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The title is taken from the inscription over the door of the Library at Thebes.

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Monroe leaves it a few days before he goes back and when he does go back he's half grumpy as he orders his coffee. A feeling that isn't helped by the fact that there's a klaustreich hanging around the café and he's hit on every girl in there apart from Maria so far.

Monroe watches his every move, annoyed that he's even in there. Can he not feel or smell Monroe's presence. Monroe knows if Maria was his, the Klaustreich wouldn't be anywhere near her. Then there's Maria herself, Monroe has to keep repeating to himself, he has to keep reminding himself that Maria is not his and she's unawares of what either of them are. Monroe has to remind himself that she's unaware of what danger actually lurks within the confines of the café.

Monroe can't keep the anger and he supposes a little jealousy out of his voice when he speaks to her though, no matter how hard he tries, because Maria is just being Maria. Nice, friendly, chatty over enthusiastic and easily embarrassed Maria.

Maria notices the change in his actions towards her and she honestly thinks she's done something wrong. She thinks he's upset with her for some reason or another and so the pocket watch sits in her apron for another few days because she can't pluck up the courage to ask him. She watches him reading a book about the romans for a while playing with the pocket watch. Maria toys with idea of sliding into the booth next to him and then sighs and gives up. She's not confident enough too for a start.

She's soon distracted as the rather tall and somewhat aesthetically handsome man steps up to the till again, trying to ask her to dinner again. He's not her type at all, everything he says comes out false and like he's trying to flatter. He's got a square jaw and smooth skin and just looks like a jock. When he does speak it's not endearing and doesn't make Maria like him anymore. She knows she's a last resort too and that doesn't feel nice.

'Monroe?' She says as he puts the cup down and she resists the urge to reach out and touch his hand. 'Erm, I, well I have a favour to ask.' She plays with her hands and looks at him nervously before pulling the watch out of her apron. 'You're a clockmaker right? Do you think you could fix this, it was my grandfather's?' Maria watches his eyes go wide as he picks it up carefully.

'Woah dude, this is a 1930's three calendar Harry Huntington's pocket watch. This has got to be from at least early 30's, at least. Did you say this was your grandad's?' He asks a little excited.

'Erm, I, yes it was my Grandad's, he left it to me in his will and it stopped working about two weeks ago. I just thought because, well, I just thought you might be the first person I should ask.' Maria says a little shyly and a blush creeps up onto her cheeks.

'I'd love to take a look at it.' Monroe positively beams back at her and he's flattered that he is the first person she's thought of. Then again how many clockmakers are there in Portland. Maria can feel his excitement at being given the watch to look at. Monroe's cell phone rings in his pocket and he looks down at it and furrows his brow, it's Nick about this damn Stein Schlangen, which they hadn't managed to catch and who was still on the loose. 'Oh crap, I gotta go. I'll take it with me? Is that ok?' Monroe asks smiling at her and Maria nods.

'Wait Monroe you didn't say how much it'll be.' She asks him because she does need to know that, she's not exactly got an endless pot of money and that watch is more about sentiment than anything else.

'No charge.' He smiles and winks at her.

'I can't let you do that!' Maria says following him towards the door.

'Already done.' He smiles at her and then waves to leave.

Monroe is walking back, running back from the encounter with the Stein Schlangen because once again Hank has shown up and Monroe has had to make a dash from the scene. He's just passing the café which he knows is open until at least 11 at night. He looks up hoping to see Maria even though he knows she finished her shift at least 6 if not 7 hours ago. Something doesn't feel right though, its quarter to eleven and only half of the chairs are up on the tables, there's a cloth left on the table and the door says open, yet there's no one inside. A million scenarios run through Monroe's head at once. The fact that a Klaustreich has been in doesn't make this any easier and then suddenly he hears a scream, a terrified scream and he doesn't even need to think as his eyes bleed to red and he pushes the door open a little roughly.

'Hello?' He says into the darkness but there's no reply. Monroe looks around and says it again. He makes his way around the counter and see's Maria on the work top before he spots what's crawling along the floor. Her eyes are wide with terror and she can barely breathe.

'Maria, are you ok?' He asks slowly. Maria looks down to the floor and then tries to move further back against the wall. Then he sees it, it's a huge dark brown spider. Probably just a little smaller than his hands and it's crawling along the floor slowly towards her. It's minding its own business but Monroe can see how terrified Maria is and he thinks it's kind of cute.

He picks a large clear mixing jug off the side slowly, trying not to scare the thing and he notices Maria flinch. Monroe doesn't like spiders any more than the next person but seeing how upset Maria is by the thing he slips the jug over it quickly and then takes the laminated health and safety sheet off the side slipping it under the jug and being careful not to take any legs off the thing and then picks it up and throws it outside.

When Monroe returns Maria is still cowering in the corner and she's gone very pale her breathing uneasy. Monroe steals a paper bag off the side and puts an arm around her shoulders trying to shift her from the side. She tentatively puts her feet on the floor.

'Maria, breathe into this, deep breaths.' He says and he rubs her back a soothingly, but it's not having the effect he wants and she keeps twitching like she's imagining the spider is crawling on her and he knows that feeling. Monroe needs to come up with something to distract her. Distract her from the huge spider which is probably now lying in wait in someone else's shop.

'Maria, why don't you tell me about your favourite place? Think about that instead.' Monroe says trying to take the focus away from the spider and take her eyes off the floor where she's still staring. She looks at him for a moment and then takes a breath.

'Two blocks from here,' She breathes in deeply again trying to regain control of her brain and her breathing. 'There's a book shop.' She takes another breath and Monroe nods.

