Jim walked across the campus. It was January 2nd and He'd just gotten back. Winter break had been awesome but it was great to be back. He'd gone home to Iowa, and Bones had gone home too. Spock, however, had stayed at the Academy.

"Why not go home?" Bones had said.

"I have no reason to." he had said, "You are both going home to celebrate a holiday. There are no festivities currently on Vulcan."

"You could come back with me, I've told my folks about you, I'd bet they'd love to meet you." said Jim.

"The invitation is appreciated, but I will be remaining here."

"Jim!" Bones called, they were both in the hallway of their dorm.

"Hey, Bones." he said, "How was your break?"

"Good, you?"

"Awesome! Come on, here's our room, let's see what Spock's been doing." he opened the door.

The room was immaculate. Everything had been straightened out, the beds had been made perfectly, everything had been dusted, swept, mopped and otherwise cleaned. Even the bathroom was practically sparkling.

"What happened to our room?" asked Jim, putting his bag down on the bed. (generally he would have thrown it, but not when everything was that perfect.)

"Looks like this is what Spock's been doing." said Bones, gesturing to the whole room.

"You could eat off the floor in the bathroom!" said Kirk, looking into it. "And I think these are new sheets on the bed, and that stain on the curtains is gone."

"I wonder if this is how clean Spock kept his room on Vulcan?" wondered McCoy aloud.

"If it is, our level of cleanliness must have been driving him nuts." Said Jim, "Where is he anyway?"

Just then Spock opened the door.

"Spock!" said Jim, "Hey! Did you clean the room?"

"Yes." he said. He set down the books he was holding on the desk.

"Where were you? The library?" asked Bones.

"Yes, I was, I came to see if you were back yet." he said, "How were your vacations?"

"I had a great time." said Jim, "On New Year's Eve, My brother and I-" the door rang.

"Come in!" Yelled Bones. Christine Chapel came in.

"Hi." she said, "Umm, Spock, you left this at the library." she handed him his PADD.

"Thank you, I must have dropped it." he said.

"You're welcome." she said, "Well, Uhura is going to be back today so I'm going to go see if she's back yet. Bye!" she walked out.

"Well, Spock?" asked Jim.

"Christine also stayed here over winter break, she and I found out that we are in Exobiology together this semester and we both decided to do the extra credit project for those who stayed over break, I was helping her finish up today because it is due tomorrow."

"And that's all?" pried Bones.

"Yes." said Spock, "Since you are human, perhaps you do not notice this, but it seems as if human rarely take things at face value, or mean exactly what they say. Your languages are full of idioms and you are always looking for ulterior motives in people's actions. It's very confusing and not logical at all."

"Listen Hobgoblin, just 'cause your logic-obsessed, oversized brain can't see what's right in front of you-" began Bones. Jim came up and put a hand on each of their shoulders.

"I missed you guys, even with all the arguing, the logic, the lecturing, and the sarcasm"

"And we missed your huge ego and annoying attitude." said Bones, absolutely dripping with sarcasm. "And your ancient pop music."

"That statement is outright false." said Spock.

"It sarcasm, Geez, with an ambassador father ya think you'd know more about unlogical cultures!"

"Unlogical is not a word."

I've been back for a grand total of ten minutes and I am THIS close to screaming at him! Thought Bones.

"Well, while you to argue, I'm going to go see if Janice Rand is back yet." said Jim, "Spock, no throwing Bones this time, he almost went out the window before."

"I have no intention of losing emotional control." said Bones, "In fact, I intend to leave, Christine and I weren't quite done I only left to see if you two were back yet." Spock left with Jim. Bones sat down on the bed.

Gee, this is familiar, when have I done this before? Oh yeah, on the first day, when Jim cam waltzing right in blaring 'Sexyback' or whatever it was called, and then Spock's alarm going off the next morning, that thing still wakes me up! And Jim calling me Lenny, insulting my name, and going out with a different girl every night, thank God for Janice Rand! He stood up and looked out the window Hmm, wonder what this year will bring?

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