Continuation from the fourth chapter…

The master of Thriller Bark glared as evilly as he could in his baby form at his minions. They were eating dinner without him and he hadn't eaten anything since that bitch turned him into an infant.

"Damn you all"! He thought. "I swear when I get back to normal you'll all feel my wrath! My true shadowy powers will skin you all alive since I am the very name of evil"!

"Would little Moria like a cookie"? Perona dangled a double chocolate chip cookie in front of his face.

His eyes grew like saucers and some drool escaped his mouth. Moria greedily took the cookie and the pastry vanished right as it went past his lips.

"P-Perona you shouldn't be feeding a baby junk food". Hogsback squeaked.

She glared at him, "Why not!? Look he already has a full set of teeth! Besides baby Moria likes his chocolate doesn't he"?

She turned back to her master and patted him on top of the head. He rubbed his growling belly in hunger and another cookie was placed into his tiny hands.

"I'm so happy, because little master knows how not to use plates". Cindry said emotionlessly. "Although we should be feeding him milk and actual baby food until he's back to normal Ghost Princess".

"No matter what you do I'll still give him a treat". Perona pouted. "That way when he's normal he'll finally be able to say yes for that puppy I've been begging him for". Baby Moria started to whine in protest since he still knew English but shut up as the girl stuffed a brownie into his mouth.

Absalom kicked open the door and came dashing in the dining room.

"Oh great Pervsalom's here". Perona groaned.

He growled, "Watch your tongue you pink haired witch! Either way I have great news about the person we're chasing down! Turns out the person who we're chasing name is Jewelry Bonney"!

Moria rolled his eyes, "Yeah I've known that you perverted bastard, but too freaking bad I can't speak right now".

"If we can kill her or turn her into the navy after getting Moria-sama back to normal then we can still make a profit off of her bounty". Absalom smirked. "Although if you guys don't want to do that then I can make her my bride".

Cindry sighed, "Every time you see a woman with a huge chest you just have to try and make her your bride don't you"?

The lion's face went red and some blood trickled out of his nose as he stared at Bonney's wanted poster instead of listening. Alas, even that was disturbed as everyone turned their attention to a sudden eerie explosion. Turns out their master's stomach was the source.

"Cindry you feed him". Three of them said.

She took the small baby up in her arms and grabbed another bottle of milk. Moria tried to fight the drinking of his milk again but found his stomach satisfied and himself asleep again. The undead woman set him down for another nap right as a large weight shift on the ship occurred on the top deck.

"What in the name of hell was that"!? Perona yelled upon spilling her tea on her skirt.

She sent a ghost up to investigate and as she saw what it saw her eyes widened in fear.

Hogsback frowned, "W-Who is it"?

"Bartholomew Kuma…" Perona gasped.

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