Sorry for the long leave, it's just a LOT of things have been going on and I realize 'The Songbird Academy' needs an extreme makeover. Uh. Why did I use that word? How about extreme change? That's better. Anyway, hope you enjoy this new Songbird Academy! :)


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Chapter 1

It always start out with a new kid

Good morning, Butterfly Crush listeners!

What's the new delicious, juicy gossip we have to offer this morning? So far, everyone been making a clean move. Which is completely BO-RING, but since when everyone is a little Miss/Mister Innocent?

It never happens.

Anyway, we do have some info to give you. There's a new girl on the block and she's bunking in with the Delta Cabin, and isn't she lucky? Or maybe she just bribe the Headmaster to give her a boot in cuz to be in the Delta cabin is by INVITATION only.

Not that I'm being bitter or anything, I don't sink that low.

But have you seen her this morning? Hmm...choppy, messy brown hair, color-changing eyes and second-hand clothes from the shop of knock-offs? Yeah, completely Delta worthy. Note the sarcasm.

On the happy note, well for her, she have School Captain Annabeth Chase for tour guide and what is she wearing? An old musty orange t-shirt, faded jeans and a gag-terrifying blazer? Oh the horror! But this is Annabeth Chase, so what do we expect?

That's all for today, peeps!

Stay tuned,

Drew, Head of Butterfly Crush

Piper scanned the school warily, something doesn't felt right. Like the huge Victorian style estate of a school was out of place, the lush green gardens looked to fresh, the white marbled fountain looked too polished and the cobble-stone pavements where all the students walked on looked too neat as if people spend all their time scrubbing the cobble-stone with a toothbrush. Not that Piper ever wanted to do that.

Mellie, her dad's brand new assistant, looked coprate and business-like in her gray crisp iron-ready work suit and black shiny pumps. Mellie's light hair was pulled in a tight bun and her pretty face looked tense and worry. Mellie was one of her favourite assistants out of the numerous assistants that her dad has ever worked with, for one Mellie also arrange a certain schedule for her dad to talk to Piper and she also made jokes and witty remarks about one thing or the other. She was fun, unlike the last fews. "Okay, Pipes," Mellie whispered softly, "Please don't do anything to get yourself in trouble, for your dad's sake." Mellie's light gray eyes was kind and pleading, Piper nodded in agreement.

"Okay, Mellie, I promise I'll do my best." She replied back softly, if it wasn't for that car she wouldn't be here in this stuck-up school for rich snobs. Um, Piper, She thought to herself, you are also rich. Your dad is a freakin' actor for god's sake! She put up a fake smile as she shouldered her duffel bag and lower her eyes to focus on the three figures in front of her.

There was the two obvious Heads of the school, the Headmaster looked like a typical principal in any typical high school. You know, black shaggy beard, cold blue eyes and regal feautures. The headmistress was a little different than most headmistress out there, instead of the usual boring cheap suit and bad haircut. She wore a loose white dress, her dark hair was long and silky and her eyes were haughty and mean. Piper dislike her immediately.

The third figure was a striking blonde in a laidback orange t-shirt, faded jeans and a dark jumper. Her honey blonde hair was pulled in a long ponytail with a curled end at the tip of the ponytail, her gray eyes were a bit startling and her long slim figure was tall and athletic. Piper felt self-conscious for a moment then snapped back to reality by smoothing down her choppy brown hair.

The Headmaster smiled rarely at her, holding out his hand towards her. "Miss Piper Mclean, I'm your headmaster Mr. Zeus." Piper nodded and smile slightly at him. She try and bit the words, Yeah, you're definitely my Headmaster.

The Headmistress held up her hand stiffly, she didn't smile. Her haughty cold eyes just scanned Piper with a weary, cold epression on her face. "Headmistress Hera, Miss Mclean." Piper wouldn't be surprise if the Headmistress add an I hope you don't cause any trouble, Miss Mclean, but by your records, you already are trouble. Oh sigh.

