tacky and Hollywood. Monroe does a lap of the building and he can hear the organ music starting up, his heart is pounding in his chest because he needs, needs to get in there. He needs to stop this and he needs to get the girl for once in his life.

He spots an opening at the back, a window pretty high up that he can crawl into he doesn't know how he's going to get up there until he spots a wooden ladder. It doesn't reach all the way to the window but it will do. Monroe scales it pretty quickly and he's trying to get in when he sees her. Maria is stood waiting to go out into the packed church, even from behind she looks gorgeous, amazing, even if it's not a dress she would have chosen. Monroe pulls himself up and falls to the floor. Hearing the commotion Maria's mum turns and screams loudly, causing Maria to turn and jump and outside unbeknownst to them Harvey and her dad to come bolting towards the door from where they've been stood.

''Monroe?'' Maria says, it's a mixture of shock and confusion. She feels a little numb but it's like the sun is coming out in her chest as this warm feeling spreads throughout her because he's come for her.

''Maria!'' Nicholas bangs on the door from the other side. ''Trudy!'' He shouts trying to make sure they're ok.

''We're fine! It was, erm, it was a spider.'' Trudy shouts but the hesitation puts the fear of god into Nicholas and he's banging on the door. ''We're fine.'' Trudy is talking to the door and Maria is just staring at Monroe.

''You can't do this.'' Monroe says walking towards her. ''Don't marry him, even if you don't come with me, you can't marry him.''

''I-'' Maria starts and Monroe cuts her off.

''No you don't. You don't have to do anything you don't want to.'' He just steps forward and takes his face in her hands as her mom watches. He kisses her, slowly, deeply as romantic as it can be and then his nose wrinkles because of the perfume she's wearing and he has to pull away and sneeze. Maria lets out a laugh and bites her lip. Her heart is immediately lifted in her chest, it's no longer breaking and it's all because of Monroe, Monroe who she knows didn't cheat on. Monroe who has the whole wolf thing going on, Monroe who she's head over heels in love with.

''I missed you.'' Monroe says and Maria's mom shouts through the door again. Nicholas and Harvey pound on it on the other side because after everything that happened with Maria being kidnapped the small silence has worried them.

''Monroe.'' Maria says.

''Oh man if it's anything but I missed you I don't want to know.'' Monroe shakes his head and kisses her again before sneezing. ''I don't like that perfume.'' He says wrinkling his nose.

''I missed you.'' Maria smiles at him. ''I love you.'' She whispers kissing him again as Monroe slips a hand around her waist and pulls her close.

''Oh man, I can't believe I'm going to say this. Do you want to finish this like they do in the movies?'' He asks glancing toward the door. Maria lets out a laugh as tears litter her cheeks and her brow furrows in curiosity at him. ''Hay bales and everything.'' He says gesturing to the window.

''Maria, go.'' Trudy says as Maria looks back at her and at the door. Trudy shouts through that's she's fine again. ''There's no point trying to talk to him now, go.'' She smiles at her daughter.

''Thanks mom.'' Maria grins from ear to ear and kisses her on the cheek before running back to Monroe.

''Monroe.'' Trudy says getting his attention. ''Look after her.'' She fishes around in her purse and hands him an envelope. ''Open it in the car.'' Trudy adds the smile on her own face is stretching to her eyes.

''Come on.'' Monroe runs back to Maria and grabs her hand. ''Ok, oh man I didn't think this through, aim for the bails I'll go first then at least you can have a soft landing.'' He says a worried look crossing his face. He glances back at the door and pecks Maria's lips before jumping and landing on the hay that's stored on the pile. It's soft but not the most comfortable thing ever.

''Jump.'' Monroe grins at her brushing himself down and holding out his arms. Maria smiles at him nervously as she swings her legs out of the window and smiles at her mum for a minute. As she jumps from the window her dad and Harvey come crashing through the door and she can hear her mum telling her dad to calm down. Monroe helps her up and she pulls him into a kiss.

''Come on let's get you out of that awful dress, not that you don't look beautiful in it, oh man you look amazing but it's-'' Monroe starts and Maria cuts him off with another kiss.

''Let's go.'' She says taking his hand as he directs her towards where he snuck in before. She gets a little dirty trying to wriggle through the trees and Maria kisses him again. They get into the car and it stalls but Monroe manages to start it again and just drives. It's not until they're near the woods that Monroe stops, he walks around the side of the car and opens the door and just pulls Maria out, the envelope her mother gave him is tucked into his back pocket. He doesn't say a word just walks them out into the woods and she just follows him in a sort of daze.

''Would you marry me? If I asked you?'' Monroe says stopping and turning to face her.

''Yes.'' Maria nods walking towards him and putting her hand on his cheek. ''If you asked me, yes. Just not in this dress.'' She lets out a laugh and leans in to kiss him again. She can't keep her hands off him because it's been too long. Monroe's mouth finds her neck and the next thing she's against the tree's again as she was the night before. Only this time it's not raw and rough, passionate and firey. This time it's slow and sensual and passion burns through their veins. It's just the two of them and when Monroe's done with her neither of them can stand upright, they're shaking and Maria's dress is ruined. Torn in places. Monroe's shirt is open and Maria has her head on his chest.

''Show me.'' She whispers stroking the side of his face. ''Please?'' Monroe wogers out and Maria looks at him stroking the fur on his face with the back of her hand. ''I don't understand why you didn't show me before. You look amazing.'' She breathes out. Monroe changes back and nuzzles his nose against her face.

''Thank you.'' Monroe grins and then reaches for the envelope. He holds it out for Maria to help open it and pulls out two plane tickets. Plane tickets to Canada and a key to a cabin. Maria looked at it with curiosity as Monroe pulled a note out.

I knew you'd get there honey, I heard Monroe likes the woods.
Enjoy and don't worry, I'll talk to you dad.

Was all it said. Maria bit her lip and grinned at it looking up at him.

''The plane leaves tonight.'' Monroe grins. ''That means we should probably go home and get some clothes. That's if you want to go.''

''Of course I want to go!'' Maria says leaning up to kiss him. ''And tonight means we still have a little while.'' She smirks at him.

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