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This story is inspired by the stories Stargate: Galactic Imperium, Lightning Fervor, and Empress in the Shadows.

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A Goa'uld's Life

Chapter 20

Milky Way, Atlantis

I awaken to the blaring sound of alarms blaring through my ears.

I immediately attempt to jump to my feet, only to pause halfway up and have to lie back down as pain shoots through my arm.

"Here Lord Hadrian." A healer says as she walks over and hands me a cup of green liquid.

It's obvious my senses are dulled at the moment; I didn't even notice anyone else in the room.

"What's happening?" I question as I sip the liquid; I sigh in relief as it causes the pain I'm feeling to recede into a dull throb.

"An intruder through the Stargate Sir; your First Prime left here moments ago to investigate."

"What is my current physical condition and how long was I unconscious?"

"You were out for three days Sir. You were suffering from magical exhaustion and it will still be another two weeks before you are up to one hundred percent with that. Your legs were crushed beyond repair and we were forced to grow two new ones in their place; you may have some balance problems until your new nerves adapt. Also you ruptured the magical channels going through your right arm; your body is fixing that on its own and will be healed within a couple more days, just don't channel any magic through that arm until the healing is finished or you will cause more damage." She quickly explains.

"Very well." I tell her. "I will return should I experience any problems.

I then lock onto Jorn's body signature and apparate away.

"Lord Hadrian!" Jorn exclaims in surprise as I appear next to him, in Atlantis's control tower. "The healers said it would be another day until you awoke."

"It's hard to sleep when that alarm is blasting through the entire city." I say with a small grin; I believe one of the technicians may have heard me as the alarm shuts down a moment later.

I turn around and look toward the Stargate; it is shut down, but it was obviously just in use. A tall black armored warrior is trapped inside the shield surrounding the gate. He seems frustrated that he can't walk through it; this is one of Anubis's Kull Warriors. I'm glad my shields are immune to shield piercing technology, which Elizabeth Weir warned me about Anubis possessing.

"This isn't right; Anubis wasn't supposed to come onto the scene for another few years now. What's he doing sending one of these guys here." I muse to Jorn and myself. "Either way, he made a mistake by sending one of his warriors here; this creature is going to lead us straight to him."

A flash of light later and the Anubis Warrior vanishes from the tower; I know my people will now interrogate him for everything he knows.

"So tell me Jorn, what is our situation since the attack on Templum."

"We lost over half the fleet that was stationed in Pegasus; I took the liberty of sending a thousand ships from the Milky Way as reinforcements. Templum has suffered major damage to the city and the surrounding area; luckily, we managed to clear out all the Asurans from the planet. In the future, it is possible that Templum could one day be restored to its former glory.

The planet giving off the strange energy signals has been investigated. It seems to be a time dilation field, set up by the Ancients, to exist as a place for people to come and learn the path to Ascension.

We have also managed to find the planet supposedly containing the Sangraal, which turned out to be a fake; a gate address was triangulated from the other addresses we already had. Once we located the fake, it transported the team to another planet where we found not a weapon, but Merlin himself in stasis. We revived him and he managed to give us a copy of the blue prints for his Ascended weapon before his body failed him and he died."

Now that is the last thing I was expecting; I also can't believe I missed out on meeting Merlin of all people.

"The System Lords have sent word" Jorn continues. "that Zelus has overcome Cronus and absorbed his assets. Ba'al sent the message and was very pleased when I informed him that he could have control over your vote to allow Zelus onto the High Council of System Lords."

I nod my head at this; I'm thankful to have a competent First Prime who knows me well enough to predict my wishes. I motion for him to continue.

"An Asgard ship managed to encounter one of your Furling crewed ships. They have given the Furling commander a communicator and requested a meeting, time and place of our choosing, between them and the Furling leaders.

Also, we have captured three Asurans and have created a way to destroy them for good."

I raise an eyebrow in surprise; I'm shocked they worked something up this fast.

"Show me." I demand.

Jorn activates his communicator. "Please beam Lord Hadrian and myself to lab twenty nine."

A wave of clear light later and I find myself looking at three Asurans suspended in a pod against the wall.

"Welcome My Lord and First Prime." I hear from behind me.

I turn to face a tall, rather lanky man with a short blond ponytail; he is dressed in lab coat.

"Lord Hadrian would like a demonstration of the disrupter, Anahan." Jorn tells the tall man.

"Of course, of course. One moment please." He says as he walks into another room.

Several seconds later he comes back with a bulky white something attached to his arm. A strongly built man, who my senses tell me is a machine, follows behind him.

"Number twelve here," He waves toward the man. "is going to help me demonstrate the new weapon.

He then aims the thing on his arm at him and fires a wave of energy. The nanite made man crumbles into dust.

He raises his arm proudly in the air. "This machine can easily break down Asuran's into their base nanites; it can even pass through shields unaffected. I believe your First Prime here has already constructed three satellites that can release the energy wave over an entire star system each. Combine it with a virus we created that will cause any destroyed Asurans to temporarily be unable to upload to their database, and they will no longer be a problem."

"How does this virus work?" I ask him.

"We upload the virus into one of these three here and it spreads through their connection with all the other Asurans. Unfortunately, the virus will only last for about five minutes before the Asurans can overcome it. They will also be able to adapt to the disrupter after repeated exposure. For these reasons, every Asuran will need to be hit at the same time." The guy explains in a large rush.

