One Friday afternoon...

"Not happening." Sarah replied, sitting back down at the dining room table to re-examine some paperwork on a possible Skynet lead.

"It would only require approximately three hours of your time," Cameron responded back, taking a few steps closer to Sarah, who refused to look back up at her.

"You're here to protect my son and help us stop the end of the world from happening, not to watch corny Hollywood chick flicks," Sarah declared as she began shuffling through her papers.

"Technically the film is classified as a romantic comedy." Cameron countered.

"I don't care. I don't want to see it." Sarah snapped, licking her index finger in order to fix two of the pages that had gotten stuck together, trying to keep her attention focused on something other than the machine standing in front of her. Cameron was wearing one of her spaghetti strap tank tops and short jean shorts and her petite frame was hovering a little too close to Sarah for comfort.

Cameron stood in silence for a few seconds before she responded again. "Aren't you a chick?"

Sarah let out a sigh before finally meeting eyes with the Terminator. "What?"

"You said the movie was a chick flick. Isn't 'chick' a slang term for a woman?" Cameron asked as she stared blankly at Sarah, speaking as usual in a tone mostly bereft of inflections.

"Doesn't matter. I'm not a 'chick'. I don't want to be called one." Sarah replied before again turning back to her papers. Though these awkward conversations with the cyborg weren't anything new, they didn't seem to be getting any less tedious.

"Do you find it offensive? I apologize if I…"

"No, Cameron, I don't find it offensive. Just a personal preference." Sarah said, cutting her off. "Got it?" She asked, meeting eyes with the Terminator again and giving her a fake smile.

"Thank you for explaining," Cameron responded as she turned to leave.

"Why would you ask me, anyway? John doesn't want to go?" Sarah couldn't decide whether the thought of her son's bionic protector dragging him to see a romantic comedy was more amusing or disturbing.

"He told me to ask you," she replied, stopping to face Sarah again.

"He did, did he? Why can't you just go by yourself then, if this is so important?"

"I would like someone to accompany me, in case I have questions about the film afterward."

"What kind of questions?" Sarah was somewhat curious as to what exactly the cyborg might feel the need to inquire about some mindless comedy movie.

"Questions about the dynamics of romance and relationship building. I also want to increase my knowledge of humor and it's influence on interpersonal communication."

"Why is that something you need to be concerned with?"

"They are not topics I feel I currently have an adequate amount of data on."

Sarah couldn't help but assume this must be related to John's new relationship with Riley, the perky blonde who'd come into his life seemingly out of nowhere. It would certainly make sense, but the more information Cameron continued to learn about human behavior, the better she was going to become at infiltrating, and manipulating people, which wasn't something Sarah was exactly comfortable with. Not that she was entirely comfortable even having Cameron around in the first place. "So read a book."

"I've already completed six novels recently, now I would prefer to see events play out in a live-action setting."

Sarah rolled her eyes.

"The film has garnered a considerable amount of favorable reviews, earning an 86% rating on rotten tomatoes dot com. I think you might possibly enjoy it, Sarah."

"Cameron, do you understand the word 'no'?" Sarah attempted to end the conversation as she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"I think you should go, Mom." John interjected as he entered the room, not making eye contact with his mother or Cameron, but instead beelining for the pantry to grab a pack of Slim Jims.


"It was my idea." John replied with a slight smirk as he turned to face his mother and the cyborg. "You've been spending a lot of time working on leads lately. You should take a break. What if the movie's actually good? Maybe it'll help you unwind a little." He meant it sincerely, but realized too late how that statement probably sounded.

Sarah wasn't sure exactly how to take it. "Why, do I seem wound up to you?" She asked back, with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Sorry, Mom, I just uh…"

"Don't answer that. You know what? Fine. I'll go see this stupid movie with Cameron, but for my trouble, you two are dusting and vacuuming the house tomorrow."

"The whole house?" John asked.

"Yes, the whole house." Sarah clarified.

"Ok, deal." John replied, giving Cameron a quick nod as she turned to glance blankly at him. He was mildly amused by the idea of the terminator and his mother going on a movie date together, but also had ulterior motives. He had already planned to invite Riley over tonight, so they'd have the house to themselves since Derek supposedly wouldn't be back until tomorrow either. At least for a little while they wouldn't have to tolerate anyone giving them dirty looks or interfering with whatever may or may not happen while they hung out together.

Sarah turned her attention back to Cameron. "Ok, Girlie, find a decent showtime for tonight, by that I mean not too late, and you're driving."

The cyborg was already a step ahead. "There's a showing tonight at 5:40 at the local theater."

"Dinner's going to be late by the time we get back." Sarah responded, turning her attention to John.

"Don't worry about it, Mom. Why don't you two just stop somewhere nice on the way back? I can fend for myself for one night." he responded, hoping to buy some more alone time for himself and Riley.

"Don't be ridiculous, Cameron doesn't even eat… Well, not much anyway."

"I'll just have a bite of whatever you order if that's ok. I don't mind stopping." Cameron interjected.

Sarah gave the cyborg an odd look before she turned back to her son, who was snickering as he took a bite of one of his Slim Jims. "You think this is funny don't you?"

"Why would I think that?" he teased.

"That's ok. Don't worry, I'll add some more chores to my list for both of you to do this weekend."

"Hey, you can't add to the deal! We already agreed on it!" John protested.

"I never agreed to have dinner with Tin Miss."

"Come on, it's not gonna kill you."

"It might. Either way, Derek better not find out about this."

John chuckled. "Your secret's safe with me." He promised as he and Cameron exited the room, leaving Sarah alone to wonder exactly why the hell she'd agreed to this.