Hey, this is my first Star Trek fanfic. I would also like to add that I didn't write this chapter, RavenpuffWarrior did. All chapters that will come after it are mine though.

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Leonard McCoy looked around the courtyards of Starfleet Academy. Since deciding to become a doctor, (not a magician) he had made zero friends. Count 'em, zero. He set out to find his dorm room. He would be sharing a room with two other cadets. He wasn't too thrilled this as he wasn't too comfortable sharing a room with strangers. Oh well, he thought to himself, maybe they won't be so bad.

A couple hours later, as he unpacked, he knew his new roommates would give him grey hairs before he was assigned to a ship. The door burst open to reveal a Vulcan and a human. The human was holding a music device, which was playing a very old song called "Sexy Back." Old music was becoming very popular lately. The Vulcan looked as though he was ready to kill the human, who was now dancing and trying to get the Vulcan to dance as well.

"Uh, excuse me, I'm Leonard!" Leonard yelled over the music. The kid, who could not have been more than seventeen, turned off the music device, raised an eyebrow and said, "Sorry, what was that bro?"

"I'm Leonard, Leonard McCoy, your roommate." He repeated. The Vulcan, who was examining the curtains, turned at this point and raised his right in the traditional Vulcan form of greeting.

"Greetings Leonard, I am Spock." He went back to examining the curtains. Leonard turned back to the other guy, "You gonna tell me your name?"

"It's Jim, Jim Kirk. But seriously, your name is Leonard? Your mom must have hated you! I mean, it's got "nerd" built right into it! You know what? I think I'm gonna call you Lenny… until I can fight a more suitable name that is." 'Lenny' could tell this was going to be a nightmare…

I am perfectly aware that Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are all different ages, but let's just pretend that they aren't and that they all went to the academy together. Okay? And I like to write longer chapters than this (like, 1000-1500 words or so) just so ya know.