Harvey was about to collapse on hhe couch after a long day at work. But rather than Eli waiting eagerly at the door where he normally would be, He was sprawled out on the floor, crawling in an almost animal like manor.
"Umm... Hun? You ok?"
Eli glared up at him, a hint of crazy in his eye.
"The floor its like- Its moving Harvey! Come here... Listen. I can hear my heartbeat from downstairs!"
This worried Harvey. Psychology major or not- everyone has a breaking point and Eli has just been tipped off the edge.
"HEY! Hey, Boo!..Boo. Bababanana Boo. I feel like Im at the dentist."
Eli giggled and lay flat on his back, opening his mouth and began poking his tongue until he bit his finger.
Just as Harvey was about to call someone, he got a whiff of an eerily familiar skunky, musty scent that reminded him all too well of high school. But /Eli/? Elid never dare put anything like that in his mouth...
"Harvey! Do you wanna have sex. Cause I do. I reeeeally do. And I want to... OH!"
Eli gasped, looking extreemly excited about what he was about to say next.
"Lets do it upsiddown... like Spiderman or- or something. But dont forget a condom I dont wanna get PREGGERSSSS!"
With that he trailed off into a laugh one could only describe as maniacal. There was no doubt in Harveys mind that his boyfriend was definitely Did he even know how to smoke? Before Harvey could finish his thoughts, Eli seemed to snake up his leg, grabbing his shoulders and back him to a wall.
"Lets fuck, lover boy... Your hair is so pretty today, Boo- Ohh. I think Im gonna throw up again... Nevermind!"
Eli gave Harveys hair a good tug before collapsing into a fit of giggles. Harvey'd had enough.
"Eli! Eli what the hell have you been smokin hon?"
Eli responded with a giggle, sinking back to the floor and proceeded to spit in his hand, inspecting it.
"Woah... Oh! Oh right! Ummm... Um. A stick. I smoked a stick. Mark called it pot which is stupid cause its not a pot. Its a stick... I think. Think... HAH! Thats a fun word... ANYWAY, Mark had some. My report card came in the mail and I started freaking out so- so he taught me howta do it. Its /natural/ Harvey. And they kinda looked like a mini baby penis.
Eli giggles some more, trying to explain this expiriance to his boyfriend

"I like those. But these ones are all mini and like only this big And it makes your brain like Pshoo! You know? So When I opened it and found out Im graduating this year, I didnt stop breathing... I think my heart switched places with my liver... I feel it. It tickles... Like fairy kisses... LOOK AT IT... Touch my tummy!
"Harvey was taken back a bit. So- his Ex got his legal genius of a boyfriend got high so he wouldnt flip out when he looked at his report card? Hed have to thank him later ...Man he had good friends.
"Congrats hun."