Written for: Maggie Williams/ Cloemarrie

Written By: BabyPups Whitlock

Rating: M for language and eventual lemons

Summary/Prompt used: weddings, finding true love, heart breaks.

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The cool sea breeze catches my hair and I pull my soft wrap tighter around me against the chill as my gaze lingers on the sea, the foam topped waves glinting in the moonlight as they crash against the rocks below.

The rehearsal had gone on without a hitch and easily flowed into the dinner that followed. The echoes of laughter and soft strains of music drift to me from the open windows of the dining room that looks out on the patio.

My head spins a bit, thanks in no small part to the multiple Hemmingway daiquiris that I had consumed with my meal and my cheeks are flushed, due both to the potent combination of alcohol and the large group of people in such a small space. Inside, the meal had ended and the DJ had switched over from the soft strings that had played over dinner to louder, more contemporary fare, and people were up and out of their chairs, moving on the packed dance floor.

I had seized the opportunity to slip out the French doors and walked to the bench overlooking the bluff where I now sat, in an attempt to slow my swirling thoughts.

"Need some company?" The voice is slow and sweet, tinged with a southern drawl. My alcohol riddled brain responds in kind, immediately becoming cloudy. I glance up at him and swallow thickly. His gold hair shines softly in the moonlight and his deep grey eyes seem to twinkle.

My mouth goes dry and I nod mutely, sliding over and motioning to the vacant spot with a small smile. Jasper sits down beside me, his thigh brushing against my own, and a current running through my long neglected body at the innocent contact.

I feel my cheeks flush and am more than thankful for the darkness as I glance over at Jasper, catching his eyes on me.

"You okay there, Miss Isabella?" Jasper's tone is concerned and I nod, swallowing thickly before finding my voice.

"I'm fine, Jasper; it was just a little…" I pause delicately, searching for the right word. "Intense in there." I nod my head toward the dining room, raucous laughter and the heavy thump of bass drifting out toward us.

"You are very right about that, Miss Isabella, you are very right about that." Jasper leans back and tips his head up, glancing at the crystal clear stars.

We sit in silence for a few minutes, the soft chirp of crickets, the din of the dining room and the crashing of the waves adding to my uncharacteristic relaxation.

The music shifts slowly and the soft strains of melodic strings drifts towards us in place of the bass and the soft notes are achingly familiar, but my buzzing brain can not seem to place them, even as a haunting voice joins them.

"You can come back when you want/ just know that I'll be here/ I haven't left you yet/ and when the lights go out/ I'll pick the angel up/ I only have two hands"

The soft strings continue and I sway on the bench for a moment before rising to shaky feet, slightly unsteady, closing my eyes as I dance, pausing for a moment in front of Jasper and holding out my hand.

"Dance with me?" My words slightly slurred and surprising both myself and Jasper, whose eyes go wide for a moment before he rises to take my outstretched hand, slipping his arms around my waist as my own twine around his neck.

My eyes still closed, we sway to the music, my head resting on his shoulder, the solid feel of his chest and the spicy scent of his cologne filling my senses. Strong arms tighten around my waist and we're inches apart. I can feel the heat of his body through the filmy material of my dress. Some small voice whispers in my mind, urging me to slow down, but the rest of me, -my mind, my body-ache for some connection, for the attention and touch that it has been denied since Edward died.

Swallowing hard, I lift my head from its resting spot on Jasper's shoulder and meet his eyes for a moment before dropping my gaze to his mouth. My tongue darts out to instinctively wet my lips and I return my eyes to his, his grey eyes slightly dark and stormy.

My head buzzes, whether from the alcohol, the music, the proximity to Jasper, the longing for touch that I've been craving, or some combination of them all I'm not sure. My whirling thoughts, combined with the liquid courage, spur me on and I rise to my tiptoes and press my lips against his.

My unexpected action surprises him as well and he returns my kiss, his arms tightening to pull me flush against him, his large hands splayed across the bare skin of my back. Jasper's tongue slips over my bottom lip, seeking entrance which I gladly oblige.

I moan softly into his mouth before pulling away slightly, my chest heaving as I gasp for air. Jasper's rough fingers run along the exposed skin of my back, leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake, as his lips ghost tiny kisses along my jaw line. My body is on fire from the simple, relatively innocent actions and I long for more.

Dropping my head, I pull his lips back to mine in another kiss, this one more heated than the first. I press myself tightly against him, his body solid and hard against my own, gasping again as I feel his considerable erection pressed against my hip.



Jasper pulls back and meets my gaze, his breathing as heavy as mine. "I should probably apologize but I'm not so-" I cut off his words with a kiss, gently pushing against his chest, urging him backwards. A soft chuckle slips from his lips and he pulls back, grinning down at me.

