Bones lay very still in bed, scanning the room with his eyes, who knew what Kirk had rigged up last night?

Everything looked the same, he deiced to risk sitting up. He held his breath. Nothing happened. Bones sighed and got out of bed.



Kirk yawned, sat up, rubbed his eyes, and looked at a very angry, very pink McCoy.

"April Fools, Bones!" he said.

"So you are responisble for the cans of spray paint." growled Bones.

"Well, who'd ya think rigged that up? Spock?" Kirk got out of bed. "Where is he anyway?"

"Showering, otherwise I would be, and you can use your own credits to replace my sheets and pajamas!"

"But it's washable." said Kirk. Spock came out of the bathroom, His expression was as emotionless as usual, which made the fact his hair was bright red even funnier.

"James, Where did the bathroom mirror go?" he asked. Jim and Bones started laughing.

"I fail to see what is humorous about a missing mirror. I assume one of you removed it?"

"No." said Kirk, who had stopped laughing. "You Bones?"

"I didn't either. I was a good starfleet cadet and didn't play any pranks on anyone." said Bones. "But I sure wish I'd been responsible for this one."

"Again, what is humorous about a missing mirror?" asked Spock, raising his eyebrow.

"It's not the mirror, it's what you can't see because the mirror is gone." said Kirk. "And that, is that your hair is red."

"Really red." added Bones.

"Cherry red."

"More like strawberry."

"Actually, now that I think about it, like tomatoes."

"Yeah, defintely tomatoe."

"Now that you have agreed on the shade of my hair, would one of you please admit to this prank?" said Spock.

"I didn't do it." said Bones. "But I wish I had. I'm gonna go shower and get all this pink off."

"Make sure whoever did this didn't put dye in anyone else's soap." said Kirk.

"And the whole things erupted, white gunk flying everywhere! Turned out to be mashed potatoes. Guess who did it?" Kirk had been telling Bones and Spock at lunch about the various pranks of the day.

"Scotty?" guessed Bones.

"Nope! Chekov."

"That little kid? Well wait 'till ya here what Christine did to our teacher in earth medicine."

"Miss Chapel played a practical joke on your professor?" asked Spock, adjusting the hat he was wearing.

"Yeah, why?"

"She does not seem to be the type of person who would."

"Who would what?" asked someone. the trio turned aorund to see Christine standing there.

"Hey Christine. I was telling Kirk and the hobgoblin here what you did in class."

"Oh, that. It was entirely Janice's idea, but she didn't want to actually do it." she sat down. "I made a plate of cookies and put a note one them saying 'these are for you because you'll deserve them after having to deal with everyone's April Fool's jokes. Then put them on the professor's desk. The cookies had something in them to make him puke. Well he ate five of them and then bolted out of the classroom, yelling 'class dismissed.'"

"I think Janice deserves a nice meal tomorrow night." said Kirk. "I'm gonna go find her." and he walked off.

"I gotta go too, left my PADD in the study hall." that left just Christine and Spock.

"Spock?" said Christine. "Why are you wearing a hat?"

"Because I did not wish to cause a disturbance.

"How would your hair cause a disturbance?"

"At some point yesterday or last night. Someone entered our room and out red hair dye in the soap." said Spock. "James believes it was Finnegan."

"I dinnae do it." said Finnegan walking past. "I haven't done a single thing ta Jimmy boy yet today."

"This would not have been a practical joke played on him, just peformed in our quarters." said Spock.

"I dinnae rig anything up in yer quarters either. Probably should have though, eh no matter. see ya later Hobgoblin." Finnegan kept walking.

"Spock, I know who did it." said Christine. She was blushing

Why am I sitting her right next to him about to tell him something that will make him upset? Why can't I ahve something good to tell him, something to make him happy?


Spock, Kirk and McCoy were sitting on there beds that evening. Spock and Kirk and managed to handel the day pretty well, avoiding most of the pranks people had tried to play on them, or at least the messy ones. Bones hadn't been so lucky.

"I showered twice and broken five combs trying to get it out." he groaned, "And it is still in my hair. Why can't the people around here put buckets of water on top of doors instead of weird stuff like marshmallow cream?"

"This is why we let you go in first." said Kirk. "Spock doesn't care about his hair, and my hair is just too good to mess up. By the way, I think we should burn the clothes you wore today, nothing could get them clean."

"Agreed, about the only thing not on them is toxic waste, and I'm not even sure there isn't anything toxic on them."

"Hey, at leats there weren't any VH-4 incidents today. Hye what's that?" said Kirk. He pulled a strange book off the shelves.



'Speak of the devil." said Bones, looking at his now green roommate.

"FINNEGAN!" Yelled Kirk.

"You have no proof it was Finnegan." said Spock. Kirk showed him the cover of the book, it had a note taped to the cover that said 'April Fools Jimmy-boy. Finnegan'

"I wish he'd fall off the golden gate bridge." said Kirk.

"James, Leonard. The incident wiht the hair dye this morning was not Finnegan's fault." said Spock, changing the subject

Who's fault was it then?" asked McCoy.

"Uhura and Chapel."

"WHAT!" said Kirk. "Why?"

"Because of what you did to their room last year."

"But we already paid for that." said Bones. Those girls know how to hold a grudge!

"Apparently they thought my shampoo belonged to James."

"I guess I'm apologizing to them again tomorrow." said Kirk. he rubbed his face, the green came off. "Hey! it's not VH-4! It comes off!" He ran tog o shower. Bones sighed and went back to combing his hair.

Why do people always prank me? Do I have some big sign I can't see taped to my forehead that says 'scapegoat'? Well, at least this will eventually come out, Spock has to live with red hair until he can get some black dye. My roommates are insane. My life is insane. He looked around I love my life.

"Well, we suvived April Fools." said Jim the next morning. He was playing a song called 'Party Rock' on the radio.

"Speak for yourself." said Bones, still miserable from the day before.

"There is one thing I still do not understand." said Spock. "Is this an annual ocurrence?"

"Yep! We get to do it every year!" said Kirk. "When I'm captain of a starship, I think I'll allow pranks."

"I'll make sure to be on the other side of the galaxy." said Leonard.

"Lighten up, Bones."

"No! You're a menace, and I am not going to be on campus next year!"

"You were not harmed in any way yesterday, therefore you're response is illogical." commented Spock

"Shut it! I have every right to be upset!"

"But Bones-" began Kirk

"Nope! Not listening! LALALALALALALA!" Spock watched as his two roommate fought. He had managed to avoid several practical jokes yesterday. Kirk had told him for emotional beings, pranks could be good. Humorous for the person who had set it up, and an excuse to play a prank for the person who was 'pranked'.

"Bones, come one Bones. You're nor being fair at all!" pouted James.



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