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Days went by without word from their master, so Perona, Hogsback, and Absalom got together to decide who should be the one to check up on him. All three of them were outside his bedroom and had a straw in each of their hands. As the straw was picked the person who had the shortest instantly cried out in desperation.

"NOOOOOOOO"! Perona shrieked. "THIS IS SO UN-CUTE AND SO UNFAIR I SWEAR ONE OF YOU BOYS FIXED THIS WHOLE SYSTEM"! The high pitched sound of her voice caused both men to quickly cover their ears.

"Shut up you annoying princess and go check up on him"! Hogsback silenced. Before she knew anything else the two males shoved her inside the room and she heard them running down the hallway.

"Damn those un-cute men". Perona mumbled.

She opened up her umbrella and walked around the corner to his bed. Not such a big surprise when she saw that he wasn't there, but an unusual cry caught her attention. Quickly the ghost princess ran to the giant pillow at the back of the room and was completely caught off guard at what she saw.

"A baby Moria"! Perona questioned.

Yes, right there in the middle of the pillow was Moria but as a baby covered in a small blanket.

"How the hell did you become a baby version of yourself"! She ranted.

Her high pitched scream sent him into tears and his wails broke many octaves and many windows. Instantly she grabbed up the small baby and sent a ghost through him. He said something depressing in baby talk and stopped crying much to her pleasure.

Hogsback and Absalom had run back to the medical laboratory and were having tea with Cindry and Hildon when Perona came back with the red haired babe, and no it wasn't Shanks.

"C-Cindry we needed those plates to eat our bagels on"! Hogsback freaked out.

"Relax Dr. Hogsback at least she doesn't break our wine glasses". Hildon calmed.

"I wonder how Perona's doing with Master-sama". Absalom questioned. "Oi Cindry did the servants serve him any uncooked food or something"?

"No word of uncooked food has been spread throughout Thriller Bark but talk of that pirate we caught the other day has been around". She stated. "You know the one who could change people's ages, and I do believe that she had a devil fruit power". The three boys looked at her now knowing the situation. Their master was most likely in danger.


All four of them looked over at the door and found Perona carrying tiny baby. "Da hell, wait that's Moria"! Hogsback said.

"No way, what the hell happened to the poor soul"! Absalom laughed.

"It seems as if that devil fruit user turned him into a baby". Cindry bluntly said.

"Yeah thanks for stating the obvious plate killer". Hildon snapped and then grabbed his nose. The five of them quickly took notice of the smell coming from the bowls of the baby.

"Alright here's what we'll do we'll draw straws". Absalom declared.

"HELL NO"! Perona yelled.

"Fine then you two girls take care of his little problem". Hogsback said.

"It's because we're girls isn't it"? Cindry sighed. "Why don't you take care of this Absalom, besides you like looking at naked people"?

"Hell no"! He shouted. "I only like to look at naked hot girls! Make the doctor here do it instead after all he is a doctor"!

"No way in fucking hell am I about to change that man"! Hogsback clearly declared. The four of them then noticed that the smell had suddenly vanished. Hildon had changed Moria and sat him on the table as the others looked at him with shock.

"What it's just like taking apart a sandwich and putting it back together". Hildon stated.

Either way the others just continued to stare at him completely surprised at what he had just done. "Hey don't we have to find that devil fruit user and make her change him back"? Hildon broke the silence.

"Well the good news is she couldn't have gotten that far I mean we let he go about a week ago". Perona said.

"It's hopeless of finding her then"! Absalom barked. Baby Moria then began to cry again. "Although we sure as hell can try"! He shouted over the crying.

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