White Moon

Part II

"Miyagi…" Shinobu panted as Miyagi stood in front of him, his youthful face widening in awe and lust. The black wolf man let a few growls escape his throat as he reached to the back of the boy's neck, taking a handful of the golden hair and grabbing it roughly.

Miyagi's lips crashed against the boy's, his tongue demanding entrance as his other hand grabbed a small shoulder. With muffled ruffs of excitement, Shinobu gave in, letting Miyagi's long tongue lick the inside of his mouth. The golden boy's thick tail curled into an arch as he inhaled his lover's scent, and he pressed his lithe body against Miyagi's taunt muscle.

Miyagi felt himself stirring as he felt Shinobu's young flesh rub against him, and he wasted no time.

Seizing the pup's shoulders, he turned Shinobu around and pushed him against a nearby oak, pinning him against the trunk. The younger wolf initially yelped as he felt Miyagi's teeth sink into his neck, but soon relaxed as his mentor's hands began to rove around his body. The big palm dipped from the small hill of Shinobu's rib cage down to his smooth belly, while the other plucked and twisted a sensitive nipple.

Shinobu's tongue lagged out of his mouth and his breath quickened under Miyagi's petting. Little yips slipped out as the older wolf's hand roved down his thin side to the rounded curve of his ass, giving it a sharp squeeze. The other hand dropped from the pup's nipple and dipped into his groin, encircling his member.

"Ah!" Shinobu gasped as Miyagi began to stroke him. The golden boy's wolf ears laid back and he leaned heavily against the rough tree trunk, the bark scraping his soft skin. Soon the boy was all but whimpering with need, his cock hard and weeping. Miyagi was panting too, but as an older wolf, though he would never admit this, he wouldn't be aroused so easily.

Taking Shinobu's shoulders again, he turned the boy around, humming at the sight of the inebriated pup whose nipples were red from rubbing against the tree bark.

"Miyagi," Shinobu breathed, his pink tongue emerging from in between his lips. Miyagi licked his chops and bared his teeth, giving the boy a silent command. Shinobu's lips puckered into a small scowl, but when his mentor gave a growl, he obeyed.

The pup lowered himself down onto his knees and carefully took Miyagi's member in his hands, cupping his mouth around the head and lightly sucking. The black wolf sighed as he felt the pup's warm oral attentions and he closed his eyes, gently stroking Shinobu's golden hair.

Miyagi was pleased that his training and lessons had not fallen on deaf eyes. Over the past year, he had taught Shinobu everything there was to know about being an okami: how to find food and water, how to hide from humans, and how to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. And despite the pup's obstinate whines and growls, he had drank in every word. Shinobu was very attached to the old wolf, so much so that he would be a constant nuisance had Miyagi not felt the same way. In truth, Shinobu was very dear to him, even if he was still an annoying little thing. But despite little bumps in the road, the pup was growing quickly into a wolf, and Miyagi enjoyed watching him mature into adulthood.

With a firm hand, Miyagi guided Shinobu's head away from his groin, taking in the flushed, panting creature before him. Shinobu's grey eyes were lit with lust and with arousal flooding through him, Miyagi tackled the boy to the ground, capturing his mouth in another fiercesome kiss.

Shinobu melted as he felt Miyagi's weight press him into the ground, and he moaned as their engorged members touched. Before he knew it, the pup was flipped over onto his stomach and he howled breathily as he felt the black wolf's tongue lapping between his legs and around his twitching portal. The boy's hands stretched forward and gripped some of the sparse grass as he shivered and whimpered in delight.

Once he sensed that Shinobu was ready, Miyagi stretched himself over the smaller wolf, nipping lightly at the pup's wolf ear.

"Shibu…" He breathed, the tender nickname making the golden boy sigh in pleasure. But it was quickly replaced by a bark as he felt the older wolf's member slide past his ring of muscle, plunging deeper and deeper into his depths.

"Ahh! Ahh! Mi—Miyagi!" The pup howled as sparks of pain mingled with the pleasure.

"Relax," The black wolf grunted, feeling the hot tightness of Shinobu's insides. Slowly the golden pup began to steady his breaths and loosen up, and he let out a heedy moan as Miyagi began to move.

The older wolf pinned the boy's wrists down on the ground and bit his neck in an act of dominance, his teeth gently holding as he thrust rhythmically. Shinobu writhed under his touch and yelped as Miyagi began to go faster. The boy's golden tail stood up like a flag and his ears laid back as he was thoroughly pummeled, his mind barely able to form a coherent thought.

As expected the pup came within a few minutes, and collapsed against the forest floor, still gasping as Miyagi continue to thrust. Truthfully, the older wolf could've kept going a lot longer, but their brief joining had been intense for Shinobu, so he buckled down and finished quickly. Miyagi also felt sated as he lay down next to the heaving pup and gently licked his ears. Shinobu's tail gave a brief wag as he felt Miyagi's warmth as his back and the two of them settled down for a brief rest, their human skins melting back into their furry wolf forms.

The moon was on its way to the other side of the earth as the two slept, but its white glow was cast into the forest clearing, bathing the two okami in its light and blessing them for the road ahead.

The End.

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