Hello readers,

Yes I know I should be updating my ongoing stories, but hey, who am I to say no to a plot bunny?

So I had been thinking about my fanged series and so many people liked it that I thought, hey, why not try werewolves? I was originally going to do Romantica (since I love them so very very much...) but then I realized that I actually don't have very much Terrorist stuff up, so I wrote them instead.

Just to clarify, Okami in Japanese are literally "wolf gods/spirits." I thought their abilites fitted more of what I wanted than traditional werewolves. Plus that new trailer for "Wolf Children Ame and Yuki" was just so freaking cool and adorable that I got more than a share of inspiration.

The second part will be a lemon!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy :)



White Moon

Part I

It was just hours before dawn, and the dark woods rustled quietly as dewy fog glided through the trees, dampening the black bark. On a forest path, leaves crinkled as a lone creature paced along the rows of trees, it's dark eyes scrutinizing the unlit surroundings.

The shaggy black wolf lifted his head, inhaling the scent of the dew and eyeing the night sky that peaked subtly through the clusters of leaves. It was interesting how much the appearance of the woods changed when mere sunlight was subtracted. Almost deceiving in fact, as a newcomer would become lost in minutes without a strong sense of smell to guide him.

The wolf continued on, his form melding with the shadows as he entered a thicket. His nose twitched again and he grunted thoughtfully at the familiar smell, though his eyes slightly narrowed.

"Stupid pup." His growly voice spoke, sounding strangely human for such a fearsome animal. A light growl tickled his throat and his pace increased to a loping jog as he came to the bottom of slight hill. His bluish tongue lolled out of his mouth as he jumped to the peak, and his sides heaved a little more than he would have liked to admit. His slitted blue eyes narrowed again and he shook his shaggy body in an attempt to convince himself that he wasn't as old as he felt. Though when he began to walk again, it was at a much slower pace.

The large wolf finally stopped at the crest of a steep incline, his keen eyes peering down to a clearing wedged between two slick boulders. His hindquarters dropped and he sat comfortably on the forest floor, his black form well hidden in the foliage. He looked down into the clearing, and grunted haughtily at the sight.

Circling around the small area was a young golden wolf only about half his size, and the dark wolf pricked his ears forward as he heard low whines coming from the pup. The older wolf was strangely pleased at the sight and he stretched his front legs out, settling in and watching musingly from a distance.

Unlike the black creature, the young wolf was clearly visible in the dark forest, his fur closer to sunlight than the dark aura of the moon. It was strange coloring for one of their kind, considering they worshiped the moon with devotion, their gentle giver and protector in a world ruled by man and his blazing sun.

The golden wolf circled yet again, lifting his brown nose and snuffling audibly. But it seemed he did not find the scent he was looking for, as another pitiful whine echoed in the clearing. The young creature grew more irritated, finding a patch of earth and beginning to dig a hole with his small paws. When he grew tired of that, he paced over and stuck his snout in a nearby bush, and yipped in surprise as a rabbit darted out and raced across the clearing. The spry wolf dashed after it, barking up such a ruckus that the old one on the hill flinched at the noise.

With howls on his tongue, the young one chased his prey with wild instinct, but when the rabbit flashed back into the thicket, he skidded to a halt. He barked a couple more times and flagged his tail, but did not follow it.

The older wolf's eyes twitched as the pup reluctantly retreated back over to his hole, sitting next to it and looking around. Minutes ticked by and the pup's ears began to fold back.

"Awoooo!" He suddenly howled, tilting back his head and mournfully singing. When no reply came he wailed again and sank down onto his belly, quietly whining as he rested his head on his paws.

The old black wolf watched the display, a sober chuckle emanating from his steely jaws. Yes that pup was a stupid little thing, but at least he had learned his lesson. Not an hour before his youthful impatience had ruined their hunt by scaring away the prey. That the old one could forgive, after all, pups will be pups. But afterwards the golden furball had also unwisely tried to pull his elder into a wrestling match by jumping on him. The old one had deftly pulled the pup onto his stomach and put him in his place, but as a show of dominance had also commanded his charge not to leave the clearing while he headed over to the stream. And despite the amount of growl the young one had given at his departure, he had obeyed.

But now, the minutes far longer than he had anticipated, the pup began to whine and fidget, still howling in the hopes that the old one would answer.

Eventually his howls quieted to low whines, and the pup rolled onto his side and drifted off into sleep. Seeing how worked up the young one had been, the black wolf finally sighed and stood, heading down the incline with barely a noise. He soundlessly paced over to his young charge, staring incredulously at the curled up pup who twitched restlessly even as he dreamed.

The old one leaned down and gave a long lick to one of the golden ears, watching as the pup was slowly roused from his sleep.

The young one whined slightly as he opened his eyes, only to give an involuntary yip as he saw the older wolf's face.

"Miyagi!" He barked, jumping up and wagging his tail as the familiar scent of the black one flooded his snout.

The old one grunted appreciately, sitting down and lifting a hind leg to scratch one of his ears. He glanced up through the foliage of the trees, where the white moon was shinning like an angelic beacon. However, its glow was beginning to wane, and the old one knew it was time.

"Shinobu." He commanded, standing on his old legs. "Change into your human form."

The golden pup cocked his head.


"We're going to near the edge of the forest soon. You should change now while you still can."

"But, we travel faster in our wolf forms…and you say we shouldn't."

"I know what I say," Miyagi growled. "But once we exit the woods we will cross the border into the flatlands. We will not have another chance. Now change."

The golden pup eyed the old one skeptically, but obeyed. Ever slowly, the two creatures morphed, their fur shortening and their spines stretching backward. Miyagi watched as the golden pup was replaced by a pale boy whose flaxen mop still stood out in the darkness. The boy caught the older man's stare and his white cheeks slightly flushed, his wolf ears pricking forward. He stared at Miyagi's naked form, taunt with weathered muscle and a keenness that only came with age. The okami looked human, save for the pointed ears and thick tail was swished behind him, but there was a ferocity in his stance that gave off a sense of untamed wildness, just like the wolf form he took.

And at the sight of the primitive strength in his older companion, Shinobu's shortened pink tongue slid out of his mouth and he panted lightly. Miyagi caught his gaze and a low growl took hold in his chest. He stepped towards the wolf boy, an entirely new type of hunt taking over his mind.

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