Alright, this is my first Shake It Up! fanfic. It's just a cute little one shot that I came up with this 5 minuets after I saw the epsiode with the True Teen Life thing. I thought that this might be fun to do. So I asked myself 'What if CeCe and Gunther really did have a thing for each other?' Then I asked the question 'What if they were secreatly dating?' And voila! This story was born. So read and review!

Every one was gone. Even Tinka had left in a fit of rage because of the True Teen Life epsiode. It was one of those rare moments when CeCe and Gunther were alone. And that's how they wanted it.

They sat there, waiting about thirty seconds after Rocky left. They waited another few seconds, making sure that Flynn was in bed, asleep. When they heard the sound of snoring, they knew that they were in the clear.

CeCe practicaly threw herself at Gunther abd when their lips touched, they both groaned. Gunther slipped of the red heads green vest, while she removed her boyfriends black and zebra print one.

Gunther laid her back on the red couch so that he could still kiss her. His hands ran through her long, silky, red curls, while her hands ran down the abs that he had joked about earlier. "God, Cece," he groaned as her lips moved toward his neck, kissing the sweet spot that she knew was on his Adam's apple.

The accented boy pulled his girlfriends lips from his neck, back up to his own mouth for more kisses. Slowly, their kisses died down, untill they were giving each other gentle pecks every now and then.

Gunther suddenly sat up on the Jones's couch, panting, making the black and white zebra print G on his yellow shirt stand out even more. CeCe sat up as well, looking at her secret boyfriend in concern. "What's wrong?" She asked him.

"It's Tinka," he responded. He now had his cell phone, reading a text from his twin sister, asking where he was. The redheaded dancer nodded at her forigen boyfriend, and gave him a kiss on the check. They were both glad that Tinka hadn't been there when True Teen Life tried to show them off as a couple. She (and the rest of the world) may not know that they were a real couple yet, but she might suspect if she saw that part. The lie about the jacket, the protesting, and the flirting was some of the best acting that they's done yet.

Gunther stood up, grabbing his vest, and walking to the door. "We are still on for Friday night, right, baby?" Gunther said, drawing out the last word.

CeCe nodded, and got up too, following him to the door. She kissed his cheek. "When are we going to tell everyone? I hate keeping this from Rocky, and I know that it's killing you sneaking around behind Tinka's back."

Gunther sighed. "I do not know. All I know is that I love being with you."

CeCe smiled at the blonde male dancer. "I'll see you around, Hessenheffer." Then she closed the door.

As the star crossed dancers lay in their own beds that night (CeCe's mom would kill them if she caught Gunther in her daughter's bed, or found out that CeCe had slept over with a boy), they fell asleep dreaming of each other. And one day, they would tell every one. Just not yet.

Alright what did you think? I'm sorry if there are any errors or anything in this story. I admit to the fact that I failed spelling in the second grade. And the third. And to those of you who hate the thought of CeCe and Gunther, don't get mad at me. I think that, with time, they might make a really cute couple. Anyway, please leave a review. Thanks! I love you all.