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Cassandra's P.O.V:

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring. I slammed my fist on top of it, shutting it up. Forever. It was 6:30am, and school started at 8. Percy got us a car, well, Hermes did, last night. Hermes stole it for Percy and I. I was happy we didn't have to walk to school. Not that the rain bothered me, it's just that I didn't want people to wonder why we were perfectly dry.

I got dressed in jeans, and a NYC sweatshirt. I headed down stairs, and made Percy and I breakfast. Eggs and sausage. I brushed my teeth, and made sure I had everything. Tyson's backpack and ring, Athena's bracelet, Annabeth's books, and my necklace from my father. I was ready for school.

Percy and I were driving to Forks High... Home of the Spartans. I bursted out laughing, so did Percy. I realised that a group of people were staring at Percy and I like we just took their favorite weapon. These people looked like they were blessed by Aphrodite. There were six of them. One of them was obviously normal, but pretty none the less.

Percy saw that they were staring at us, and he pulled me twards the main office.

Edward's P.O.V

I just picked up Bella, and we walked over to my family. Rose was talking to Emmett, and Alice was just doing whatever Alice does. Jasper was forced to look uncomfortable, looking at the humans.

I sighed, then a newer car came into the parking lot. The car was nowhere near as new as my family's cars, but newer. Just then, a short girl with stick straight, black hair came out of the car, followed by a boy with short black hair. They looked like brother and sister.

Alice froze, looking at them, and my ability to read minds was blocked. Jasper looked at Alice with concern.

"Alice, what did you see?" He asked.

"Nothing." She said, looking at Jasper.

"What?" Emmett asked, looking at the new kids. "Is it them?"

Alice nodded. "I- there's something up with them..."

I looked at the new kids, as they dissapeared inside the school.

Cassandra's P.O.V:

Percy and I got our times tables, and we had all the same classes, except English and Calc. Well, that will be bad. Stupid dyslexia. Well, this will be interesting.

It so happened to be that I had English first. Yay... note the sarcasm. I handed the note to the teacher, and he made me introduce myself.

"Hi, I'm Cassandra Jackson, I prefer Cassie. One thing about me is, I have a big family, and a twin brother." I said smirking. Yeah, a big immortal family.

I was sitting next to some random kid, that I didn't bother to talk to. The teacher was talking about idioms, and I really wasn't listning. Stupid ADHD...

"Ms. Jackson? Answer the question. What mistake was made!" He was mad. Oh, Hades...

"Σκατά!" I cursed. I realised a boy from this morning was staring at me oddly. He was the huge one, the one with the muscles.

It was hard to answer the question when it looked like: oHw is het coetnientlea SU ifedfrtn mrof... My head hurt, so I gave up.

"I'm dyslexic..." I mumbled.

"What was that?" Mr. What's-his-face asked.

"I'm dyslexic." I said, still quiet. What was I supposed to say? My brain is hotwhired for Ancient Greek?

"Speak up Ms. Jackson!" He snapped.

"I'm dyslexic! What so you want me to say? I can't freaking read! Θέλετε να το τρίψετε στο ηλίθιο δάσκαλο!" (Wanna rub it in, stupid teacher!)

"What?" He asked confused.

"Θέλετε να το τρίψετε στο ηλίθιο δάσκαλο?" I asked now calmed down.

"What language is that?" He asked interested.

"Uh... Spanish?" I face palmed myself mentally. Spanish? Really?

"Spanish? I have never heard that before... I speak Spanish too." He said knowing I lied.

"Di Immortales!" I mumbled to myself. Please help dad!

He went back to teaching. I was relieved, when the bell rang. I ran to my next class. I told Percy everything that happened in English. We were in History right now. One of my good classes. I was happy. We were acaully learing about Greek Mythology. Percy and I smirked as the other kids groaned.

"Now, can someone name the 'Big Three'?" He asked calling on a kid in front of me.

"Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus." Both Percy and I flinched at their names.

I was looking out the sky, wondering if Zeus would react to his name... Nothing.

History came and went, and before I knew it, it was lunch. Insert groan here.

"Έτσι, νομίζετε ότι ο Δίας θα μας αφήσει έξω από αυτήν την τρύπα κόλαση σύντομα?" I asked. (So, do you think Zeus wil let us leave this hell hole soon?)

"Πραγματικά δεν ξέρω... Ελπίζω τουλάχιστον." Percy responded. (I don't really know... I hope so at least)

Percy and I stopped talking in Ancient Greek, when the short pixie girl, and a brunette came to our table.

