Spock sat at his desk, looking at the computer screen. On the screen was his mother.

Once a month, she insisted on calling him, despite that there was no logical reason to. Spock wondered is his father had told her this. If he had, she obviously had disregarded him in this case.

"And how are your roommates?" she asked.

"They are both healthy, and doing well in school, to the extent of my knowledge." answered Spock. "James broke the device Leonard and I gave to him so he could listen to music without us hearing it. The music he enjoys is...odd."

"It's fine to say if you don't like it." said Amanda

"I find it disruptive." replied Spock. "The new school year will begin soon on Vulcan. Have you chosen whether or not to continue teaching?"

"Well, your father and I have discussed it at length, Spock." she said. "I'm renewing my contract with the school for one more year. But after that, I'll most likely be done." said Amanda. "You're to young to remember, but my teaching was only supposed to be temporary, a year or two. I've taught for twenty-one years now." The door opened. Kirk and Bones came in, chattering.

"Excuse me for a moment." said Spock to his mother. He got up and went over to his roommates. "Both of you have to leave." he whispered, and pushed them toward the door.

"Hey! What the heck, Spock?" said Bones. "This is our room too!"

"Both of you agreed not to be here this afternoon." said Spock.

"There's nothing to do." said Kirk. "You didn't tell us what you were doing, so how could we know if it was all that bad to come back?"

"Spock?" came Amanda's voice. "Are those your friends? Tell them to come over here, I want to meet them." All three boys walked over to the computer.

"Mother," began Spock. "This is James, and Leonard."Spock gestured to each of his roommates in turn.

"Hello, Ma'am." said Bones.

"Hello, Mrs. Sarek." said James.

"Amanda will do just fine." she said. "I've wanted to meet both of you, but neither of you ever seem to be around when Spock and I talk. Now, I know one of you is a medical student, but I simply cannot remember which one."

"That'd be me." said Bones. "I'm aiming to be a ship's surgeon."

"Isn't that nice, I'm sure starfleet can use plenty of good doctors." said Amanda. "And what about you, James?"

"Jim is fine, Mrs. Amanda. And I want to be a starship captain." said Kirk. "You're from America, aren't you?"

"Yes, from what used to be Michigan." she said.

"I'm from Iowa and Bones is from Georgia."

"Bones is what Jim calls me." explained Bones. "Sure beats Leonard in any case."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that. Leonard is a nice name." said Amanda. "I thought about naming Spock that."

"Really?" said both Kirk and McCoy. Spock stepped inbetween his roommates. He knew that his mother was going to tell a story and wanted to be able to change the topic if need be.

"Among other ones. My husband and I had decided that if Spock had a more Vulcan appearance he'd receive a Vulcan name. More human, then a human name. Spock obviously ended up being more Vulcan outwardly. I suppose it doesn't matter then what his name could've been."

Spock forced down a burst of relief, it was illogical to be pleased his mother was not telling his roommates stories about him.

"Still, growing up on Vulcan couldn't have been entirely easy, right?" said Leonard. "I really don't mean to sound rude, but didn't Spock play at all? Or have a pet or something?"

"Leonard," interjected Spock. "Having a pet does not imply emotions. Many Vulcan children are given animals to care for in order to learn responsibility and discipline."

"I wouldn't say that so readily, Spock. You weren't entirely detached from I'Chaya. " said Amanda.

"Who's I-Chaya?" asked Jim.

"My childhood pet, long dead." said Spock.

"Yes, a sehlat. Native to Vulcan." said Amanda. "Honestly, Spock doted on her. He'll say he wasn't, that he was kind because she was old. But I doubt any other children showed their sehlat such affection. But it was hard not to like I-Chaya, so gentle, not that you could tell looking at her."

"Why?" asked McCoy.

"Sehlats are simlilar to large earth bears, only with fangs." said Spock. "Wild ones are highly agressive."

"Wow, and Vulcan kids keep them as pets?" said Kirk. "I have a big old black mutt back home that looks like it could barrel over anyone under five feet. But the size of a bear?"

"Yes, James. But I doubt my mother wishes to converse about I-Chaya." said Spock.

"It's alright, Spock. They're just curious, since I doubt you've told them much your life on Vulcan."

"I have no logical reason to."

"And there's his reason for almost everything." said Bones. "that's why he won't go into town as often as me and Jim, it's why he won't eat candy, it's why he won't date Christine-" Spock almost slapped a hand over Leonard's mouth.

"Who's Christine?" asked Amanda.

"Christine Chapel. She's one of the medical students. She very nice and sweet, and polite, and intelligent." said Jim. "And she likes animals."

"Why, Spock, she sounds wonderful. Why haven't you mentioned her before?" asked Spock's mother.

"I had no reason to mention her any more than I had a reason to mention any of my other classmates."

"If you say so, Spock." said Spock's mother, with a tone that implied she didn't believe him.

"I am telling you the truth." said Spock.

"Yes, dear. I believe you." replied Amanda. "Oh, I just remembered. I read something the other day, Spock. There's an Earth treat, called chocolate that you should-" Jim laughed.

"Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. I know. But we've had a run-in with chocolate."

"Two." corrected Bones. "No wait, three. The mouthwash prank." Amanda smiled.

"Well, I hope Spock wasn't much of a handful after having some chocolate."

"Well the first time he passed out after wrecking the room, the second time he was just kinda acting like a normal human. And the last time, it was sorta like dealing with a little kid." said Jim. Spock wanted to groan, it was an illogical thing to want, but did his mother need to know all this? She might tell his father.

"I have to go. It was nice meeting both of you." said Amanda.

"You too, Ma'am." said Leonard.

"It's nice to know Spock has some good friends." said Amanda. "Peace and long life, Spock." she put up her hand in the Vulcan salute.

"Live long and prosper, mother." replied Spock. And he cut off the connection.

"Well," Jim sat down. "Your mother is really nice."

"I can't imagine why you didn't want us to meet her." added Leonard.

"There was no-" began Spock.

"-Logical reason for us to. We know." said Jim. "I think you were worried that she was going to embarass you."

"I am not able to be embarassed." said Spock.

"Besides," said Bones. "I'm pretty sure, we're the ones who embarassed him. Or at least annoyed him"

"True." agreed Kirk. "Spock? Are you annoyed we mentioned Christine? And the chocolate? I'd be annoyed if you guys talked to my mom and told her some of the stuff I've been up to."

"Same here." said Bones.

"I am not annoyed or embarrassed by either of you." Spock knew that somewhere under his emotional control, this probably wasn't entirely true.

"Why had she called anyway?" asked Jim.

"We converse once a month. We have been since I left Vulcan. I do not understand her need to speak with me, however she is a Human so I cannot expect pure logic from her like a would a Vulcan. If she feels more emotionally secured knowing what I have been doing and that I am fine, I do not mind her communiques."

"Why Spock, that has to be the closest thing to something kind and generous I have ever heard you say." said Bones. Kirk sat up straight and slapped his forehead.

"I'm an idiot! My mom's birthday is next week, and I hadn't even thought about it. Come on you two, you're helping me pick out a gift." he stood up and grabbed both of his roommate's wrists and pulled them to the door before letting go, dashing out followed by McCoy and Spock.

"Why do we have to go with you?" asked Leonard.

"Because I don't want to go shopping by myself! I'll look like an idiot."

"You are an idiot." grumbled McCoy.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear you." said Kirk. "Come on, Spock." Spock followed Jim and Bones out of the building. Yes, they were illogical, often disruptive, and if he was going to be completely honest with himself, occasionally vexing. But like his mother had called them, they were his friends.

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