"You sure about this, Miss Isabella?" His tone is light but his words heavy and I stop for a moment, my mind whirling. I'm not sure, not entirely. This was just not something I did. I had always been a good girl, always done exactly what had been expected of me for as long as I could remember: excellent grades in school, hadn't drank until my 21st birthday, I was a fucking virgin on my wedding night and had still never been with another man. I had always pleased everyone who I thought I'd had to, going out of my way to make others happy, especially since Edward had died. I had been alone for so long, just content in my solitude, never thinking of what life could be like without Edward. At the thought of my husband I'm frozen for an instant, my mind quickly clearing and I nod, my voice barely audible.

"I'm sure." Two small words, yet the weight behind them is enormous. Placing a quick kiss on my lips, Jasper looks around, his eyes resting on the small gazebo just across the lawn. Taking my hand in his, he leads me away from the bench across the grass, cool and prickly through the straps of my heeled sandals. In what seems like an instant we're standing on the far end of the small structure, my back pressed against the wooden pillar, the white fairy lights casting a soft glow over everything, giving it an otherworldly feel. Jasper's lips begin trailing down my neck, and he's gathering the soft material of my dress in his hands as the hem inches upward, his long fingers tracing lightly up my thighs. My eyes drift closed and I lose myself in the sensation that this man, with little more than a touch, is inspiring within me.

Jasper's rough hands continue to explore my heated skin as my legs are exposed, his fingers ghosting over the soft, damp lace at the apex of my thighs, and I drop my head back with a soft gasp, an electric current flowing through me. My fingers knot in Jasper's hair, tightening as he continues his actions, fingers slipping just beneath my panties, sliding over my wet folds as I squirm against him, his lips still moving against my neck. Shifting my weight just slightly, I spread my legs as a single finger slips inside me. I stiffen immediately at the sensation, my body so unaccustomed to intimate touch that even the single digit has my head spinning, my hips bucking forward to meet Jasper's hand.

I feel Jasper smile against my neck as he slides a second finger inside me, slowly dragging them out before pushing back in, his pace teasingly slow as I move my hips in time with his hand, small gasps slipping from my lips with each thrust. My desire continues to increase and I slide my hand from Jasper's hair down his chest and fumble with his belt buckle, shaking with need. He pauses for a moment and lifts his head from my shoulder to meet my eyes.

"Are you sure, Miss Isabella?" His voice is rough with desire and I nod, leaning closer to him, my lips millimeters from his ear.

"I want you." The words seem to be all he needed as his fingers slip from me, resting one hand on my hip as the other dips into his back pocket, grabbing his wallet and fishing out a gold foil packet, grasping it between his teeth. Tossing the wallet to the floor, Jasper quickly unbuckles his belt and lowers his pants, his shirttails hanging. Tearing the foil packet open with his teeth, his warm hand leaving my hip and I glance down, watching his actions as he rolls the condom into place, sheathing his sizeable erection. Once he's finished, he returns his eyes to mine and I nod. His hand slips up my thighs, pushing the silk of my dress up toward my hips before sliding down around my ass and hitching my leg up over his hip and positioning himself at my entrance, teasingly rubbing the head of his cock over my hypersensitive clit, causing me to squirm as fire races through me and I gasp in anticipation.

I meet Jasper's eyes, dark and stormy with passion, and rise up on my tiptoes, my lips millimeters from his ear, arms tight around his neck.

"Fuck me." The words are a whisper, barely a breath, feeling both foreign and perfect as they slip from my lips. Jasper groans deep in his chest in response and his strong arms wrap around my waist, lifting me slightly before shifting his hips, and sliding into me with a single thrust, both of us gasping as our hips meet.

He pauses for a moment, and I can feel his eyes on me as I squeeze my own closed, biting my lip softly as a small twinge of pain shoots through me. He's big, bigger than Edward, and after my period of celibacy, it takes a moment for me to adjust to his size.

"Open your eyes for me, Isabella." His voice low and husky with desire and his breath ghosts across my lips, sweet, spicy and warm with a hint of a bite from the bourbon he had been drinking. The slight prick of pain as he shifts inside me melts quickly into desire and a small moan slips from my lips as I slide my fingers into his soft hair, tightening there in silent encouragement.

"Fuck Isabella, you feel so fucking good." His breath tickles my ear for a moment, before his lips descend on my throat, nibbling and gently sucking on the tender skin over my pulse point.

Another soft moan falls from my lips and I wrap my legs tightly around his waist, locking my ankles behind his back. Jasper carefully adjusts his hold on me, pressing me harder against the pole, the paint rough against the soft skin of my back.

Our hips continue their instinctive movements while

the rest of the world seems to disappear, as my carefully constructed composure slips away and my senses are overwhelmed by the man with me: his sweet, spicy scent, the feel of his solid muscles against me, surrounding me, the sound of his heavy breath, punctuated by throaty groans, as his hands hold me tight.

I can feel my body tensing as my own moans turn into soft cries, my body moving frantically in time with Jasper's, aching for release for the first time in what felt like years.