"Hi! I'm Alice, and she's Bella! Do you guys mind if we sit with you?" Alice asked, pointing over to our table. I looked at Percy, and we both nodded.

Alice was a happy girl who seemed to be full of entergy. Alice had short black hair, that was in spikes. She was about the same height as I was.

'Yes! I'm not the only short one now!' I thought to myself.

Bella was very different from Alice. She had long brown hair, and big brown eyes. Sometimes I wish I had brown eyes, but I had my father's sea green.

Bella seemed timid, and shy, whereas Alice was a ball of entergy. I was used to hyper people by now, spending a few years in a summer camp full of demigods with ADHD has some good things.

I couldn't help but notice that the Cullens were... different. Their eyes, were like liquid gold, and they had very pale skin. It was... odd.

I couldn't help but relate to Bella, she seemed out of place somehow, just like me. I felt that way when I was in school in England.

I had a feeling we would be good friends in the end. Alice too, but not as close. They would never be as close as Annabeth and I.

From around the room, I could hear whispers about Percy and myself. It felt awkward, with all the people staring at us. It was like we were some type of science experiment. I felt the same way when Poseidon claimed me as his daughter. All the campers stared at me like I had grown a second head, well except Percy.

"So, what's your name?" Alice asked, staring at our eyes.

"I'm Perseus, and this is Cassandra. We prefer Percy and Cassie." Percy said, not wanting anymore questions.

"So, where you from?" Bella asked, looking down at her food.

"Long Island." I said, just like it was nothing.

"Oh, so did you move here with your mum and dad?" Alice asked, probablly thinking if our parents would get along.

"No." Percy said, irritated now.

"So, what happened to them?" Bella asked, concerned.

"Our mother is still in New York, and our father... Has, work to do." I said trying not to snicker at this comment.

"Oh, what does he do?" Alice asked. Always full of questions, now arn't we?

"He... uh, takes care of all the animals in the sea. Ya know, cleaning up oil spills?" I asked, trying not to laugh, along with Perce.

"That's... interesting. So do you like to swim and stuff?" Bella asked.

"You have no idea." Percy said, smirking at her confused face.

I looked over to Alice and Bella's table, and saw Edgar- I think that's his name, staring at us. It was really creepy. I had an odd feeling about him, so I grabbed ahold of my necklace. Percy saw this action, and pulled out Riptide. Alice saw my necklace and stared at it in awe.

"That is a beautiful necklace, where'd you get it?" She squeaked, looking at it.

"It was a gift... from my father." I said, still staring at Edgar and the rest of the weird kids.

"Oh, that's my family. Come on, I'll introduce them to you!" She said enthusciastically. She grabbed my arm, and I couldn't help but feel the coldness of her hand, and how hard it was. I gasped, and drew my arm back.

"Sorry." Alice said more to herself than to me. I had an odd feeling it was to her family, because they nodded at her. I stared at her oddly.

"Hey this is Cassie and that's Percy. They just moved here from Long Island." Alice said, nodding to Percy and myself.

"Hi. Nice to meet you. Edgar right?" I said pointing to Edgar... aka Mr. I'm-gonna-stare-at-you-like-a-creep.

"Edward." He said, still staring. Now I can call him Edweird.

"Who are you guys?" I asked. I recognised the brunette that had all the muscles from my English class.

"I'm Emmett, that's Jasper and Rosalie." He said pointing to the two blondes. Rosalie looked like she was blessed by Aphrodite. Jasper had that Apollo look to him, and Emmett looked like an Ares kid. My brain was working a million miles an hour. I could only really compare them to the only thing I knew. Greek gods.

Emmett seemed like we would get along fair enough, but Rosalie... She seemed to hate the world. Soon enough, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Edweird was still staring at us when Percy and I left. Talk about awkward. Bella followed us.

"What class do you guys have next?" She asked, dumping her rubbish.

"Biology." I said sweetly.

"Cool. Edward and I have that too." She said. Insert groan here. I don't like Edgar, or Edweird, or whatever. I am never good with names.

"Yeah, do you wanna lead the way?" I asked, hoping they wern't really in that class. She just nodded.

"Hey. I have a friend down in La Push. He and some others are going cliff diving... Wanna go? He said I could invite some people." Bella asked, smiling.

"Cliff diving... We're in!" Percy exclaimed, excided. Since we are the children of Poseidon, it is in our nature to like anything to do with diving or water.

Once we made it to the classroom, the teacher made us introduce ourselves. Grrrr. I already introduced myself in English.