"Do you have any idea where the Asurans even are?"

A wide grin splits across his face as he pulls up a holographic map of the Pegasus galaxy.

"We have used our captured Asurans, and their connection to the other Asuran's, to trace their location; we did mess with these three's base code a little to prevent the Asurans from finding them before bringing them here though. There are actually only two systems with an Asuran presence in them; one we believe is their homeworld and the other maybe a small outpost or something."

"Well done." I say to the scientist, before turning to Jorn. "How long will it be until a fleet can be ready to take out the Asurans?"

"Within the hour, Sir."

"Good, also send a fleet to wipe out Anubis's homeworld, once you know the location of it from that warrior. Dial the gate so he can't escape, deploy some gravity wells, and blow up its star. I doubt it will manage to kill Anubis, but this will ensure that he doesn't find a way out of that area of space."

As for me? I'm going to find that Furling commander; I have a meeting with some Asgard.

Void between Milky Way and Ida

A flash of light is the only warning before a large Furling ship drops out of hyperspace in the void between Ida and the Milky Way. An Asgard ship drops its cloak nearby.

"We are receiving a hail Sir." A furling communication's officer tells me.

"Put it on screen." I say from where I'm standing in the corner of the room.

An Asgard, in a body much different from the ones currently used by the Vanir in my Empire, appears on the screen.

"Greetings, I am Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard Fleet. I bring welcome from the High Council."

"Commander Thor." Syleria, the commander who had the run in with the previous Asgard ship, begins. "I have spoken to my superiors and our leader believes now is a perfect time to meet you again."

Some confusion appears on Thor's face, something that I hardly notice even with my many years of experience at reading facial expressions; he is probably wondering who the Furling leader is that he may have met before today.

"Hello Supreme Commander." I say as I step into view of the screen.

"Hadrian." Thor says impassively. "It has been many years."

"So it has. I believe the last time we meet was in the battle over Eshoia; if I remember correctly I blew your ship out of the sky."

Thor slightly cocks his head.

"I destroyed over forty of your Ha'taks that day, before you destroyed my vessel. I believe that, mathematically, the battle ended in my favor."

I slightly grin at him.

"Either way." I say with an exaggerated wave of my arms. "I'm not here to talk about past wars; I have a gift for you."

I nod my head and a Furling sends a packet of data over to the Asgard ship. I then get to see an Asgard's mouth actually drop open in shock, but I guess that is to be expected when I send them the specs for a weapon that can destroy the Replicators; luckily their Replicators aren't as advanced as the Asurans, and they shouldn't be able to adapt to the energy wave.

If the Asgard manage to clean up the Replicator threat in their galaxy, then I only have to wait a couple centuries more before their genetic degradation kills the Asgard off. Two birds with one stone and all that is the way I see it.

My ship jumps into hyperspace and heads back to the Milky Way.

Asuran Homeworld

Over six hundred ships drop out of hyperspace above the Asuran Homeworld; at the same moment a hundred other ships are arriving at the other Asuran controlled star system.

Asuran ships immediately head toward the intruders but, before they get into weapons range, a large circular satellite is launched from one of the Sokar Class Ha'taks. The satellite then sends out a wave of energy that engulfs the entire system. The Asuran ships then begin to drift through space uncontrollably.

Hadrian's forces then split up. Some begin heading for the now empty Asuran ships, the others head down to secure the impressive city on the planet's surface.

Anubis's Homeworld

Three hundred ships arrive over Anubis's homeworld; the location of which was easily ripped from the captured Anubis Warrior's mind.

The planet's Stargate is dialed and a gravity well is launched into space; now no one will be able to escape.

Thousands of drone weapons launch from the attacking ships. The weapons easily pass through the enemy ship's shields and meticulously rip the ships apart. The hundred or so ships defending Anubis's planet don't stand a chance.

Once the space is cleared of enemy ships, Hadrian's forces launch three devices into the system's star. The ships jump away into hyperspace and the star goes super nova, which wipes everything nearby out. While Anubis will surely survive, he won't be able to go anywhere soon.

Ascension Planet

"Tear down the time dilation field in two months. That should give me enough time to learn whatever I can, while I'm inside." I tell Jorn, as we stand in front of the place people supposedly go to learn how to Ascend.

"Do you believe you will find what you're looking for inside My Lord?" He asks as he stares intently at the entrance.

"I do not know." I answer honestly. "But this is the closest thing I've found yet. The Alteran database is rather limited when it comes to information on Ascension. My mind and body aren't quite evolved enough to achieve it that way, so hopefully I be able to accomplish it the spiritual way in here."

Jorn nods his head in acceptance. "I wish you luck My Lord."

I just smile and step through the entrance."

Milky Way, Merta

On a useless backwater planet abandoned by the Goa'uld years before, the Stargate comes to life. Out of it steps a pale, older man with a face covered in light blue markings. His eyes are a milky white, almost the color of what you would expect to see on a blind man. He is dressed in a long blue robe.

The locals circle around the strange looking visitor and wait to see what he is doing on their planet.

The stranger smiles a small grin and says, "Hallowed are the Ori".

Authors Note : I've pretty much lost interest in this story (I'm going to finish my next story before I bother posting it), so I figured I'll go ahead and write out some kind of ending for this. I'll wrap everything up in another chapter or two.

P.S. I removed the implied rape in chapter 16, I decided it didn't fit well enough with the portrayal of Hadrian in the story.