"Please, Jas- I want- I need-" My words broken and desperate as desire races through me, my muscles clenching as my fingers tighten in Jasper's hair.

"What, Isabella, what do you need?" His voice is silky in my ear, punctuated by rough gasps, his hands grasping my waist.

"I need-" my voice trails off as another soft cry falls from my lips, "to- ahh- please!" I give up trying to form words, allowing my cries and the rapid movement of my hips to speak for me, opening my eyes and meeting Jasper's, my gaze pleading.

A small smile plays across his lips and he moves his hands, one slipping lower to grasp my ass as the other slides down my stomach and through the soft folds of my dress as he returns his lips to my ear. "Don't beg, chéré, you shouldn't have to beg." His fingers slip between my legs, his thrusts never slowing, and circle my clit, the tiny movement providing the last bit of pleasure that I need to send me over the edge. My eyes squeeze shut and my head falls back against the post with a solid thump as I come, a scream slipping from my throat as my hands tighten in Jasper's hair, my climax beginning to subside, passion still burning within me.

His thrusts speed up and a low growl begins in his chest, his hand grasping my ass as his fingers keep swirling around my clit, the telltale tightening in my abdomen signaling another orgasm. My nails dig into the hard planes of his shoulders and I cry out again as my muscles tightened once more.

"Jasper!" His name passes my lips in a cry as I hold tightly to him, my second climax washing over me as he comes with a roar, pulling my lips to his in a deep kiss as we ride out our orgasms together.

Our movements slow with our breathing, our hands caressing, soft and gentle, as I uncross my ankles and place my feet on the floor, my legs still shaky. Jasper slips from me, my arms holding him tightly for support. I feel him smile against my neck, placing a soft kiss on my jaw before sweeping me up in his arms, carrying me over to the nearby bench and setting me down. I struggle to regulate my breathing as I watch him cross to the trashcan, quickly slipping the condom off and wrapping it in the handkerchief that he held in his pocket, tossing both in the bin, stepping into his boxers and pants before returning to me.

Jasper pulls me, still trembling, onto his lap, his hands gently stroking my hair as he whispers soft, sweet words into my ear, my eyes tearing instinctively as I bury my face against his shoulder, hot tears falling against the soft fabric of his shirt.

"Hey now, Miss Isabella, what's wrong?" His fingers gently slip under my chin, tilting it upward to meet my dark, tear-filled eyes. "Why are you crying, chéré?"

His words swim in my brain and I try to figure that out, wanting desperately to give him an answer that he so deserves. Instead, a small sob escapes my lips and I squeeze my eyes shut, tears streaking down my cheeks.

"Shhhhh, come on, Isabella, it's okay." His voice is soft and reassuring as he stands, cradling me to his strong chest. His gait is smooth as he crosses the grass, his words gentle as he mumbles sweet, reassuring nothings against my neck. I cling to him as my body shakes with stifled sobs.

Jasper pulls open the front door of the inn and slips inside, his footfalls silent against the plush carpet. The sounds of the party become softer as he heads up the stairs, fumbling for a moment as he slips the key into the lock, entering the room and kicking the door shut quietly behind us.

Setting me down gently on the bed, he presses a tender kiss against my lips and squats down, meeting my gaze. "Stay here for just a second, Isabella, I'll be right back." I nod mutely, sniffling as I watch him disappear into the bathroom.

My mind races, searching for some reason, some explanation to give him, needing somehow to reassure him that I'm alright but the words won't form. I hear the splatter of water hitting tile and then Jasper is back by my side, sweeping me back up, his arms strong under my knees and back.

The bathroom is filled with steam as we enter and I sit, motionless and passive as Jasper's hands make quick work of removing my dress and shoes, draping the garment over the towel rack before shedding his own clothes. He's silent as he guides me tenderly into the shower, his strong hands washing my body, long fingers massaging my scalp. My sobs have long since subsided but silent tears still flow down my cheeks.

His hands softly guide me out of the shower, a fluffy towel drying my body and hair before a soft, familiar scented shirt is draped over my shoulder. A gentle smile plays on Jasper's lips as he fastens the buttons on the garment, cradling me in his arms once again, as we return to the bedroom. My eyes are heavy and sore as Jasper slips me beneath the covers, flipping the light off and plunging the room into darkness save the soft glow of moonlight that filters in through the sheer curtains. The bed dips next to me and I feel Jasper slide under the covers, his arms surrounding me, pulling me close to him. I melt into his embrace with a soft sigh, resting my head on his shoulder as my eyelids grow heavy.

"Thank you, Jasper" My voice raspy and soft as I slip my arms around his bare torso.

A soft chuckle reaches my ears as his lips place a soft kiss on my head. "No need to thank me Isabella; just rest now, chéré, we can figure things out in the morning."

I nod simply as my breathing slows and my eyes drift closed, images of stormy grey eyes and soft golden curls dancing through my mind as I succumb to sleep.

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