"Okay, I'm Cassandra, and this is my twin brother Perseus." I said pointing to Percy.

"We prefer Percy and Cassie." He said to the teacher.

"One thing about myself is... uh... I spend my summers at a camp. So does Percy." I said, sitting down. Percy sat next to me.

The teacher started to write things up on the board, but they were floating off. I groaned, and rubbed my temples, Percy did the same. The teacher, Mr. Banner was looking at us weird, then he came over to our table.

"Ms. Jackson? Mr. Jackson? What's the problem?" He whispered, so no other student could hear.

"We're dyslexic." Percy whispered back. I looked at Edgar, and he was turned, giving me and Percy an odd look. Mr. Banner just nodded.

I stared back at Edgar. This dude was getting on my nerves.

The last class of the day came. Physical Education. My favorite. Percy and I went to the P.E. teacher and he said the most terrifying thing anyone could say.

Cassandra Jackson, Perseus Jackson? We've been expecting you." I grabbed my necklace, and Percy grabbed his pen. I was horrified. That's what monsters always said before they attacked. The only thing that really puzzled me was that he never said anything about being the children of Poseidon.

Like 'What beautiful eyes. They remind me of your father.' or 'You look just like your father.' It always creeped me out.

"So, I'm happy to have new kids at Forks." He said, and I relaxed. Percy put Riptide away, and we went to change. Percy came out of the men's locker rooms, coughing.

"It smells worse than the Aphrodite cabin in there." He said. Boys and their man perfume... The girl's locker room wasn't that bad. It smelt of sweet pea, but I preferd the scent of the sea.

The gym teacher announced we were playing dodge ball, and Percy and I were excided. I loved dodge ball. My battle strength always came out the best then. In school, Gym was about the most useful thing for an ADHD brain. I was thrilled.

I saw Bella over by the girl's side of the gym, while Perce went over to the boys. I walked over to Bella, and saw she was just by herself. "Hey Bella." I said, casually.

"Oh, hey Cassie. We're going cliff diving tomorrow, since it's a Saturday." She said, the excitement in her eyes.

"Okay, that'll work for Percy and I. What time?" I asked.

"Um... around noonish? My friend Jake said we could eat at his friend's house." She said, smiling when she said this 'Jake's' name. I nodded in agreement.

"So. Do you like Gym?" I asked, excided as the guys lined up all the dodge balls.

"Not really. I'm a big klutz." She said, smiling.

"Okay, so dodge ball isn't your sport." I said and she nodded. The coach signaled that we were about to start, and he blew the whistle. I sprinted up to get a ball, and nailed a jock in the chest. Hard. I saw Percy throwing them fast, yet gentle at the girls.

I saw a ball comming straight at me, and caught it. I saw the guy whe throw it walk over to the bleachers. I smirked, and threw the ball at another kid, hitting him in the leg. It was down to Percy and I. Bella got out a long time ago. I threw a dodge ball at Percy's feet, and he jumped. He threw a ball at my chest, and to avoid it, I did a backbend. I heard someone gasp. Darn battle reflexes.

I got back up, and threw another ball at Percy's leg. This time he was to slow. He got hit. I heard the whistle being blew, signaling the end of the game. I walked over to Percy, and told him good job.

"I'll get you next time... Shorty." Percy laughed.

"I. Am. Not. Short!" I yelled.

"Oh, how tall are you?" He asked, smirking.

"Like 4'11" or 5'..." I trailed off, thinking.

Percy picked me up, and passed me to another boy, I knew as Mike.

"Damn girl, your skinny." He said, and I punched him in the jaw. Ouch. Well, he let me down.

I heard the final bell ring, and I got dressed. I saw Percy comming out of the guy's locker room, and I jumped on his back. "Away my great stallion, away!" I shouted, and Percy laughed. He was used to my weirdness by now.

He gave me a piggy back ride to the car, and I hopped off, getting in the driver's seat. Percy of corse picked me up, and put me in the other seat. I pouted.

"Oh yeah, Bella said we can go cliff diving tomorrow at noon. We are eating at her friend's house." I said.

"Okay." Was all the responce I got to that. "Wanna train?" He asked, and I nodded. I decided I was going to work on archery first, then sword fighting with Percy. I got a bulls eye almost every time, where as Percy... Not so much.

When we were sword fighting, I used my new sheild. It worked like a charm, and I won.

That night, I fell asleep with sore muscles, and an excitement for tomorrow's cliff diving.