Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.
-Tryon Edwards

Gilbert looked down through the clear water with a small smile on his face. "It's a boy!" How many years ago had it been since he had once heard his father say those words. An image of a small boy with little tufts on blonde hair appeared in the pool. Gilbert's pale fingers reached out to touch only to have the picture dissipate in a ripple.

The albino sighed and withdrew his hand. He waved his hand over the water and continued looking through the hospital. Colors and shapes whirled in the water before they stopped at one door. He tilted his head to the side. Why was he being shown this? He looked more carefully at the reflection when he noticed the name on the bedside: Ludwig Beilschmidt.

Gilbert froze. That was right. Ludwig had to be at least in his eighties now. It was about time for his brother to experience death as well. A frown lit his face. He had subtly been trying to avoid watching over his brother over the past four years. Ludwig had begun wilting away much like how their father had years before. It was much too painful to watch something like happened to a loved one.

He scrunched his eyes up to better see the clipboard when suddenly his features fell. Ludwig Beilschmidt, deceased as of 8 am of this morning. The messy scrawl contained words that could not be mistaken. But... If Ludwig was dead then where was he?

Gilbert bolted up from the pool and looked around. He had to be here somewhere! "Lud!" Some of the other fallen looked at Gilbert strangely as the albino shot past in an effort to look for his brother. It was then that he saw the blonde hair. It was that ever present slicked back blonde hair that only his brother had the gumption to wear.

"Lud!" Gilbert yelled. The man in question turned around and blue eyes widened shock. Soon the shock left him and tears prickled at the corners of Ludwig's eyes.

"Gil.." Ludwig wrapped his arms around his brother and clung to Gilbert tightly as he began to cry. "Gil, Gil..." He repeated the name over as if it were a mantra and hid his head in his brother's shoulder.

Gilbert gave a serene smile and rubbed a hand through Ludwig's meticulously done hair. "I hate to say it, but you're exactly the same as I remember you. You use way too much money on hair products you know."

Ludwig gave a choked sob. It was so like his brother to comment on his hair at a time like this. "You can't ever be serious can, you? Depression, frustration, and anger you can do, but I don't think I've ever seen you serious." He spoke softly and squeezed his elder brother tight. Things like this, it was the Gilbert that he had known years before he had died. It was if the Gilbert he had known mere years before the albino's death had never existed.

"Ahhh. I can be serious if I want to, Lud! The time has just never presented itself." Gilbert pulled back from the hug and rested his forehead against Ludwig's. He looked his little brother in the eyes and whispered. "I missed you, Lud."

Ludwig let a smile cross his face as he breathed out. "I missed you too, Gil."

This is the legit ending. xD I might do a series based off this, but now the one-shots are really done. I hope you all enjoyed them as much I enjoyed writing them! Love you all!