I'm getting quite ahead of myself, aren't I? It's Valentine's Day in this fic already!

"Hey Bones? Do you know what tomorrow is?" asked Jim.

"Yes! Valentines day! I know! Quit bragging about your stupid date, or is it dates?" Bones didn't have a date.

Jim faked plunging a knife into his heart, "I'd never be unfaithful to Janice! Ever!"

"That doesn't stop girls from asking you out, or you from flirting." said Bones.

"Would you to care to explain to me exactly the significance of Valentine's Day?" asked Spock.

"You don't know what Valentine's Day is?" said Bones and Jim exactly the same moment.

"I know what it is, I don't understand it's significance." said Spock.

"Let's see, where to start." said Jim, "First off, it's a big, I mean big day for romance and couples. If you have a girl, she expects you to do something special for her on Valentine's Day. Flowers sweet cards, Romantic meal, Chocolate, that type of stuff. If you don't have a girlfriend, then Valentines is a great day to ask someone out. Right Bones?"

"Shut up." grumbled Bones.

"Oh, also secret admirers tend to come out on Valentine's Day " said Jim

"Secret admirers?" Asked Spock.

"People who like you, but instead of coming out and saying it, send anonymous notes, flowers chocolate, all that stuff your suppose to give each other on Valentine's Day. Non-electronic notes are much better too." said Jim, "I've already gotten some, but I threw them out, but not the candy."

"Oh." said Spock, as if he'd just realized something important.

"What?" asked Bones.

"I've been receiving such notes both as mail and on my PADD for the last few days, some with boxes of chocolate and candy, among other things that I threw away. This would suggest I am the object of a few people's affections. Fascinating"

"Wait." Bones stood up, "Just how many separate presents are we talking about?" asked Bones.

"Counting electronic messages? Seventeen." said Spock.

"Seventeen!" said Jim, "And since tomorrow is actually Valentines day, that number might double!"

"No wonder I can't get a date, Spock's hogging all the girls." said Bones

Spock raised an eyebrow, "I assure you Leonard, I am not 'hogging' our female peers, some of them simply appear to as you put it, 'like' me."

"And you don't even care! It's unfair!" said Bones.

"And since I know for a fact Hikaru, Montgomery, and Pavel have dates, as well as James, obviously I am not the only one any of the females here care for."

"Even Chekov has a date!" said Bones, "That Squirt?" Bones walked to the door, "I'm going into town, see ya February 15th."

"He's not awake yet?" asked Jim. It was Valentine's Day.

"No." said Spock. "I think he was drinking last night. He didn't acknowledge me when he got back, or change his clothes, and just collapsed on the bed."

"Hey Bones?" said Jim. He didn't even stir.

"I didn't want to have to go this."said Jim. He leaned down close to Bones' ear and...


"Wha-oooh." he laid back down.

"So you do have a hangover?" Said Jim.

"Uh-huh. I was trying to forget about Valentine's Day." Moaned Bones.

"Obviously it did not work." said Spock. "Such a solution rarely works."

"Do you remember anything you did?" asked Jim.

"Yeah, kinda. I claimed to be an admiral, had a fist-fight with the bartender, said... some choice words about Valentines day, and got kicked out."

"Whoa." said Jim, "Well, Spock and I have class, I'll call Christine and see if she can get you to the infirmary, maybe they have something that can make you okay for the class you have an hour from now. Happy Valentine's Day!" and both Jim and Spock left.

"Janice!" yelled Jim, she was across the hall. He ran over to her.

"Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart." he kissed her then and there.

"Happy Valentine's Day Jim." she said.

"I was going to give you this tonight, but I as long as I'm here, I'll give it to you now." he pulled a necklace with what looked like a diamond heart on it.

"Oh it's beautiful!" said Janice, "Thank you. Will you help me put it on?"

"Sure." and he did. "It's from the moon orbiting Heldias IV. The heart changes color when you tap it."

"Thank you." said Janice again. "I'll wear it tonight. I have to go. see you then!" She walked off.

Jim walked back over by Spock.

"I appears she was pleased with your gift." said Spock.

"Spock, I just unexpectedly gave her a present. And something she really liked. I just made her day." said Jim.

"Her day would have existed whether or not you gave her that necklace."

"It's just an expression Spock." said Kirk. "Look, even though this will probably never happen, but if ever find yourself in love, because I think it's possible since your half-human. and she loves you back, always do something unexpected and sweet from time to time. Girls love that type of romantic mush!"

"So do you think it will work?" asked Christine.

"Worth a try." Said a now hangover free Bones. "White chocolate might be okay for him, I don't know. But by all means, try it!"

"Okay, thanks Leonard!" she ran off.

Spock walked back to his room. He had studied in the library for awhile but now had decided to go back to the room.

"Spock!" said Christine Chapel, Spock turned and faced her.

"I was just coming to see you." she said.

"Is there something you wished to discuss?" he asked.


"Let's go into the room."

"Actually, can we go outside? I know Bones is still around and I want to talk to you alone." she said. They went out to the garden.

"Spock. I wanted to give you these." she said, she handed him a bow she had been carrying around in a bag she had. Inside were small white squares.

"It's called white chocolate. It only has cocoa butter and I'm pretty sure it's okay for you to eat." she said. Spock took one and ate it.

"And I also wanted to fess up to being a coward." she said, looking at the ground. "I sent you a Valentine, but I didn't sign it. Did you get it? It was on blue paper with silver writing."

"Yes." Spock had remembered that one because it was different. The others had short, often childish rhymes written on them and had been red or pink.

"It had poetry written on it." he said., He ate another one of the white chocolates.

"Yeah, I wrote it." she said.

"Interesting. You did a very good job." he said.

"Thank you." she smiled at him. "I, I really do love you Spock, even if you can't, or won't, love me back, I still do. Even thought your half-vulcan and choose to live like a vulcan, unemotionally, I love you." Spock remembered what Jim had said earlier

do something unexpected and sweet.

"Christine, I have to ask you to close your eyes for a moment." said Spock.


"Please just do." she closed her eyes. He softly kissed her on the lips. She opened her eyes a moment later. He was gone.

Chapel woke up the next morning, she checked for messages on her PADD. There was one.

Ms. Christine Chapel,

I fell obliged to inform that despite my actions last night, I do not wish to pursue a romantic relationship at this time, I hope you will understand.


P.S. Someone once told me that they thought it was possible for me to love because I am half-human. I believe they may have be correct.

Christine set down her PADD. She was disappointed. But happy. He didn't want to be in a relationship with her, but he might love her. And that was enough for her.

Yeah, I'm lame and didn't give Bones a date. I'll make up for it by making the next chapter about him.