Suck My Balls, Kyle

Chapter Three

Cartman's POV

Cartman was pacing back and forth outside his house. He'd skipped the last class of the day to prepare for Kyle to come over this afternoon. His heart was soaring at the very idea of Kyle coming over and the plan he'd concocted. He could only hope that this would work, that Kyle would love him back. If he didn't, this would all fall to shambles and he'd not only be called a fatass, but a fag as well. He chose to not think of that outcome.

He practiced what he was going to say over and over again in his mind until the words were imprinted on the inside of his eye lids. He knew it so well it seemed like those we're going to be the only words he'd ever say again. He took a deep breath and looked at the clock. School had gotten out about ten minutes ago, which means that Kyle should be here any minute…

Kyle's POV

Kyle pushed the doors of the school building and stormed off in the direction of Cartman's house, not wanting to waste on precious moment with the fatass he loved so dearly. He couldn't believe Cartman had invited just him over, and the way he'd done it… He could still feel Cartman's body pressed up against his own. He continued to push himself farther making sure he'd reach Cartman's house in record time.

As he neared the house, he thought of what Cartman was going to look like, what he would say, what would happen? He was scared, nervous, but insanely happy at the same time. He shook his head and he walked up towards his house.

He walked up the driveway, up the walkway, and right up to the door. He stood there for a few moments before ringing the doorbell and waiting for Cartman to open the door.

Cartman's POV

The doorbell rang and Cartman jumped at the noise. Emotions were catching in his throat and he could feel a bead of sweat dribble down his face as he opened the door and saw the Ginger Jersey Jew standing in front of him.

"Are you going to let me in or not, fatass?" Kyle sneered, but with less anger in his voice than usual. Cartman knew something was up, but he couldn't quite catch what the other emotion was in Kyle's voice. Fear, maybe, but he wasn't sure. He side-stepped and let Kyle into his house, smiling to himself at the adorable look on Kyle's face. It was a look of confusion, fear, and downright ignorance as to what Cartman hoped was going to happen, but again, there was an emotion he couldn't quite understand on Kyle's face.

"Kyle, I –"

"What do you want? You tell me to come to your house after school, and I'm not waiting! Either you tell me now or I'm leaving!" Kyle stated. Cartman froze for a moment at Kyle's words, but he snapped out of it when he saw Kyle turning to walk away. Cartman grabbed Kyle's arm and pulled him closer. A slight blush formed on Kyle's face and Cartman pondered why that adorable blush was there.

"Look, Kyle, I wanted to… ask you something," Cartman muttered.

"Just ask," Kyle said.

"W-will you, uh, suck my balls?" Cartman asked. Kyle's face twisted into anger and he pulled himself away from Cartman.

"You seriously expect me to seriously answer that question? Are you kidding me! You fucking retarded piece of shit!" Kyle screamed. Cartman blinked a few times before grabbing Kyle by the shoulders and forcing Kyle to look him in the eyes.

"I asked you this, because I love you," Cartman said, annunciating every syllable slowly and loudly so that it got into Kyle's head. Kyle stood there for a moment, face blank and expressionless. Cartman looked at him, his heart racing and his mind picking at every little feature of Kyle's face, loving this moment he got to see Kyle.

A.N. And I leave you with this… hehehehehe. I got this idea in the car with my father and brother while listening to Pink Floyd. I squealed "YES!" and thought they wouldn't hear over the music, but my dad stopped the car as we were pulling into the driveway and turned to look at me and asked "What?" I told him about how I got an idea for the next chapter of my story and I hadn't had an idea in FOREVER. He gave me a weird look and my brother told me I was insane. Oh well! :D I am happy with this chapter! Hope you enjoyed~