Sue, Brittany/Santana, Sugar, Quinn/Jesse, Beth, Rachel, Harmony, Mercedes/Sam, Aphasia, Kurt, Rory
Summary: Sue Sylvester didn't become the biggest name in the dance world by going easy on her students, but now that some of her former stars have enrolled their kids in her class, the shit's about to hit the fan.
A/N: Part 5!

Sue walks past her students in the dressing room, inspecting them as she goes. "More hairspray," she tells Sugar. "Easy on the eyeliner," she says to Rory. "Aphasia, looking as sharp as that knife in your pocket."

"What?" Aphasia asks when all of the parents turn to look at her. "We're in Chicago. Plus Sam's always telling me to be prepared!"

"That's for like… camping," Sam says sheepishly.

"You're so lucky," Sugar tells Rory at their shared mirror. She watches closely as Santana puts the finishing touches on her hair.

"Why's that?" he asks.

Sugar sighs. "You have, like, zero competition."

Rory's heart starts to race. "I do?"

"Yeah, there are always way less boys than girls at these things."

"Oh," Rory says as Sugar leaves to go get her first costume. "I thought maybe you meant… never mind."

Santana glares at him. "I see you've got a little crush on my daughter. And why wouldn't you? She's the most precious child this world has ever seen and I'll go to the ends of the earth to make sure she is happy, but there is one thing I'll never agree to. My daughter is not allowed to date; not now, not ever. Just because you two have known each other since birth does not mean you will be the exception to that rule. Understand?"

Rory nods.

There's a knock on the door and Sue opens it. "WE DON'T GO ON FOR ANOTHER 45," she bellows at the man outside.

"A-Actually, I have a delivery for a… Beth?" he stutters, handing Sue a bouquet of roses.

Beth steps forward to get the flowers from Sue.

"Do you have a secret admirer I don't know about?" Quinn asks her daughter.

Beth reads the card that goes along with it. "They're from Daddy," she says quietly.

"That was nice of him," Quinn whispers.

"I just wish he was here."

"Who says I'm not?" Jesse replies, making his way into the dressing room.

"Daddy!" Beth screams.

"Hey, kiddo!" he lifts her up into the air and swirls her around. "I've missed you." He looks over at his estranged wife. "Both of you."

A pang of guilt hits Quinn when she remembers her growing feelings towards Rachel, but she pushes it aside because she really has missed Jesse.

And for once, it doesn't feel like there's any bad blood between them.

A fully-costumed Sugar tugs on Santana's sleeve. "Where are my flowers?" she asks.

Santana frowns. "I'm waiting until after the competition to give them to you… of course."

"Oh," Sugar says happily. "Okay!"

Santana waits until Sugar is halfway across the room again before she pulls out her phone and dials 411.

"Want more glitter, AJ?" Sam asks Aphasia, who shakes her head no. "Good idea. That stuff always got stuck in my butt crack."

It's at that moment Aphasia starts to think that maybe having a stripper for a stepfather isn't so bad after all.

Ten minutes before Cheeriosity's group performance time, Sue herds the parents out of the room to give the girls and Rory her traditional pep talk.

Santana listens on the other side of the door since Sue always singles Sugar out for some reason or another.

"Splenda, this is important," Sue says. "Pay attention."

Sugar perks up when she hears the word pay. Sue must be talking about money. "Just have my moms write you a check," she shrugs, not really caring what Sue has to say.

A light bulb goes off in Santana's head.

Maybe there is a way Sugar can win without even trying.

Outside in the parking lot, Rachel and Brittany climb out of the car after their long journey. Thankfully they're able to park right next to the door—due to Santana's "connections" with the local law enforcement—and slip inside with a few minutes to spare.

"Brittany Susan Pierce? It is you. I thought I recognized your donkey behind," someone calls once the two women enter the lobby.

"Coach Roz!" Brittany replies, giving her a hug. Although they stay in contact, it's been a while since Brittany's seen her former instructor. "How are things at Olympic Dance?"

"Girl, my bronze medal in individual synchronized swimming still brings in new clients left and right," Roz brags.

Brittany sighs. "Sometimes I wish Sugar danced for you instead, but Santana would never allow it."

"Please tell me your wife is not still scared of that time Sue Sylvester's raggedy ass caught y'all making out backstage. You were kids back then!"

"God, I know it was a long time ago, but the way she yanked me by the ear scarred me for life," Santana says, joining the conversation. "I can't wear hoop earrings without worrying one is hanging significantly lower than the other."

"Santana Lopez," Coach Roz says. "Sue spends her time intimidating ten year olds into pissing their pants. You are the leader of a drug cartel."

"Allegedly," Santana says.


"I'm allegedly the leader of a drug cartel."

Brittany kisses her wife on the cheek. "Hi."

"Hi," Santana blushes.

"Lord, some things never change," Roz says, rolling her eyes. She gives Brittany one more hug before adding, "I'll talk to you lovebirds later."

Brittany watches wistfully as her former coach and mentor leaves.

"I know what you're thinking," Santana whispers. "You're thinking we should switch dance studios."

"She's so much better with children. Besides, you conduct a lot of… business here in Chicago," Brittany says.

"If I'm being honest, I would love to move back. This is where we met, where I proposed, and where we shared our first crappy apartment," Santana says. "But we have a life in Lima—no matter how much business I have here."

Brittany smiles; she loves their life in Lima, but she wants to give her daughter all the best opportunities as well. "I just don't know if Sugar's private lessons are helping."

"Of course they're not!" Santana replies. "Sue's a terrible teacher. Besides, I think I found a better way to spend that money."

"Santana," Brittany asks, "what did you do?"

"Nothing," Santana smirks. "Okay—maybe I paid a visit to the judges."

"This means I'll have to get her an iPad," Brittany confesses.

Santana laughs. "Put me down for a shopping spree and a new cell phone. Also, do you think three dozen roses are too much or not enough?"

"You got her roses?"

"The roses are for you. She's getting carnations."

Brittany gives her wife a kiss on the lips. "C'mon, let's go watch Cheeriosity blow everyone else out of the water."

Santana frowns. "About that… I only had enough cash on me to ensure that Sugar will win the individual competition."