The Headmaster's regal expression didn't change, he just looked at her stiffly and poined at the pretty blonde girl. "Miss Mclean, this is Annabeth. She will be in your cabin and she'll show you around," The blonde girl smile slightly at her, her gray eyes looked Piper up and down.

"Uh, hi," Piper said awkwardly and held up her hand to Annabeth, Annabeth shook it. Her hand was warm, as if she spend her time rubbing them together.

Annabeth's smile grew wider, "Hi, welcome to Songbird Academy. I hope you like Connecticut," Her voice was soothing but it has a sharp tone towards it, like she can be stern or madly intimidating when she wants to be. Piper nodded nimbly, Connecticut looked like some kind of countryside paradise with its manicured lawns, neat-lined cobblestone sidewalks and large Victorian doll-like mansions.

"Well," Headmistress Hera said in her stiff voice, "We'll leave you to it," She gave Piper a cold, calculating smile and gave Annabeth a curt nod. And then they walked away with straight and stiff postures, like they have a stick up their butts. Piper try not to laugh at the thought.

She turned to face Annabeth, who was helping her with her luggages and bags. Annabeth gave her a warm, kind look, "Well, let's go meet your cabinmates."

The cabin was nice. In fact, it was completely fancy-pansy. As she passed through the gorgeous halls and corridors of Songbird Academy, girls with slick, expansive and shiny hair and beautiful faces passed by, they all wave and nodded to Annabeth. A girl with a tangled oif dark honey blonde hair and icy gray eyes waved cheerily at Annabeth and fixed Piper a confused look and walk away when they reached the cabin.

If you called it a cabin.

The room a few girls in there, the decor was Renaissance style and the beds were queen-size. "Welcome to the Delta Cabin," Annabeth gretted her officially. "It's one of the most exclusive, normally girls get invited to stay in this cabin. But by your grades and everything, I guess the principal slot you in." Piper didn't know whether she was being mean, sarcastic or maybe she was just stating.

The decor really was impressive, Piper marveled at everything. Peach champange heavy curtains hang by the oak-framed windows, the wooden short desks were next to each queen-size beds, the beds were peach-colored and the material of the sheets looked silky and smooth. Beautiful Medieval paintings hang around the room, the wall paper looked antique and has a leaf brown-y pattern and the cieling had a diamond chandelier on top.

"Wow," Piper gaped at the room.

"You like this room?" An unfamiliar voice drawled at the right side, Piper's focus her attention on a raven-colored choppy-haired girl with eletric blue vivid eyes. Her features were sharp, like a hawk with her slightly upturned nose and cupid-bow lips.


"I'm being rude," Annabeth chuckled slightly, she placed all of Piper's luggage on a bed next to a window that was overlooking the view of the countryside Connecticut. "Thalia, this is Piper Mclean aka New Girl, Piper this is Thalia aka Badass of the School."

"And keep that in mind," Thalia warned jokingly, dusting off invisble dust off the shoulder on her black biker leather jacket. The eyeliner on the rim of her eyes made her blue eyes looked more intimidating and her rip jeans fix the whole 'bad girl' style.

"Hopefully, I will," Piper said jokingly, the other girls was coming round. There was a redhead, her frizzy hair was kept down by a black headband and her green eyes were bright, the other one was a wispy-haired girl with green clear eyes.

"And the others are Rachel," Annabeth pointed with her thumb to Rachel and then she jabbed her thumb to the other girl, "And that's Juniper."

"Hi," Rachel gretted cheerfully, "Nice to meet you,"

Juniper gave her a small smile and nod her head. Shy girl, Piper noted.

Piper smiled at the girls and scuttled off to her bed, it was peach like all the others and the material was sillk and the pillows was quilt. Dead fancy. Piper run her hands all over the smooth material, it was a habit. "Holy cow," She whispered to herself as she grabbed her luggage and plopped it on the bed.

It was her first day already and she felt intimidated and wowed by the decor itself. Piper glanced at all the others, the homesick feeling was still there but there was something that was different. The type of feeling like something big is going to happen.

How right she was and it's indeed, holy cow.