'Tell me more.' He says giving her a warm smile.

'It smells amazing, books and dust and there's all these little corners you can get lost in and you have to hunt for books.' Suddenly Maria feels she can breathe again and she gives Monroe a faint smile and realises the spider has gone. A shiver runs down her spine and she realises Monroe has a hand on her arm and another on her back rubbing them both soothingly.

'Maybe you can show it me sometime?' Monroe watches her for a moment checking she's ok. 'I mean if your boyfriend doesn't mind.' He can't help how thick and awkward the word comes out of his mouth because he really hopes that, that thing isn't actually her boyfriend because he might have to hunt him out one night. Follow him home maybe get Nick to turn a blind eye.

'Boyfriend?' Maria lets out a disbelieving laugh. 'I don't have a boyfriend.'

'Oh, I just assumed. Y'know, the guy that comes in a lot.' Monroe says awkwardly scratching the back of his head and not making eye contact with her. Releasing his grip, Maria resists the urge to say you're a guy who comes in a lot.

'What? Monroe there are a lot of guys who come in here a lot, including a man who's old enough to be my granddad.' Maria says raising an eyebrow at him and then moving back into the café to begin turning over chairs and cleaning tables, Monroe begins helping her.

'Well I mean, you kn-' Monroe trails off and Maria looks at him curiously. Why did he care?

'Do you mean that oaf who looks like he stepped out of some tacky romance novel?' Monroe looks at her a little sheepishly and Maria raises her eyebrows. 'Monroe guys like that don't look twice at girls like me and even if they did he wouldn't be my type.' Maria states firmly, calmly and Monroe likes it because he knows she's not searching for compliments with that first line. Yet he still wants to tell her that any guy would be crazy not to want her.

'Oh?' Monroe says pausing in putting a chair on the table and he finds himself watching her again as she talks.

'Definitely not, I mean, every time the guy opens his mouth it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm a Sapiosexual.' She grins and Monroe continues to watch her intrigued.

'I'm attracted to intelligence,' Maria adds, 'amongst other things.' She blushes, her cheeks turning a light pink. They continue in silence and soon all the chairs are up and Maria is locking up.

'Thank you.' She smiles turning to Monroe.

'Just doing my job.' He smiles, nods and sticks his hands into his pockets rocking a little and wondering what he should do. Offer to walk her home, offer to drive her home, aside from the fact he doesn't have the car with him. Walking home it is.

'I didn't realise being a clockmaker entailed saving stupid women from spiders.' Maria chuckles.

'Well, that's not in the description of my day job I must admit but the night job, well that's a little different.' Monroe smirks.

'Oh so you've got the whole superhero thing going on.' She finishes locking the door and turns to find him waiting. 'Which way's home for you?' she asks. 'Not that I want to know, I just mean if we're going to be going the same way anyway we can walk the same way. If you want.' Maria babbles again. 'I mean I'm going this way, my apartment is a few blocks, not that I'm inviting you to my apartme-' Maria stops and brings her hand to her face again.

'I'm going this way too,' Monroe just smiles at her. Ignoring the comments that have gotten her flustered, but he's also trying not to think about how cute she actually looks when she's flustered. 'And I wouldn't be a gentleman if I didn't ensure a lady got home safe without spider bites.' Monroe adds.

'So you are a superhero.' Maria says letting her arms swing a little entertaining the idea.

'Oh I don't know about superhero, I could still be a villain and a gentleman.' Monroe replies.

'Well I think I could handle that.' Maria says giving him a sly smirk.

'How come you're working so late?' Monroe asks shifting the conversation because he knows deep down in his heart of hearts he shouldn't even be here. He shouldn't be walking with her like this and his father has always warned him about mixing with human girls. His mother has raised him to believe humans are meals. Monroe is human though, he might be wesen but he is human. He shakes his head and manages to catch the fact that someone has called in sick which is why Maria has had to work late.

All to soon they're outside Maria's apartment block and it's awkward because it's so late and Maria wants to invite him in for coffee but she doesn't want to look like a fool. They hover in the doorway awkwardly for a minute.

'Ok, well I'll be off then. I'll see you tomorrow maybe.' He gives her a small wave before turning.

'Monroe, how much is the watch going to cost?' She asks him again.

'I told you, it's already sorted.' Monroe replies because he doesn't want to charge her for it. He's more than happy to help. He realises however that he can use it to his advantage.

'I can't let you do that, if I wasn't paying you it would be someone else.' Maria says. She comes halfway back down the steps up to the building.

'How about you show me that bookshop sometime? Then we'll call it even.' Monroe says.

'That's not payment.' Maria says furrowing her brow and Monroe has to bite back the voice inside that's saying he can think of other ways she can pay him.

'Maybe you can buy me a book too.' He winks at her. Maria's insides flutter a little and she nods eagerly at him. She hugs him and Monroe's not normally a hugger but he finds himself pulling her deeper into it and inhaling her scent.

'Thank you.' She says and she kisses his cheek lightly and then blushes feeling inappropriate. She babbles a little but Monroe waves her off. Maria falls into bed that night holding onto one of her books tightly and grinning like the Cheshire cat. Monroe goes home and falls asleep at the workbench, he wants to get this clock finished asap because he wants to see her favourite place and maybe even try and take her out for dinner. He finds himself looking in the mirror and thinking hmm so she's attracted to intelligence. I'm a pretty smart guy. He vows to go in the café with a few Shakespeare works or something difficult to read or that showcases his intelligence.

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